Mohe County – Experience the pole light!

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Mohe County is the north east territory of China situated in Heilongjiang province. Bordering with Russia, this is the coldest place in China. The lowest recorded weather was minus 52.3 degree Celsius. The entire area will be covered by snow for six months in a year. People of this snow freezing place consider minus 35 degrees Celsius is a warm day. In some of the village Sleighs are the most common means of transport. Here, nature has lot of wonders kept for you, like in winter you can experience the sunset at 3 pm. It would be wonderful to experience ice crystals around your nostrils when you do your breathing.

Aurora borealis:
Basically this is an Arctic Village. Lot of foreign tourist visits this village to watch the 'aurora borealis', an astronomical phenomenon. Aurora is a beautiful display of light happens naturally in the sky of Arctic regions. This phenomenon happens in Aurora zone. When solar wind collides with magnetospheric rich particle in the high altitude atmosphere this phenomenon develops.

Virgin, primitive forest is one of the main attractions here. The land is fertile and rich in minerals. It is has a total area of 18, 233 square kilometers. Exploring the forest and enjoying the beauty is a recommended activity while you are at Mohe County. Forests are clean and unpolluted. People can drink spring water directly. During winter it is time for skiing activities.

Visit during June and August:
The perfect time to visit the region is during June to August. During this time the day time will be more so that tourist can spend more time in visiting and engaging in to leisure activities. The Summer Solstice fall in June 21st or June 22nd and during this day tourists can see the rare polar day. Sometimes, you can watch the wonderful pole light. During June to August you can experience the day time extending to 17 hours. The average temperature is calculated as 2.8 degree Celsius. Summer is the shortest season and winter is the longest season. Winter climate can be experienced for seven months, with extreme cold conditions. The temperature may dip to minus 40 degree Celsius.

Huzhong National Nature Reserve, Mohe County, Shibazhan Oroqen Town and Gaxian Cave are the important location to be visited while you are at Mohe. At Huzhong National Nature Reserve you can see so many rare animals and plant species. This is located between Yilehuli Mountain and Daxinganling range.

Mohe County situated bordering Russia at the northern end of China is the place where tourist can experience the polar and pole light phenomenon. This area is rich of minerals and famous for gold production.

At Shibazhan Oroquen Town, you can see the Oroqen primitive tribe. It is quite interesting to watch their life.

Gaxian cave is located northwest of Mohe and is a state protected location. Ancient human communities were used this caves as sheltering.

Mohe County is connected with rail net works. Tourist can have express train service every alternative day. Tourist can easily reach to Mohe via Jiagedaqi. The train journey will take 10 hours to complete the trip to Mohe. Jiagedaqi is well connected from Harbin, Beijing, Manzhouli, Hailar and Shenyang. From Mohe county Xi Ji Zhen, there is a bus service to the Desert River Village every day. It will be a one and half hour journey. Chartered tourist bus services are also available from here. Mohe is also connected with air service. Air way services are available ever day to different part of the country.

Experience the vigor of winter and witness the rare pole light, visit Mohe! 

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