Three Gorges – the beautiful Yangtze Gorges

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The Three Gorges is also known by the name – Yangtze Gorges. It is a beautiful region along River Yangtze in China. It is categorized as AAAAA area by National tourism Administration of China. It spans from upriver cities like Yiching as well as Fengjie in western side. The downstream of the three gorges is at Hubei province. This area attracts travelers from different parts of the world because of Three Gorges Dam that is constantly changing environment cum culture of Yangtze River as well as Three Gorges area. This beautiful area of Three Gorges and River Yangtze has a length of nearly two hundred kilometers. In this, one hundred and twenty kilometers is covered by Three Gorges approximately.

Historically significant area:

Even though the Three Gorges area is basically well known for the beautiful scenery, it is a cultural as well as historically significant spot in China. Several archaeological spots and settlements are under submersion from the expanding Three Gorges Dam. The main three gorges are Qutang Gorge, Xiling Gorge and Wu Gorge. The Qutang Gorge has a length of eight kilometers. It ranges from Baidicheng to Daxi. The Wu Gorge has a length of forty five kilometers, ranging from Wushan to Badong. The Xiling Gorge is sixty six kilometers long and it ranges from Zigui to Yichang.

Great impact due to the Hydro Electrical project:

The Three Gorges Dam is the largest dam in the world. It has a hydroelectric power station. The construction of Three Gorges Dam started in early twenty first century. It was built at Sāndòupíng which is in center of Xiling Gorge. In 2006, the construction of reservoir dam was completely finished. The level of water rapidly reached the highest level of one hundred and ten meters over downstream river. The entire dam project was finished by end of the year 2008, even though the ship lift is yet under progress. The reservoir of three gorges dam has a great impact on the people as well as ecology of the area. It involves even the mass relocation of villages and towns. The increase in level of water has changed the beauty of this spot to a great extent. The river appears wider but mountains look lower by this. On the other hand, the mountains do tower over river. The three gorges continue to provide stunning views of the neighboring cliffs.

Main attractions:

The main attractive features in this region are suspended walkways, crystal clear water, and hanging coffins in the Shennong stream. They attain great attention from travelers. There are several riverboat companies which operate in this beautiful area. All these firms experience a great boom due to high demand for the river cruises. The improved width as well as depth of Yangtze River allows the bigger ships via the three gorges. There is a considerable increase in river traffic of every type, including container barges and bulk cargo. The three gorges form a big series of cultural and natural attraction on Yangtze cruise from Chongqing, Yangtze and Yichang.

Travel tips

Mini Cruises are available in three Gorges to explore more. The entrance fee is one hundred and five Yuan only which includes minibus that runs every twenty minutes. Visit three gorges at the earliest! 

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