Wonderland-like Shunan Bamboo Sea Scenic Spot

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The Shunan Bamboo Sea is located in Yibin City, Sichuan, a huge bamboo forest scenic spot, with an area of 120 square kilometers, and about 330 km south of Chengdu and 230 km away from Chongqing. It is recognized by the Chinese government as a major environmental protection area and one of the best tourist areas in China. On the other hand, as this area is in a rather remote region, the only true attractions for Westerners are the natural beauty of the bamboo forests and the charm of panda territory. As the main food of Panda bears is bamboo, the Bamboo Sea is a major panda reserve.

The area's climate is rather damp with plentiful rainfall and the sandy soil here is perfect for growing bamboo.

The area includes 124 scenic spots with colorful names such as Heaven King Temple, Demon Treasure Mansion, Meeting Immortals Cave, Black Dragon Lake, Seven Color Waterfall, Ancient Battlefield, Cloud Viewing Pavilion, Jade Corridor, Tea Mountain, and Flower Stream. 

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