Top 10 Ski Resorts China (Part 3)

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No.7 Nanshan International Ski Resort (Beijing)

The Nanshan ski resort first opened its doors to ski lovers in 2001 and has since been one of the largest ski resorts in northern China. The ski resort currently has 21 trails suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers. Nanshan ski resort also has the latest technology keeping the snow on the ski slopes in top tip condition for skiers that includes 20 snow making machines and four snow groomers. For those who want to have snow fun other than skiing on the slopes the resort also has sledding and an imported luge track all the way from Germany. What’s more the Nanshan resort has 2 quadruple chair lifts, a double chair lift, 13 drag lifts and 3 magic carpets making it convenient for skiers to get to the slopes.

Ski Season: November until March

Address: Shengshuitou Village,Miyun County, Beijing
Telephone: +(86) 010-89091909

No.8 Shennongjia Ski Resort (Hubei)

Shennongjia Ski Resort is one of the southern ski resorts located in Hubei province and is ideal for those who plan to visit Wuhan. The ski resort covers an area of 10,000 square meters and has a ski season which lasts approximately 150 days. The ski resort is also situated near the Shennongding Scenic Area.

Ski Season: December until March

Address: Jiuhuping Tree Farm, Shennongjia Forest Region 
Telephone: +(86) 0400 0791225

No.9 Xiling Snow Mountain Resort ( Chengdu)

Xiling Snow Mountain Resort in Chengdu is famed for its alpine ski slopes and opens for the ski season in December. The resort has gained the name “The Oriental Alps” and remains one of the most popular destinations for skiing. Xiling resort has 7 international ski trails for skiers who love a challenge and attracts visitors from across the globe with its ideal scenery. For those who want to tour Chengdu to visit some of the best tourist attractions then make Xiling Snow Mountain as part of your trip!

Ski Season: December until March

Address: Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Field , Xiling Town, Dayi County
Telephone: +(86) 028 88302010

No.10 Jade Dragon Mountain Ski Resort (Yunnan)

The Jade Dragon Mountain Ski resort is the highest ski resort situated 4,700 meters above sea level. Although the mountains are covered in snow all year round the prime season is from November until May. The scenery from the mountain is absolutely amazing and you can have a complete view of Lijiang from the resort’s ski slopes and not to mention after the skiing is done you can make time to explore the magical and ancient Lijiang.

Ski Season: November until May

Address: Yulong County, Lijiang

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Top 10 Ski Resorts in China (Part 2)

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No.4 Alshan Alpine Ski Resort (Inner Mongolia)

The Alshan Alpine Ski Resort is located in Inner Mongolia and is one of the best ski resorts in China. The resort is known for its forest mountain landscapes and, it’s natural oxygen bar providing visitors with refreshing air. The slopes cover an area of 6,000 square meters and can accommodate 4,000 skiers. The training center was constructed based on international competition standards and was one of the training bases for the Chinese Olympic skiing team.
The resort is separated into two sections: The West Hill Ski Terrain for ski racing and training, the East Hill Terrain is for leisure. The West Hill Terrain is built in accordance with the standards for international ski racing and is ideal for advanced skiers. This part covers around 5.5 square kilometers with several alpine and cross country trails.

Ski Season: November until April
Temperature: Average -10 degrees, lowest temperature -20 degrees

No. 5 Wanlong Ski Resort ( Hebei Province)

Wanlong Ski Resort in Heibei Province is 50 miles away from Zhangjiakou City, about a 4 hours coach journey from Beijing. It is one of the newest skiing resorts in China. The resort has 22 trails for skiers of different levels, including 5 for advanced skiers, 10 intermediate and 7 beginners. There are 5 chairlifts trails to meet the needs of visitors.

Wanlong Ski Resort is one of the earliest to open to skiers annually due to its geographical location in the high mountains that is influenced by cold air from Siberia. Each September, the temperatures drop to below zero. Wanlong Ski Resort has introduced an international standard snowmaking system that consists of 13 snow making machines.

Ski Season: November until April

Address: Honggaoliang District, Chongli County
Telephone: +(86) 0313 4785111

No.6 Erlongshan Ski Resort (Harbin)

Longzhu Erlongshan Ski Resort is located on the north of Erlong Lake and is situated about 60 kilometers west of Harbin. The ski resort was built in 1999 and continues to be one of the most popular ski resorts in Heilongjiang province. The highest altitude is a staggering 266 meters and the resort covers 780,000 square meters.

There are 8 trails for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers, with 6 trails totaling 5,600 meters for alpine skiers with slopes ranging from 3 degrees to 30 degrees. The ski period is approximately 170 days. The Erlongshan Ski Resort reportedly has the deepest snow and best skiing conditions for winter.

Ski Season: November until March

Address: Erlong Mountain Ski Area, Binzhou Town, Bin County, Heilongjiang Province
Telephone: + (86) 0451 82309772, 57908008

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Top 10 Ski Resorts in China (Part 1)

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China is home to some of the most magnificent ski resorts that will cater to all your needs for adventure and snow! The skiing season begins in mid December and ends in March but there is the exception of Changbaishan’s ski resorts where the skiing continues until April. For those who have never been skiing in China before here is a run down of the top 10 ski resorts in China.

No.1 Yabuli Ski Resort (Heilongjiang Province)

Yabuli Ski Resort is situated in Harbin of Heilongjiang province and has the reputation for being the best ski resort in China. The Yabuli resort has the longest ski run in China and has the longest history and was once the imperial hunting grounds during the Qing dynasty. The resort has the longest Alpine ski slope in Asia and is suitable for skiers of different levels with a range of courses and slopes. For those who want to enjoy some winter activities Yabuli Ski Resort has the longest toboggan run which is 5km and is the longest in the world. What’s more you can also catch the Harbin Ice & Snow Festival if you plan to travel in January.

Ski Season: November until March (approximately 150 days)
Temperature: Average -10 degrees, lowest temperature -44 degrees

Address:  Heilongjiang Province, Shangzhi City, Yabuli Ski Resort 
Telephone: + (86) 0451-53458888

No.2 Changbaishan Ski Resort (Jilin Province)

The Changbaishan Ski Resort is becoming one of the hottest resorts in China attracting athletes and ski lovers from all over the world. Over the past couple of years has seen the opening of 5 star hotels such as Starwood and Park Hyatt offering luxurious accommodation for those in search of a ski holiday with class. The alpine ski trail is 3,000 meters long and the challenging ski trails will definitely provide those who need an adrenaline rush with just that! Apart from skiing the resort also has hot springs and you can also take the opportunity to tour the beautiful Tianchi.

Ski Season: November until May
Temperature: Average -18 degrees, lowest temperature -33 degrees 

Address: 579 Baiyun Road, Changbaishan International Ski Resort Jilin 
Telephone: + (86) 0400 0987666

No.3 Beidahu Ski Resort (Jilin Province)

Beidahu Ski resort is the largest ski resort in Jilin and once hosted the 2007 Asian Winter Games. The highest peak stands at 1,357 meters high and has some of the most beautiful scenery. The resort has a total of three alpine trails and with a forest trail that is fit for the Olympic standards skiers should be rest assured that their trip will be top notch. The resort has a total of 6 lifts and 6 trails and is suitable for skiers of all levels.

Ski Season: November until April
Temperature: Average -10 degrees, lowest temperature -30 degrees 

Address: Jilin Beidahua Sport Tourism Economic Development Zone
Telephone: +(86) 0400 6067070 

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Photography Trip to Jilin’s Changbaishan

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Travelling to the wonderful Changbaishan to catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing Tianchi and the snow covered mountains is becoming extremely popular for tourists across the world. However, for those who love to make memories and capture special moments behind the lense, you will be surprised with what Changbaishan has to offer for those who love photography.  

Changbaishan Scenic Area

The Changbaishan Scenic Area can be divided into the north, west and south. From June till July the western section is covered by a sea of flowers and between July and August the mystical forests are filled with adventure. By the time September approaches the mountain changes colors with the arrival of autumn, the once green leaves gradually change to a shade of red then yellow providing photographers with the perfect opportunity to catch the colors of autumn.

Hongye Valley

Hongye Valley is situated in Jiaohe, each year the red leaves season begins between September and October. The valley is part of the Lafa Mountain National Forest Park apart from the valley there is also the Nanhu waterfall which is also ideal for photography. The admission fee for Hongye Valley is 100RMB per person.

Photography Tip: To capture the details of the leaves you can use a large aperture lens and experiment with different angles to capture different effects. 

Ailin Fishing Port

Ailin Fishing Port is part of the Songhua Lake Scenic Area. One of the highlights of the fishing port is the “fog”, though this “fog” is unlike the usual fog we are familiar with. The “fog” is a result of the temperature and humidity that causes steam to arise from the surface of Songhua Lake. This usually happens during May and October when the weather is dry and on sunny days only.

Photography Tip: To snap the best photos at Ailin Fishing Port you have to be up early, as the best time to take photos is at dawn.

Panjin Red Beach

The Red Beach is located in Panjin and is a phenomenon, as you would imagine most beaches are covered with sand but at Panjin this is another story. The beach is covered in red sea weed known as Sueda, from April to May the seaweed is green but once autumn comes the seaweed turns red turning the beach into a field of red. Here you can also view the crowned cranes and black beaked gulls, the beach is also otherwise known as “Home of the Cranes”.

Photography Tip: The most important element of photography is finding a theme, therefore its best to focus on one theme to ensure that your photos are simple. 

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Tips For Exploring the Beautiful Yili in Xinjiang (Part 2)

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Khorgas Port (Horgos Port)  

Whilst taking a trip to Yili visiting the famous Khorgas port is essential. The port is located 42 kilometers from Huocheng county in Yining, which is on the border between China and Kazakhstan. Khorgas port is one of the three main ports of Xinjiang and over the past few years tourists have been able to enter and exit.  

Admission Fee: 30RMB
Opening Hours: 00:00 – 23:30 

Fruit Valley

Fruit Valley has the reputation as “Yili’s Most Beautiful Attraction”, the valley is situated 42 kilometers northeast of Huocheng. Fruit Valley is 28 kilometers in length and is one of the best places to experience nature. Apart from the wild fruits such as apples and apricots the valley is also known to produce some rare herbs and medicines.

Admission Fee: Free

Apricot Valley

The Apricot Valleys of Xinjiang are perhaps lesser known than Fruit Valley, however the Apricot Valley is a beautiful area to visit especially when the valley is in the bloom season. Apricot Valley is located in Tuergen Township of Xinyuan County. The best time to see Apricot Valley is from April to May when the flowers are in bloom, however the flowers wither in 7 days. The Valley is ideal for photography lovers who want to capture the heavenly scene.

Admission Fee: Free

Zhaosu Rapeseed Flower Fields 

When July approaches the Rapeseed flower season has begun in Zhaosu. The geographical location of Zhaosu makes the area ideal for the cultivation of Rapeseed flowers and Sunflowers, therefore making the flowers a symbolic view of Zhaosu. The best time to see the golden fields of Zhaosu is at the end of June towards mid July.

Tangbula Grassland

Tangbula Grassland is well known for its precious stones and natural forest surroundings. If you visit during the right season you can see the red fields filled with poppies. It has been said that Tangbula Grassland has 113 valleys with 113 views which is worth exploring. To see the poppies its best to visit at the end of May and towards the beginning of June.

Sayram Lake

Now any visit to Yili without seeing the beautiful Sayram Lake is definitely not complete. The lake is 90 kilometers southwest of the Bole City, on the north side of the Urumchi-Yining Road, and is connected to the Fruit Valley of Yili at Songshutou in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Sayram Lake is serene and peaceful, the lake surface is like a mirror giving visitors a peaceful atmosphere. Through the different seasons the lake has a complete change in scenery providing tourists with a different experience each time. 

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Tips For Exploring The Beautiful Yili in Xinjiang (Part 1)

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Yili is one of the most enchanting places to visit in Xinjiang due to its abundant scenery. If you visit during the right season you will be able to experience Yili in all its glory when the flowers are in full blossom and the grasslands are green is one of the most unforgettable memories you can have.

Best Time to Visit Yili

The best time to visit Yili is between June and October as this is the season when all is in full bloom. Apart from admiring the beautiful scenery tourists can taste the ripe fruits. June is also the season to see the Lavender fields that are filled with the scent of love.

What to Wear

Temperatures in Xinjiang have a big variation between night and day. From July to September the average temperature is approximately 23 degrees, the lowest is 16 degrees and the highest is about 30 degrees. Once October approaches temperatures plummet to below zero and it’s not until April and May that the temperatures rise above zero. So it’s best to bring warm clothing for your visit to Yili so you’re not caught out by the weather.


Travelling in Yili is not extortionately expensive, accommodation and food is relatively cheap. You will find that most of your money will be spent on transportation. If you plan on staying and touring in Yili for 2-3 days about 1000-1500RMB should cover your expenses during your stay.

Attraction Highlights

Lavender Park

Each year when June approaches, Yili is covered with a sea of purple Lavender making the atmosphere all so romantic. Lavender originates from Provence in France and over hundreds of years has spread across the world. The meaning behind the fragrant purple blossom is “Waiting for Love” making the park the perfect place for romantic lovers. However, the Lavender bloom only lasts one week, once the flowers wither they are cut. Once the season is over the only way you can capture the essence of Lavenders is through essence oils. Visiting the Lavender park is a must as Xinjiang has the reputation as “Home to China’s Lavender”.

 Tips: One of the best places to see Lavender is the Princess Lavender Museum in Yili where there are also lots of Lavender souvenirs!

Nalati Grassland

The Nalati Grassland is listed as one of the top four largest grasslands in the world. The green pastures are beautiful and is filled with valleys, pure streams and thick forests. Between June and September the grasslands are alive with wild flowers and animals and you can witness nature in the purest form. Legend has it that the legendary Genghis Khan led his army from Tianshan to Yili, his army stricken with hunger and cold and unwilling to cross the snowy mountains seen the green meadows and headed to the green paradise. Arriving to this wonderland the army apparently happily shouted “Nalati” which means sunshine and hence this is how the grassland gained its name.

Tips: Peak Season - Entrance Fee 75RMB/Person, Off-peak Season – 60RMB/Person

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Wander the Golden Fields of Luoping

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Luoping lies in the eastern part of the province, 228 kilometers east of Kunming, neighboring Guizhou and Guangxi. Luoping is dominated by karst features with small basins among mountain ranges. Luoping has now been made famous by the fantastic photos shot by modern day photographers and tourists.

Each spring, the blossoming rapeseed flowers of Luoping draws flocks of tourists and photographers. Farmlands are covered in golden rape stretches right up to the horizon, forming a sea of yellow buds and filling the air with the refreshing scent of spring.

Taking a walk through the fields on an early spring morning the waves of rape flowers swaying in the gentle breeze, with the background scenery of Luoping town in the distance, standing in the golden sea is the best reward for a carefree daydream.



the most famous spot to view the rapeseeds flower is Jinjifeng(Golden Chicken Peak). Ticket office lies in Lingyi Temple on the halfway up to the mountaintop. But there is another ideal place just a few hundreds metres from Jinjishan to down town direction. Turn left when seeing the sign board, a knoll there is free for stepping to. Many photographers get set up on the top to shoot the sunrise and sunset over the flowers sea.

Getting there: minibus from downtown to Jinjilin, takes about 10-15 minutes. 

Jiulong Waterfall 

The Jiulong water fall consists of a 10 tier waterfall grouped together in a valley. They appear in different shapes which are truly magnificent and beautiful. The biggest waterfall is with a drop of 56 meters and 110 meter in width. During the dryer seasons, the elegant waterfall hangs like a sliver chain in the sky. The second biggest waterfall called Lovers Waterfall is a deep pond. The other waterfalls also have their distinctive features. 

Getting there: minibus from downtown to Jiulong Waterfall that takes about 65 minutes.

Admission: 60RMB

Duoyi River

Duoyi River lies 33 kilometers south of the county. Formed by the water from 5 underground springs, the 12 kilometer Duoyi River runs 40 kilometers to the southeast of Luoping Town. The clear river has more than 50 shoals formed by waterfalls.

The customs of the Buyi ethnic minority is even more charming. On the 3rd day of the 3rd month of the lunar calendar, young men and women of the Buyi group gather on the river bank to celebrate the festival, activities that involves bamboo raft racing, splashing water for sport singing in antiphonal style for courtship and offering an array of their local foods such as colored rice, fish with bamboo shoots.

Lubuge Gorge 

Located 40km southern of the county seat. "Lubuge" is from Buyi language, meaning "a beautiful village". The major scenic spot is the Power Dam and its artificial lake. The project was designed by engineers from Britain, Italy, Germany and China. The human power made the valley into a fascinating view with the 18 floor dam which is like a labyrinth.  

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