Tongren County – Thangka Painting and Rebkong Arts

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The ancient Amdo, today known as Tongren County is the capital of the smallest administrative subdivision area within the Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province in the People's Republic of China. Tongren is also known as Rebgong in Tibetan language. Out of 80,000 populations, 75% are Tibetans and rests are ethnic minority groups. The county has an area of 3,465 kilometers is the land of many Tibetan Buddhist Temples. Apart from Buddhist temples, there significant number of Longwu Temples scattered around this area.  The Longwu Temples belongs to the Gelupa sect, famously known as Yellow Hat sects.

The old city still carries the pride of history

This county is famous for Thangka painting and Rebkong arts.  Rebkong arts were nominated to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in the year 2009.   The history of Tongren is very much interesting.  This is an impressive old city with history extended back to ancient eras, persevered by authorities to give the tourists a true reflection of China's yester years!  The buildings are constructed suiting to the terrain of the land.  The old town still holds the old buildings which are with very simple construction and very much attractive in their peculiar design features.

The much talked six ethnic communities known as Han, Tibet, Hui, Sala, Bao and Dongxiang are living here.   Also you can see the three famous temples namely, Yuantong, Longwu and Mosque here.  These temples belong to Tibetan Buddhism, Han Buddhism and Muslim communities. These three communities peacefully co-exist here and thrive to put their efforts jointly and bring prosperity to the county.

Travelling to Tongren:

Road net work services are not developed to a comfortable level. Tourist can catch train from Xining and get off at Wutun Shangzhuang Station.  From there Tongren is very close.  Also tourists can hope from Guiyang to Tongren and change your train from Yuiping. Tourist originating from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou can board train to Huaihua and from there can take cab to Tongren. Those who take ferry route can travel along Wujiang River and get off at Guizhou Yan River and from there can travel by bus to Tongren.  Also there are Air Transport services from almost all major cities to Tongren Daxing Airport. From the Airport it is just half an hour journey to the city. There are airport bus services, which will drop you to your location for a minimum payment of CNY 10 per head.

Visit for a purpose

The Rebgong art has lot of admirers all over the world. It has strong influence of Tibetan Buddhism and is connected with tinted folk art form, which are mainly depicts the Buddha figures into sculptors and paintings. The art form has more than seven hundred years of history which is an outstanding example to showcase how Chinese history or ancient people maintained their skills and carried forward them for their future generations. Tourists or people who are interested to know much about Tibetan culture and the quintessential Tibetan heritage, this is the place one should not miss to visit.

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Riyue Mountain or the Sun and Moon Mountain

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Riyue Mountain, also known as “Sun and Moon Mountain” is part of the magnificent Qilian Mountain Range. Located in Qinghai Province, this mountain lay at the western part of Huangyuan County.  In the good old days, crossing Tibet was possible only by negotiating through Riyue Mountain. It was the main communication point between the Central China, the western region and the south western area of China.  Historical evidences suggest that, the route was negotiated by Song Yun, who was a Buddhist monk, to go to India from Luoyang City during the first year of the Shengui reign, under Emperor Mingdi of Northern Wei Dynasty in the year 420, to learn about Buddhism. Again, Princes Wencheng crossed Riyue Mountain to marry the Tubo tribal king, Songsten Gampo, as the legend says!

Land of mysterious wonders

China is undoubtedly a land of mysterious wonders.  It may look like a single featured human tribe from the anthropological point of view but people do have various unique cultures and traditions.  Most of traditions and cultures are developed due to the extreme influence of the nature where they live in. Their costume and food habits are also evident to confirm these arguments.  The Riyue Mountain stretch is a cradle of old tradition and cultures with its own identity. This mountain range is located 40 kilometers southwest of Xining and panoramic view on top of the mountain is a wonderful experience.  Located at an altitude of 4,000 meters from the sea level, the unusual mountain is rich with agricultural activities and known for its pastoral areas in the province.

Agricultural and pastoral areas

The Riyue Mountain is divided in agricultural and pastoral areas.  The east side of mountain is Huangshui Valley and famous lake Qinghai is situated to the northwest of the mountain. Vast meadows and scattering tents of local tribes make this mountain one of the rare experiences for tourists.  Towards the west of the hill, gracefully flow back to lake is the Datong River.  Further down is the Yellow River and the famous gorge, Longyang Gorge. 


During the Tang Dynasty, who ruled between 618 and 907, the mountain was called as Russet Ridge or Chilling Range.  The grassless top is so apt to be called as Russet Ridge, due to the russet hill top. It is indeed one of the best emotional legends that revolve around the mythical story, how the mountain is called as Sun and Moon Mountain.  The story is about Princess Wencheng, who passed through Chilling Range; throw the Sun and Moon treasure mirror given to her by her mom after seeing her homeland Chang'an, which is today known Xi'an City. The mirror turned in to Qinghai Lake and her tears formed as River Daotang, the river that flows back to the lake.  A temple in the name of princess Wencheng could be seen at the foot of the mountain.

Best season to visit

The best season to visit the Sun and Moon Mountain is during June to September.  During this season, the grass will be rich in greeneries and you can see wild flowers blooming all around the area.  The Sun and Moon pavilion are built on both side of the mountain pass to commemorate the legendary stories of Princess Wencheng. Moon Pavillion is having more cultural and agricultural importance as you see more agricultural activities in this part of the land. It is believed that Princess Wencheng brought to Tibet, technology, medicine, seeds for agricultural purpose and of course Buddhism.

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Nianbaoyuze – The Holy Mountain

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Situated at an altitude of 5,369 meters above the sea level, Nianbaoyuze is a holy mountain in Jiuzhi County, in the grassland of Guoluo Plain, Qinghai .Province, People's Republic of China. This mountain is worshipped by the Tibetan tribes as God of Mountain which is also called as Guoluo Mountain. The mountain is having lots of high steep peaks, fearful glaciers and deep gorges.  Two famous lakes namely, "female monster lake" and "goddess lake" are situated at the foot of the mountain is a spectacular view.  The unpredictable snow climate adds up the mystery of Nianbaoyuze. The climate changes are very much visible in this part of world during the four seasons.

Four season climate changes in two months

The average altitude of the mountain is 4,000 meter above the sea level, but the highest peak is 5,369 meters above the sea level. The inhabitants are mainly Tibetan tribes otherwise known as Guoluo tribes. The climate change during July and August are quiet mesmerizing to watch.  During these two months you can experience the four season climate changes.  Heavy snow start to fall continuously in the night and in the morning when the sun rises, the whole mountain is filled with a blanket of white fog. The entire stretch shall be visibly reflects the golden sun rays and in the back drop the sky will be in limpid blue. May be over a time, the thick cloud begin to rain profusely.

The legend behind the three tribes

The mountain is snow covered throughout the year. There is a beautiful legend among the Guoluo tribes related to Nianbaoyuze Mountain God. When the mountain god was engaged with severe fighting with a monster, a hunter saves his son, the only son of the mountain god by helping to kill the monster.  To show his gratitude, the mountain god betrothed his beautiful younger daughter to the hunter. The couple blessed with three children namely Ashiqiangben, Angqianben and Banmaben. The Guoluo tribe is divided in to three sects and they are beleived to be originated from the three children of mountain god. That is the reason, Nianbaoyuze' are considered as the ancestors of Guoluo Tibetans.

Declared as a National Mountain Park

As per the tourism departments information, there are 16 large lakes and 300 small lakes seen in the mountain stretch, but it is said that there 360 lakes across the Nianbaoyuze mountain stretch.  The number 360 is considered as sacred number as per Buddhism or traditional tribal belief and hence it is claimed that there are 3,600 peaks and 360 lakes in Nianbaoyuze Mountain stretch. The Mountain area is known to the public very recently and gradually visitors started to flow in to the mountain area.  In May 2006, the mountain was officially recognized as a Natural Park and the Local Tourism Bureau started to promote this area.  The mountain is known for its peculiar landscape, various plants and wild animals.

Travel tips:

There are no roads to the mountain stretch.  You have trek all the way and to complete the entire area, you need to spare minimum seven days. It will be really challenging experience if you are able to withstand the extreme climatic conditions.  Like any high altitude trekking, you should have all the protective gears to support your endeavor. You should have a good local guide who will be very helpful to complete your expedition without getting lost in the vast land. You need to carry lots of food and camping equipments along with you.

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Menyuan Hui Autonomous County

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The autonomous county Menyuan Hui is situated in north eastern side of Lake Qinghai and is approximately one hundred and fifty kilometers far from the capital of province Xining. In this region, members of various minorities live. The main five minorities are Tibetan, Sara, Hui, Mongolia and Tu. This place is the base of production of Cole in entire north China. It is also base of production of the oil plants in whole province of Qinghai. Every year, in month of June, this cole will be covered with blooming flowers. One can observe an ocean with yellow flowers in every June. This county is under administration of the Haibei Tibetan autonomous prefecture. It has lot of mountains that are covered with snow. It is also featured with deserts, glistening lakes, icy peaks and wild pastures.

Well for Rape flowers

The Menyuan Hui is well known for the rape flowers too. It fills the place from month of July to month of October. The scenic spot with rape flowers is nearly one hundred and fifty kilometers north of the Xining. It will take a minimum of three hours to reach there on a vehicle. It is alsp famous for its grasslands, canyons and rocks. The rape flower land is the most attractive feature among the tourists. There are several rivers as well as lakes here. The people residing in this spot are living mainly by the animal husbandry.

Natural to the core

There is a sea of cauliflowers in Menyuan. In month of July, this area will be as golden sea. In plateau of Qinghai, the white clouds, mountains covered with snow, and blue sky set cauliflowers off such that it resembles a perfect painting. In the sixty six thousand six hundred and sixty seven hectares of cauliflower land, it provides a west style that will leave a huge space for imagination. The entire region appears as golden sea in western China that mesmerizes travelers to China. The field of rape flowers comes to about ninety eight thousand acres. Its yellow color will offer very enjoyable feelings while having a walk in the field. There are many Grand Canyon that are being covered by primeval forest. One will definitely love Menyuan as almost everything in this place is very natural as well as beautiful.

Beautiful meadows and grasslands

The grasslands of Menyuan Hui are very amazing ones. In times of breeze, grass will sway just as waves of sea. One can observe livestock hidden under the grass. In Menyuan Hui, one can even view very conventional culture of Tibet because it neighbors with Tibet as well as province of Qinghai. Several Tibetans are living in this place. There is a beautiful lake in Menyuan Hui, which is known as Lake Menyuan. The land of Menyuan has fresh air only. The climate is often the best for travel. As height of Menyuan Hui is from two thousand three hundred to five thousand meters above level of sea, it seems that sky is very close and it appears as if one can grasp even the clouds.

Travel tips

The closest airport is in Xining City. From there, one can get a long distance bus to reach Menyuan Hui in just three hours. Book your tickets to China. Never miss the sunrise at Menyuan Hui. It is awesome! 

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Kanbula National Forest Park

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The Kanbula National Forest that has a total area of four thousand seven hundred and seventy four hectares is situated in the Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture which is in the rural area of Kanbula Jianzha County. This place is nearly two hundred kilometers away from Xining in the province of Qinghai. It is at an altitude of two thousand one hundred to four thousand meters over the level of sea. In north, it is bordered by River Yellow abutting against well known hydro electric power station in Liajiaxia. The entire park is having many lofty mountains surrounding it. It has lot of trees covered that will resemble a sea of forest throughout. Near to mountain, the weather may change any moment and very frequently.

Lots of deflated hills

In Kanbula National Forest, there are lots of deflated hills which are formed in northwestern side of the Qaidam Basin by the sand as well as wind erosion in the long run. These came to be known as the red-cloud landforms. These are all distinct ones and are featured mainly by the high mountains, precipitous cliffs, wonderful peaks, and caves, several peaks of rocks, stone walls, and stone columns in different shapes. The huge mountains appear just as the grand cum vertical column or as tower or sometimes as castle. The tiny hills appear just as the huge and strange looking animals of several odd shapes. The main representatives of these red colored formations with different appreciable shapes are Qiangqi Hill, Meeting of Fairies, and Nanzong Valley.

In Kanbula National Forest, there are 18 perilous mountain peaks. Among then two are much well known namely Neibaozong and A’qiongnanzong. The Neibaozong peak is in fact square separated. On this peak, there are several rare plant species. On top portion of this peak, there is beautiful Sky Pond and one spring. The slope is fully covered with trees. Flowers bloom here. One can find several species of birds in Kanbula National Forest. Along the valley, the flow of gurgling streams is continuous accompanying tranquil hollow. This proves that the Kanbula National Forest is a spot with a very enchanting landscape. A’qiongnanzong is neighbored by lot of steep cliffs. There is just a single path that has steps of stone through which all can get to the highest point on peak. The majority of this path is mainly cut of cliffs. On top portion of peak, there is a very old Buddhist temple along with lot of tiny caves. Several statues of Buddha are being displayed in all these small caves. Lot of travelers visits this place throughout the whole year.

Travel Tips

The admission fee to Kanbula National Forest is just thirty RMB for one person. The opening hours start form 8 in the morning and ends at 6 in the evening. One can get a bus from the hydroelectric power station in Lijiaxia at long distance bus station in Xining. It is just a journey of ninety kilometers and will cost only twenty Yuan. This place is awesome. Hurry up!

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Laoye Mountain and Duke Guan Temple – Ancient Relics That Mesmerizes Your Soul

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Off 35 kilometers south of Qinghai Zining city located Laoye Mountain at Qiaotour Town in Datong County of People’s Republic of China. The mountain is having excellent features of natural richness, steep gorges, tall mountains, lush meadows, drooping trees, wild animals and of course historical relics.  The famous Duke Guan Temple is the main attraction of this high altitude mountain location.  The marvelous, breath taking sculpture work in the temple makes the tourists to stay focused and get submerged in the creativity of the Chinese sculptures.

Multi dimensional weather

Mount Liushuo is the other name for Mount Laoye.  Some of the other attractions are the Fire Burnt Platform and the Tiger Cave. On the north side of the Mount Laoye is Mount Yak which faces the deep cliffs of Mount Laoye. As the usual climate phenomena that you can experience in high altitude locations, the weather is always take different forms without any notice. The frequent changing climate throws a challenging experience to face the harsh realities one should prepare to face while trekking to high altitude destinations. You will definitely have this unpredictable experience and can enjoy this experience, provided if you are adequately prepared to face it mentally and physically.

The sky is blue and clear in most of the occasions.  At times the sky gets clouded.  The change of climate is a wonderful experience one can have it at Laoyeshan Mountain.   The sceneries are enchanting. Watching the intermittent climate changes, the formation of clouds or simply rambling in the forest would be a lasting experience one can never miss in their life, had they visited this beautiful place.

The four season climate

Let us see how this beautiful mountain changes its costume during the four seasons.  It is decorated extremely in different dimension.  In spring, the mountain is covered with mist and in summer you can see the trees start to flourish like anything in a vardant fashion. The autumn is naturally brings lots of joyful moments with colors, wild flowers bloomed all over the mountain and in winter, it is the snow time. Nestling in fluffy clouds and carpeted by snow, it gives a magnificent experience one would never like to part. No doubt and nothing to wonder if you’re poetic instincts get fired upon. Such a marvelous place, you can never see anywhere in the world.

Rugged grotesque peaks

If anybody called this mountain as "Rugged grotesque peaks", the mountain deserved to be known by this name by all means. There are no exaggerations in bestowing the generous compliments like this. The mount is 2,928 meters above sea level. The important tourist spot of this location are the Main Hall of Buddha, the Laoyeshan Hall, the Yuhuang Pavilion, the Guanyin Cave and Half Wall pavilion.  Make sure to visit these locations, which are spread across the mountain stretch.

Ideal season:

Summer is the ideal season to visit Laoye Mountain.  The June 6 Festival is the much talked about celebration which is a blend of Chaoshan Festival and the grand Flower Festival held here every year.  Climatic advantage and the attraction of flower festival encourage tourists to visit the mountain stretch and you can find lot of local folks visit this location during this season along with foreigners.

Travel Tips:

Special tourist bus services are operated to Laoyeshan from Xining. The site is opened from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening.  Don’t think twice if you are tempted!

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Gui'de County – A Balanced County from the Good and Bad of Tourism

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Gui'de County is situated in the province of Qinghai in the land of China. This county is under administration of the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. In the late fourteenth century, this place became a part of the Ming Dynasty. In the period from 1375 to 1380, many buildings as well the earthed walls of China were constructed. The entire city was in fact enlarged in by the end of sixteenth century. After the foundation of People's Republic in China, the moats got filled in fully. The southern as well as northern gates got pulled down. Similar was the effect on the towers too. In the early twenty first century, work started to restore all the towers and also the gates.

Incredible tourist destination

This county successfully balances all the benefits as well as drawbacks of tourism. It is given more importance in the entire province due to its natural beauty. Over five hundred thousand travelers from different parts of the world visit this county in the first 5 months of every year. There is considerable increase in the number of tourists as each year passes by. When a comparison is made to previous year, reports reveal that there is a hike of thirty percent in number of visitors and it has led to increase in revenue by about eighty two percent. This rise in the aspects of tourism has helped in improving the regional economy of the Gui’de County.

National Geo Park in the offing

The fast pace development that occurred in this county has to a small extent affect the environment as well as the regional traditions. But efforts are put forward to sustain all these to hundred percent as the previous state. The government of Gui’de County is working hard in order to enhance the facilities of tourism every day. One great initiative is to build national geo park in this county and introducing a perfect route for boat cruise on the river Yellow. All steps are taken to see if a perfect balance is maintained thereby keeping the River yellow clean always. It is given maximum importance.

Tourism is a way life instead of agricultural activities

The river Yellow runs approximately eighty kilometers through this county and is the cleanest part in the river. For native people, this river offers a living and so they possess a very special relation with the river. The water is sustained clean and it helps in maintaining the regional traditions too. It is seen that almost thirty percent of the native people have turned fully into tourism by giving up the agriculture. Kids are even sent to specific boarding schools while parents are engaged busily in running hotels, restaurants or becoming a tour guide or drivers. This shows that there is easy transportation facilities and accommodation available within the Gui’de County always.

Travel Tips

Taxi and bus services are available to this county regularly. Please note that in case if you wish o be aware of regional culture, you will have to stay with the families residing there. This will help in understanding more on the traditions. Qinghai Lake near to this county is an attractive feature. Book your tickets to Guide County at the earliest! 

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Golmud: an Attractive Tourist Spot

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Golmud is located in the Haixi prefecture level city in the province of Qinghai in China. The entire sub prefecture city has an area of one hundred and twenty four thousand and five hundred square kilometers, out of which seventy two square kilometers comes under urban area. The elevation of this location is about nine thousand two hundred and sixteen feets over the level of sea. As per the reports of year 2000, Golmud has a population of just two hundred thousand only with a population density of 1.6 per square kilometers. The urban population is just one hundred and thirty thousand with density of one thousand eight hundred per square kilometers.

It is Golmud or Geermu or Ge’ermu

The name of Golmud is also transliterated as Geermu or Ge’ermu. It borders Xinjiang in the north western side. To it south western side, the Tibet autonomous region is located. Golmud is administered by the Tibetan and Haixi Mongol Autonomous prefecture. It is recognized as second biggest city in entire province of Qinghai. It is also the third biggest in Tibetan plateau after Lhasa as well as Xining. At present, population of this area is just two hundred and five thousand seven hundred. The city’s name is in fact derived from the Mongolian. The meaning of this name is rivers in regional western Mongolian language.

A reason for industrialization

Golmud is an attractive spot which is situated in central south portion of Qaidam basin. Near to this city, over twenty salt lakes are there in different sizes. The big portion of the Golmud city in fact forms exclave that is separated by the western paddle of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous prefecture from remaining part of the county. Administratively, this exclave will form the Tanggula Town. The Golmud Town has a population with nearly ninety percent of Han Chinese people, who counts to one hundred and thirty thousand. Because of the location, this city abounds with many natural resources from the salt lakes nearby. The industries that involve the salt lake chemicals are being sprung up now. There is Qarham Salt Lake in the north eastern side of the city that boast an area of nearly five thousand and eight hundred square kilometres, making it the largest inland salt lake across the globe.

Rich minerals

The resources of Qarham Salt Lake are approximated to be more than fifteen trillion Yuan. This lake is the biggest base of production for magnesium, salt and potassium in land of China. It also has reserves of natural gas of one trillion cubic meters and more than fifty different mineral varieties like copper, lead, gold, precious stones, jade, zinc and more. The other significant industries are oil refineries, gas fields, petrochemicals, and more.

Travel Tips

The Golmud city is situated along Qinghai Tibet railway itself, which is a railroad beginning from Xining to Lhasa. The area Golmud Lhasa covers a length of more than one thousand one hundred kilometers. It is awesome to travel from Golmud city to Lhasa. The appropriate time to visit this place is month of July to month of September. Bus and taxi services are regularly available from any part of Qinghai to reach Golmud. 

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Delingha or Delhi and Baigong Pipes

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Delingha or Delhi is located in Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, in Qinghai Province of People's Republic of China. This is an ardent industrial city with modern outlook and features situated 200 kilometers southeast of the Da Qaidam Administrative Region. This prefecture is created in 1988 with 7 townships with a total of 27,700 square kilometers.

Strategically important place

Delingha is a strategically important place for China as China has their nuclear and missile testing sites here and foreigners do have to face strict restrictions.  In fact this is an off limit location for foreigners. It has been reported based on the evidences collected through commercial satellites that about 60 medium range nuclear ballistic missiles are deployed near Delingha. The place has long been rumored about the heavy nuclear missiles and research activities which are prompt to believe the reason for why foreigners are not allowed to visit these areas.

Good rail net work system is available to Delingha from various parts of Chinese cities. Some of the important cities from where you can board train trip to Delingha are Xining, Lanzhou, Geemu, Lhasa, Chongging and Chengdu. That shortest distance is from Geemu which is only 309 kilometer far from Delingha and the longest station is Chongging which is 2,203 kilometers away from Delingha. 


Since this is high altitude location, the climate will be moderate during May to September. From October to April, mostly the temperature will fall below to minus degree hence it would be better to plan your trip between October to April.

Tourists are advised to carry cold protective gears and warm sleeping bags to meet climate challenges.  Further, it is highly advised to carry warm cold resistant shoes with rubber soles for easy grip when you do trekking. 

Delingha is a lonely town in the middle of a desert. When you travel between Wulan and Delingha, which is 120 kilometer stretch, there is nothing much you can see except the plain desert. After Delingha the next major city is Dunhuang which is 465 kilometers far away.  People are extremely friendly and no wonder if they invite you to join with them for food.   The town is very much clean indeed.

Baigong Pipes:

There are lot of mysterious rumors could be heard about the Baigong Pipes.  Some even suggests the pipes are the relics left by some aliens. Lot of research has been carried out find out the chemical composition of the pipes.  Some of the elements are still missing to find out is another reason to add up the mysteries.  These pipes or pipes like features are found on and near Mount Baigong, which 40 kilometer southwest of Delingha.

Tourism attraction:

The following are  some of the important tourist locations Delingha; Baishu Mountain, Gahai Lake, Baigong Mountain, Hongjun Valley, Hanhaibailin Cypress Forest Park, Talian Lake, Hala Lake, Delingha Shang Ye Bu Xing Jie, HaiZi ShiGe ChenLieGuan and DelingHaShi BuXingjine.


There is a good airport at Delingha which is easing up the transportation facilities for tourist wish to take up air routes. The Rail net work of Qinghai-Tibet is a new addition to Chinese Rail Net work system, which can be said as the only high altitude rail net work in the world.  Also the new green road net work across the whole territory, make transport and commutation which easier than earlier days.

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Chaka Salt Lake – Reflective Surfaces

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Chaka Salt Lake is also known by the name Chaka Yanhu. They were initially a portion of the ocean during the primordial times. These lakes were in fact formed when a very intense activity of crust occurred resulting in creation of biggest plateau across the globe which is Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The primordial soup had recedes its waters into Pacific as well as Indian Oceans nearby. The depressions within this plateau became big typical salt lake that retained lot of water. This led to formation of well known lakes in the entire region. These lakes are in fact made of more than 30 big as well as small lakes. The biggest one among these lakes is Chaerhan Salt Lake. The surface area of this popular lake comes to approximately one hundred and five square kilometers.

This lake isn’t much far from the lake Qinghai. It is situated close to the Chaka Town in Wulan County of Qinghai which is in eastern side of Caidamu Basin. The breadth of lake is nearly 9.2 kilometers. Its length is fifteen kilometers.

Reflective surfaces

The main highlight of Chaka Salt Lake is that they possess reflective surfaces which have the ability to mirror the moving clouds, tents of nomads, the mountains at distance, and herds seen near the region. The distinctive feature of this area is its salty smell which can easily be perceived from all spots close to lake. For this reason, it is being described as the salt world. The people living here make living by riding tourists on freight train and by dredging salt. In case of travelers interested in hiking, it is best to have a walk along salt bridge which crosses lakes of sixty kilometers. It will definitely offer an interesting experience. Beside the chief lake, one can even observe salt house. Lake can be considered as side trap in case of people who have a hiking experience or camping experience here as the sights near lake aren’t much spectacular. But still it retains a special beauty.
The scenery of this lake is very beautiful. Therefore, it is awarded as very significant scenic spot in early eighties by People's Government in Qinghai. It is well known for production of Qinghai salt and its unique landscapes. Millions of visitors from different parts of the world come here every year.

Travel Tips

In order to get here, one can have a tour arranged initially itself. The lakes are at three hundred and ten kilometers from Xining located in south western part of Lake Qinghai as well as Heimahe Tibetan Village. From both these locations, you can get tours arranges through different travel service operators. It will cost nearly six hundred RMB. One can also get a bus at long-distance bus station of Xining which moves to lakes. From Heimahe, one can get a ride to lake side. It is a journey of about one hundred and fifty kilometers only. You may choose bus or hired car. Hurry up to book your tickets to China! 

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