Ruili – Truly ‘fortunate’ and ‘beautiful’

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Ruili is a famous city located in western Yunnan province of China. It links China to Myanmar. Formerly, this city was known by the name Měngmǎo. The name Ruili is formed from two words, ruì and lì which means fortunate and beautiful respectively. Ruili features plentiful mineral resources, distinct natural landscape, and also vibrant folklore. Even though this place is developing rapidly, it has not affected the mysterious aura in any manner. Ruili River appears as white jade belt that does wind around beautiful fields and green mountains. Old tall trees, banana forest nearby, cattle herds, and more are very attractive.

The majority of the people residing in Ruili belong to various lowland as well as highland ethnic minorities such as Lisu, Dai, Achang, Deang and Jingpo. Dai people and Han Chinese are mostly living in valleys in Ruili. Deang and Jingpo reside mainly in outskirts in neighboring hills. Ruili has now become a significant spot for trading with other nations, particularly Myanmar in lawful and unlawful goods and services. Drug trade, prostitution, and more are seen very common here.

Industrial Parks in Ruili

There are two major economic cooperation zones in Ruili City. They are Wanding Border economic cooperation zone which is abbreviated as WTBECZ and Ruili Border economic cooperation zone abbreviated as RLBECZ. Both are industrial parks that are approved by the state council of China. WTBECZ is based in the Wanding Town. It was established in the year 1992 in order to promote the Sino Burmese trade. It covers an area of six square kilometers and concentrates on development of trading, tourism, and agricultural resources.

RLBECZ was established with the intention of promoting the trade between Myanmar and China. The trading sectors of RLBECZ include regional agriculture, processing industry, biological resources, and more. The fast growth in business has made Ruili city very popular. It is well known for the huge exports of tobacco, cotton yarn, mechanical tools, rice seeds, fiber cloth, ceresin wax, fruits, and fiber yarn. This cooperation zone has become a great factor in increase of trade between these two nations.

The climatic elements include that of dry, humid subtropical and tropical wet climate. But, generally the climate is humid. The long summer can make a state of no winter mostly. Thus, the dry season is from December to April and that of wet season from month of May to October. It is best to choose the days for trip to Ruili after analyzing the seasonal climate there.

Travel tips:

The nearest airport to Ruili City is Dehong Mangshi. It links to Kunming. One can get taxis anytime from airport at a rate ranging from fifty to seventy Yuan per individual. Once car is filled, taxi will leave. The entire trip will take nearly two hours and it is possible to get down at any spot in Ruili. Towards north of major provincial roads in Ruili, taxis are available at rate of ten Yuan. If outside this specific area, rate will increase to fifteen or twenty Yuan. Meters are never followed here. Bus services are also available regularly. There is will requirement of negotiation in order to get fair rate while booking cabs to move out of the Ruili city.

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