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I hadn’t seen the beautiful scene of blue sky and white cloud in Yunnan, but this magical land will always give you surprise.

Before going to Tengchong, I had search the relevant information, and knew that Tengchong volcano is a very common sight, no special scenery, but visitors who come to Tengchong will still come here, especially in autumn, the visual impact of color on the surrounding golden rice fields and trees form a strong contrast with the blue sky, very beautiful.

Tengchong has the most concentrated and the most typical and young volcanic area in China, 25 kilometers away from Tengchong County. In the scenic are, you can see the empty mountains and the typical landscape of volcanic columnar joints, as well as Black Fish River. It is easy to get here from the county, and the scenic areas ticket is RMB 60, pretty cheap.

The distance is golden rice fields

Although the weather was not very good, I did not expect too much for the scenery here, I was still quite exciting to see this golden field.

The gate of the scenic area

It is not easy to find a scenic spot with so little people during holiday, especially in National Day, compared to the phenomenon of sea of people in other area, so it was so comfortable here.

Entering the scenic area, what we saw first was the famous Dakong Mountain, but unfortunately the weather was so bad.

The scenery on the way up to the mountain

hot air balloon

We could take the hot air balloon to overview the scenic from the sky, but the price was too expensive, charge RMB 280. 

The roadside Bougainvillea Spectabilis

The top of the mountain

Standing on the top of the mountain, we saw the beautiful scenery in the distant. 

Columnar joints

We went across the small empty mountain and saw the typical volcanic geology and geomorphology - columnar joints. Those with bad physical had better take the bustle from the scenic area.

Black Fish River

There is Black Fish River within the volcanic area, forming by lava flow after Tengchong volcanic movement, the magma plug the underground river, forming an underground river, out of where the water is particularly good, even known as the largest low-tempreture giant spring in Tengchong, natural mineral water. 

Interchange of two rivers 

source of Black Fish River

clean spring water

Volcano bonsai

There were the local vendors placing all kinds of volcano bonsais along the exit of the scenic area. We couldn’t imagine how to make it, very beautiful. 

unprocessed volcanic rock

volcanic rock handicrafts

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