Turpan Fire Island “Paradise”- Grape Valley

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Turpan Grape Valley is famous at home and abroad, and the grapes in Turpan can be said to be the synonymous of Xinjiang. The grape corridor no end in sight is very inspiring, and grapes hung on the green vines of Grape Valley are particularly attractive, with deep sense of Western style.

In the streets, grape trellis are straight, a street greenery, a street cool; in the garden, grape trellis by the window, warm, and sweet. Strolling along, you will feel like being in the Kingdom of the grapes. 

The most exciting things in Turpan are undoubtedly the grapes. The charming Grape Valley is located 13 km northeast of Turpan City, in a valley of western part of the Flaming Mountains, 8 km long from north to south, 2 km wide from east to west, the ditch is covered with low grapes, is a natural grape museum. Grape Valley is next to the water, quiet, elegant, and with 100 kinds of varieties of seedless grapes, like a sweet river. Two-meter-high of grapes trellis forms into the vines intertwined corridor, people can easily reach the grapes by hand. Grape is everywhere, in the street, rural, fascinating luscious grapes.

In addition to the sweet seductive grapes in Turpan Grape Valley, there is also a pool of clear spring water on the hillside running down from the Tianshan Mountains, particularly refreshing. From the sides of the valley to cross-strait hillside is full of lush, with layers of the vintage, peach, apricot, pear, mulberry, pomegranate, fig and other various fruit trees. Growing grapes in Turpan Basin is a long history. I have to mention the great project - Karez.

The raisins dry room which can be seen everywhere in Turpan

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