Diaoyu Fortress – The Famous Old Battlefield

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Diaoyu Fortress is a famous old battlefield in the land of China. This fortress is well known for the resistance it had to Mongol armies during the latter period of Song Dynasty. A very remarkable event that happened in Diaoyu Fortress is death of Möngke Khan, a Mongol leader. It led to rapid withdrawal of the troops of Mongol Army from East Asia as well as Syria. This prevented the expansion of Mongolian Empire towards Africa. Chongqing is always known as miracle town in western part of China. Diaoyu Fortress is located in Chongqing. It has rewritten the entire world history to a great extent.

Legendary story

Just as several historical spots in China, the name “Diaoyu Fortress” was formed from a very old legend. Several years before, many flood victims had run to mountains in order to escape from heavy flood. From heaven, a Titan did come down when they starved. Titan sat on a rock for fishing just for feeding these flood victims. Therefore, people called the mountain as Fishing Mountain in order to honour the Titan. The beautiful town that was constructed on fishing mountain was called as Diaoyu Fortress. It is on top of fishing mountain, which is located in eastern peninsula of the Hechuan District in Chongqing.

Strategic location

In Hechuan, three significant rivers converge, namely River Fu, River Jialing River, River Qv. It provides a great and natural military benefit for the Diaoyu Fortress. It helps in defending easily. Enemies find it hard to attack at this location. If you stand in this fortress and observe the converging section of three rivers, it will offer a great feeling. You will feel as if you are fully surrounded by water on three sides. On one side, you can find steep cliff too. For this fantastic experience, lot many people visit the Diaoyu Fortress every year. The great military significance has made it very popular.

Fishing city

During the period from the year 1243 to 1279, this town has experienced over 200 military arguments in a vision of "constant resistance" which had endured for 36 years. The old Diaoyu Fortress has a total area of nearly 2.94 square kilometres. Being on the hill, the beauty is extraordinary. This place is situated nearly five kilometres from eastern part of Hechuan district. The terrain is beautiful but precipitous. Approximately seven hundred years back, the fortress was constructed here by Yu Jian just to prevent Mongols. The fishing city fortress is also known as Diao Yu Cheng.

Travel Tips

It takes just ninety minuted from downtown city centre of Chongqing to reach the Diaoyu Fortress. Travelling on Yu Wu Expressway is a good option. It will take you through 5 very long tunnels that pass through mountains. One can view Bei Bei Town, Fishing Terrace, Three Saints Cliff, Bei Wen Quan, Sleeping Buddha, Thousand Buddha Cliff Zhong Yi Ci, and Jin Yu Shan too.

Visit the Fishing Town and Diaoyu Fortress at the earliest. It is a spot with historic, cultural and national significance. 

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