Mouth-watering Shanxi cuisine

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I have tasted a lot of delicious food in the past few days, and I’m still salivating whenever I think of these food.

This is a dish in Quyang: fried eggs & leek clay oven roll!
I didn’t know biscuits and eggs can also make a dish like this!

Shanxi’s Bean Jelly, spicy and smooth, I love it!

Shanxi’s chili is very fragrant.

The steamed bun is hollow, and you can attach the dish in the middle of it.

Boiled mutton

Potatoes, corn, and pumpkin fried pork ribs


This is a restaurant in Taiyuan, Shanxi, where we had the most delicious meal in those days! There happened to be a birthday party, such a grand scale!

the red lanterns hang highly on the ceiling

This restaurant is very famous, and there are many well-known stars and leader coming here.

Our dining table…

In the beginning, I thought it was a snail! Closer inspection, turned out to be peanuts!

See the Bean Jelly again! Tastes good! In fact, I wanted to try the Bean Jelly on the street vendors, but no chance all the time!

Millet noodle balls! Crisp, fragrance and delicious…one of my favorite staple

Steamed corn bread

Millet gruel stew wonton!

Can you guess what is it, meat? In fact, it is made of flour.

Every one had a small bowl.

Enjoy the noodle show…

Look, the noodle could be made as thin as hair.

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