Yunnan Zhoucheng Bai People Village

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Zhoucheng is located in the north side of Dali Ancient city,covering an area of 4.7 square kilometers, is the largest Bai people village in Dali. Known as the Homeland of Tie-dye, Zhoucheng has become a very popular tourists spot not only for its beautiful natural view, also the rich and unique culture of Bai people. 

Bai people is the 15th largest ethinic minority group in China and their history can be traced back to 4000 years ago. Zongcheng still keeps good reserved of traditional custom and habit of Bai People, tourist can visit Bai People’s house, shopping around in local fair market, experiencing how the tie-die get done and tasting their delicious food. Want some souvenirs and bring them home? No problem. Take a tour in local crafts store and find something special for your family and friends.

The word Bai means “White” in English, just like their names, Bai people shows great interest and respect for the color white. For clothes, white is their top choice and white clothes mean elegance for both men and women. Even their house are painted as white. They are all faithful believers. Like other Bai people villages, there are two temples inside the Zhoucheng. Inside they worship some of the local god that keep them safe and sound.

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Yuanyang Rice Terrace in Yunnan

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Located on the south of Yunnan Ailao Mountain, 300km from Kunming, Yuanyang rice terraces cover an area of 170,000 acres.It is the world's largest and most spectacular rice terraces.This masterpiece creatived by Hani people for generations.Since 1000 yeas ago,Hani people has began to craft out the Yuanyang rice terraces by their bare hands.With generations’ efforts,the rice terrace has been in large scale and still in using.It has been one of the famous scenic spots of Yunnan.

Best time to go:

The best time to shooting the terraces is from November to next April.The most beautiful time of Yuanyang rice terraces is from January to February when the amazing clouds sea may appear after Spring festival.

How to get there:

There are directly express buses from Kunming to Yuanyang Xinjiezhen every day which takes about 6-7 hours.

After arriving the Yuanyang Rice Terraces,you have variety of ways to rice terraces like taking charter vehicle or public transport, or minibus, or van.

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Lingering Garden in Suzhou

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As one of the most aspiring gardens in China, Lingering Garden is one of the most popular places to visit in Suzhou, China due to its indescribable beauty. The garden was constructed during the Ming Dynasty remains a wonderfully preserved site that still displays the traditional Chinese culture relics. The garden is famous for its clever use of space, architecture and arrangements utilizing a wide range of landscape techniques. 

The garden was originally named the “Eastern Garden” and was first constructed in the Ming dynasty under the orders of a court official Xu Taishi. Over the years the garden went through changes in owners and in turn had many renovations and expansions. Today the garden occupies 2.3 hectares and is separated into several areas such as: eastern, central, northern and western. Each area has its own particular scenic

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Meijiawu Tea Culture Village in Hangzhou

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Meijiawu Tea Culture Village is located in the hinterland of the western Scenic Spots and Historic Sites of Xihu in Hangzhou, to the south of the Meiling tunnel, across along both sides of the Meiling Railway, which also has been known as "Ten-mile Meiwu." Meijiawu is such one kind of beautiful ancient village with the history of over 600 years. 

With mountain, landscape, dock, water, tea and culture, Meijiawu Tea Culture Village is the first-grade protection zone and one of the leading producer of West Lake Dragon Well tea, also the sightseeing and recreation tourist area that had gathered country natural villages with the most intriguing aspects of tea country at the suburb of Hangzhou and tea culture merging into one organic whole. 

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Jingdezhen Porcelain

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China’s rich cultural heritage which spans over 2,000 years of civilization brings along with it some of the most fascinating crafts. Located in Jiangxi Province, Jingdezhen is known as the “porcelain capital” of China, internationally the pottery has been recognized as one of the finest creations. The city is also renowned as one of the most historical and cultural cities in China.Jingdezhen has been producing porcelain dating back to the Han dynasty and has been praised for being "as thin as paper, as white as jade, as bright as a mirror, and as sound as a bell."

From the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasty officials were sent to Jingdezhen to supervise in the manufacturing of royal porcelain. The most famous porcelain to be produced in Jingdezhen has to be the Blue and White porcelain which are valued by many antique porcelain collectors as this particular type has been associated with the history of China. 

Classified as color glaze porcelain, the Blue and White porcelain process involves first painting cobalt oxide on the unbaked mould and then applying a layer of glaze and is then baked at a temperature of 1300 degrees. Under such high temperatures the cobalt oxide turns blue creating a vivid blue exquisite design that captures the ancient essence of the porcelain. 

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Treacherous Milk Sea in Sichuan

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The Milk Sea located in Yading Nature Reserve of Sichuan Province is shaped like one water droplet is one ancient glacial lake, with the surrounding beauty of snow-capped mountains. The glistening lake and the azure sky could add to each other's splendor. Milk Sea is distinguished for its elegant shape and turquoise blue water. Scalloped Milk Sea lay in a peaceful basin surrounded by mountains, in its middle is the clear blue melting water of the nearby mountains; its neighboring thing is one milk-white groove around the sea. The milk-white circle is roughly the origin of the name Milk Sea. 

The water nearby the shore is slightly black. The sea floor is all deposits of ancient plants that are those sediments deposited at or near sea level. Inside further is the area that takes on the light green color. Deeper it goes, and deeper into the azure waters of the sea, more plainly to be viewed at every step; until some few miles hence the blue water will shine brilliantly.

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