Buerjin – A City Located In the Basin of Irtysh River and Its Tributary!

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Buerjin or Burqin County is located in Xinjiang area of China. It is under Kazakh autonomous region in Altay prefecture. The area of Buerjin County is ten thousand three hundred sixty two square kilometers and has a population of seventy thousand. It is situated in north of Xinjiang. The county seat is known as Burqin Town which is located at union of Irtysh River and its tributary River Burqin at its right. The major portion of this county is located in this tributary basin itself. This basin reaches Altai Mountains on border of Xinjiang with Russia and Mongolia. In Buerjin County, there is Kanas Lake at its north on bordering region with Habahe County.

New hydro-electric project

At present, construction of Burqin Shankou Dam is under progress on Burqin River. It is a concrete arch dam with a height of ninety four meters. The hydroelectric plant of dam can generate two hundred twenty megawatts of power. It is under construction since 2009 and is supposed to get completed soon. There is another dam, named Burqin Chinghu’er Dam that operates in township of Chunkur.
Burqin County got its name after River Burqin. This region was initially a pasture under Western Han dynasty. It was held by various groups during different dynasties. It was taken by center government control during period of Qing dynasty. Burqin County was in fact set up in 1919. It merged in 1970 to Altay prefecture. This county has ideal natural landscape and is worth for a visit. The main attraction is Kanas national geo-park. Other attractions in Burqin County are Monster city, Burqin River and Youyifeng Glacier.

Kanas lake national nature reserve

Burqin County is popular for the Kanas or Kanasi Lake which is one hundred fifty kilometers away from centre of county. Kanas Lake appears mysterious as well as dark. The peaks of mountains near the lake reflect into deep lake water which changes its colors according to seasons every year. The color can be crystal blue, gray, dark green, and more. It is also called color changing lake. In this region, Mongol nomad inhabit now too. Kanas national geo-park is formed by rivers, grasslands, lakes, forests and glaciers. It is an amazing natural ecosystem. This reserve is known as last spot on earth in where individuals can view real natural beauty. In bank of Kanas Lake, there is Tuwa Village where Tuwa tribe lives for several generations.

Youyifeng glacier and Monster City

In Altay Mountains, there is the biggest glacier called Youyifeng Glacier. It is sixty six kilometers far from north eastern part of Kanas Lake. The landform formed by big glacier is very spectacular. The wind erosion at this county has led to formation of Monster City, which is a natural Yadan form of land. It appears as ruined castles and takes several forms of different animals.

Travel Tips

Altay city airport is located nearly hundred kilometers away from Buerjin County. Flights are available from Urumqi. The bus station is situated at Wenming Road. Bus services are available from Urumqi, Altay, and more. Night markets at Buerjin County are popular. One can get Jade bracelets, stone necklaces, and Uygur cap from here.

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