The southern tip of the mainland China – Jiaoweijiao

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Chinese mainland's southernmost lighthouse - Jiaoweijiao Lighthouse

Geographical location: 20 ° 13′.5 N 109 ° 55′ .2 E

Tower height: 32 m Lamp height: 34 m Range: 18 nautical miles

The Jiaoweijiao Lighthouse is located on the Jiaoweijiao, southwest of the Leizhou Peninsula. It is the identify target and turning point goals of Qiongzhou Strait. Jiaoweijiao Lighthouse was original the metal frame structure built in Guangxu Dynasty (1893). The tower was blown up in World War II, and was rreconstructed into the stone tower in 1979. With the development of the shipping industry, the original low stale of the pile no longer meet the needs of the Maritime Security, a new tower was rebuilt in 1995.

I arrived at Xuwen County, Leizhou Peninsula in the evening of January 25. After finished settling down, I strolled into a dark snack street, looking for food one by one, only to find almost neon signs are related to geese, so it seemed I had come to the “goose city”.

One night without a dream, and wake up at 8:00, as originally planned across the Qiongzhou Strait to take a look at the Jiaoweijiao.

Pass through a crowded tree-lined trail in the city

Take a look at street 

The buses sent to the county outside, most people dressed in new clothes, 

Along the way to Jiaoweijiao, I met many villagers going home from the market, with chickens, fish and vegetables on the motorcycle.

Arrived at the empty Jiaoweijiao, I was standing on the southernmost tip of mainland China. 

There are three plates on the Jiaoweijiao. 

According to the inscription described by the tower in the picture, it is the place to command the liberation of Hainan Island.

Take a short walk along the beach

The dividing line pointed at the Shizilang. The left is the Qiongzhou Strait, there was vast and heavy fog in the front, the right is the vast northern Bay.

I stayed about 20 minutes at the beach, few visitors, and finally left.

I returned to the city and had my lunch. When I arrived at Haian harbor, it was 14:00. 

It took an hour to enter the ferry…

The feeding seagulls at the beach

There were two goods vehicles car crossing the two rows, so the guests in the cabin seemed scarce

Ferry came to haze of Qiongzhou Strait, stormy 

Looked about the sea, and looked down at the waves stirred by the ferry. 

One and a half hour later, I arrived at Haikou.

It was 17:30, and the sky began to black down, Sanya still 300 km away.

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