Five Dragon Pool - The Unknown Gem in the City of Jinan

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Five Dragon Pool – The Unknown Gem in the City Of Jinan

Situated to just north of Baotu Springs, Five Dragon Pool is really an unknown gem in the city of Jinan, belongs to Shandong Province in the Peoples Republic of China. It is one of the greatest attractions present in the city. The park contains of 28 other springs which are smaller in count to the Five Dragon Pool spring, is the most deep flowing artisan spring in the whole city of Jinan.

Historical importance
The region is also historically significant. It is held that General Qin Shu Bao also recognized as Qin Qiong, and his troops made encampment at the park location while preserving the Tang Dynasty Qi Province (what would well ahead develop into Jinan). In the Yuan Rule, a temple was established in his respect to pray for the rains to arrive next to an extended drought, and several locals still pay reverence to him in the practice of fresh fruits, moon cakes and crabs.

Huge fishes up to size of a small kid!
The springs nearby Five Dragon Pool are full with lively coy and many small fishes. The fish in the key spring can be really big, up to the proportions of a small kid. Watching fishes in Five-Dragon Pool is one of the best charms in Jinan. Crowds of flamboyant carps play in the transparent blue spring, while tourists on the banks relish watching and feeding those fishes. Tourists who climb the buildings alongside the pool will be captivated by the lovely bird sight of the flowing crystal pool and vibrant fishes playing and snowy geese swimming there.

Dragon culture
The Five dragon pool covers an entire area of 16.17 square kilometers and is located at a distance of thirty five kilometers away from the city. Here, the tourists can enjoy grotesque rocks, waterfalls; landscape of creeks, dangerous peaks and also has a sight of the Dragon culture of China, the native mountaineer tradition of East Zhejiang, and the native folk traditions. The areas now open for the tourists include the Black Cloud Ladder area and the Wulongtan Area.
Land of Holy Pools
On the right part of the ingress to the area is situated a Guandi and Dragon temple which is over four hundred years old. The temple has gone through numerous reconstructions and the existing small temple was refurbished in the year of 1990 of the last century. The temple consists of scriptures of Guandi who is the God of war and the Dragon king; the natives call it the temple of Dragon King and Guandi. Situated on the cliffs opposite of the temple are four characters inscribed which in English means Sacred Land of Holy Pools.

Pray and get blessed!
The Wulongtan area is famous for its dragon culture and its worshipping. This all began in the ancient times in China. Famous sites in Wulongtan comprises of twelve waterfalls, Jilong altar which was used for providing the sacrifices to the Dragon and lastly, the five wells. In earlier days, the natives believed that praying in Wulongtan was effectual. And hence, they formed this belief into a traditional custom to ask the king of dragons to grant rain and timely wind in their region. Nothing can stop you, if you plan a trip to this beautiful location!

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