Taste Tonic Snake Dishes in Winter Guangzhou

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Guangzhou has a long history of eating snake, and can be regarded as the expert in eating snake in the whole China. They eat every part of the snake, skin, meat, gall, blood, bone, even the belly, and the small liver.

Guangdong people believe the Chinese medicine, which goes that snake has the supplement blood and expelling wind evil effect.

Guangzhou people are so like eating snakes that divide the snacks into two categories: three snakes and five snakes. Three snakes means Shuilv snake, Guoshanfeng snake, and Rong snake, while the five snakes refer to Jinyinhuan snake, Cobra, as well as the three kinds of the three snakes. But generally speaking, there are not so many kinds of snakes in the ordinary restaurants, unless you go to the “Shihuijianyingbinhui”, a restaurant located in Yingbin Avenue of Panyu, where there are as many as 20 species of snakes. 

As restaurants directly purchase from the snake farm, so the prices are pretty cheap. Rong snake is about RMB 48 per pound! 

In China, people need to hold a special license to raise snake, and it is said that there are only five recognized snake farms the state. The snakes supplied to the “Yingbinhui” are the snakes raised in Guangxi, and the farm owner Mr. Xiong has more than a decade of experience of raising snakes.

In his eyes, snakes can be divided into two categories, one is poisonous snakes, and the other is vegetable snakes. Poisonous snakes have ferocious nature, and can not be stocked, including cobra, king cobra, etc. 

Shuilv snake is the most popular among the three snakes, because their meats are the tender, and best to be baked with shallot and salt. The price of Rong snake is the affordable. As to Guoshanfeng, it is suitable to be braised or hot pot. 

A variety of winter snake dishes

In Yingbinhui, there are as much as dozens of snake dishes, most are very delicious. 

Seals snakes are tropical snakes, produced both in Thailand and Vietnam, and can grow up to 1 m long. Seal snake looked mighty, and belongs to large water snake, but not the bigger the better. 

Seal snake’s meat is more firm than that the water snake, so it is suitable for pot, adding chicken, snake bone, and chicken soup to improve the flavor of snakes seal. 

There are two parties when eating snakes, one party like to eat snake in hot pot, the other one like to fry or steam snakes. 

What’s more, you should have a taste the snake porridge. In addition to good rice, the porridge will be added peanut oil, sesame oil, orange peel and other.

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