Shenzhen to Hong Kong by coach by train

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Shenzhen is a city with long coast line, and Hong Kong island and Kowloon Peninsula are lyjing in the arm of Shenzhen Bay and Dapeng Bay.  You can go to Hong Kong by train, coach or ferry conveniently from Shenzhen.

Map of Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Luohu Check Point

Shenzhen railway station is located next to Luohu Check Point, and MTR Lo Wu Station is the terminal of East Rail.  Every day, people take 1 hour train from Guangzhou to Luohu, cross the historical bridge on Shenzhen River, take 1 hour train ride from Lo Wu MTR station to Hong Kong.

Open hours of Luo Hu Check Point: 6:30am~12:00pm

Luohu check point is also connected with Shenzhen Metro Line 1 (Luobao Line), you can easily go to every corner of Shenzhen from here.

Futian Check Point 

Futian Check Point on Shenzhen side is connected to the terminal of Shenzhen Metro Line 4 (Longhua Line), and Shenzhen North Station can be reached by Longhua Line, you can take the newest bullet train to every major city in China.

On Hong Kong side, Lak Ma Chau is another terminal station of East Rail MTR, you can go to all places of Hong Kong from here.

Lak Ma Chau to Yueng Long: Bus No. 75 @

Shenzhen Metro Map

Huanggang Check Point 

Huanggang Check Point is open for 24 hours.  You can not cross the border by foot, it is open only for coach.  Shuttle buses are coming from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other parts of Guangzhou province every minute, and you can also take buses from downtown Hong Kong, or Hong Kong International Airport.

Coach from Hong Kong airport to Shenzhen

Service Provider Destination Boarding
China Travel Tours Transportation Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhuhai, Zhaoqing, Guangxi (Nanning), etc. Coach
Terminal 2
Terminal 2
Eternal East Cross-Border Coach Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Meizhou, etc. Coach
Terminal 2
Terminal 2
Go Go Bus Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Yangjiang, Yunfu, Chaoyang, etc. Coach
Terminal 2
Terminal 2
Sinoway (HK-China) Express Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing, Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Meizhou, Heyuan, Guangxi (Guilin), Fujiang (Xiamen, Quanzhou, Sanming), etc. Coach
Terminal 2
Terminal 2

Tours pickup from hotel in Hong Kong 

Every morning, our Hong Kong One Day Tour pickups from a hotel list in Hong Kong Island, and hotels in Kowloon. 

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Tips for Touring Hong Kong Disneyland with Kids

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Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the most magical places to visit with the kids. The enchanting world of make believe theme park is simply one of the best theme parks that caters to adults and children. Before you set out for your magical family tour to Hong Kong Disneyland here is a few tips and things you need to know beforehand to make your trip to Hong Kong smooth running.

Hong Kong Weather in the Summer

Hong Kong has a subtropical monsoon climate for the majority of the year. The temperature can reach an average scorching 31 degrees but with high humidity and no breeze staying outdoors for long periods of time is survivable but weather is hot! Summer time in Hong Kong means there is also frequent typhoons which is always a spoiler for any vacation. If you so happen to be unlucky and come across the typhoon season the theme park opening hours may be delayed depending on the weather warning. If you plan on visiting during the summer suitable sunscreen for the kids is essential also an umbrella to shade yourself is also handy which can be used to shield the sun or the rain.

Queues for Rides at Hong Kong Disneyland 

The queues for popular rides at the theme park can see you wait about 45 minutes for the rides. There are FASTPASS for some rides which means you can take a ticket and it will tell you at what time you should return for the ride. If you want to cut queues the best way is to hire Disneyland Tour Services. The Disneyland Spectacular Tour lasts for 3 hours, during your tour you will have priority for seats and shows and direct entrance and access to attractions. The cost of the Disneyland Spectacular Tour is HK$4,688 (up to 6 guests), if you extend the tour the costs are HK $1,300 per hour.

Facilities for Guests with Young Children

For guests travelling with young infants there is a Baby Care Center available. The center has changing tables, nursing rooms and feeding areas. There are also nappies, wipes, baby food formulas and over the counter medication available for purchase. If you require a stroller there are stroller rental services on Main Street USA which costs HK$100 for the day. A refundable $100 deposit is required and you must return your hired stroller at the end of the day to redeem the deposit.

Hong Kong Disneyland Fireworks at Nights  

The fireworks at night are one of the most anticipated events before the park closes each night. However, the park is very crowded at night so it’s best to find a good spot to get a great view prior to the fireworks starting if not the kids will not be able to see with the crowds across the whole theme park. Also best to keep and eye on the children as with the large crowds it is easy for the kids to wander off and get lost. 

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Hong Kong Dim Sum

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Hong Kong Dim Sum is an essential part of Hong Kong’s culture and is one of the most enjoyed leisure pastimes of local Hong Kong people. There are over 150 varieties of Dim Sums available from pastries, dumplings, buns, noodles, congee and much more. All the delicious items served are miniature in size and come in the traditional steam bamboo containers. Whilst tucking into the delicious little treats you can also enjoy a cup of Chinese Tea which will cleanse your pallet so you can try more Dim Sums. If you’re in Hong Kong the Dim Sum experience is a must try! If you're not so keen on tackling the restaurants alone, why not book a gourmet tour which will organize everything for you! 

With a large menu selection to choose from figuring what to offer can get your chopsticks in a twist. The most sought after delicacies are the Barbeque Pork Buns (Char Siu Bau), Prawn Dumplings (Har Gau) and Pork Dumplings (Siu Mai). These are just a few of the delicious little snacks on offer so if you’re already tempted you can venture into the busy Dim Sum restaurants and try out some of the most unforgettable dishes and immerse yourself in the environment like the locals. 

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China Wedding Dress Market in Suzhou

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Suzhou has now become one the most popular place for brides who are wedding dress shopping as the Wedding Dress Market is located near Tiger Hill. There are thousands of wedding dress shops that offer all sorts of designs from readymade to tailor-made! For brides that have an inner bridezilla that needs to be tamed due to the stress of wedding dress shopping, Suzhou awaits your visit! 


Bargaining for your Dream Dress

Searching for the right dress is like finding Mr. Right for many brides. The Suzhou Wedding Dress Market has a wide collection of wedding dresses to fit any budget! Amongst all the glitzy gowns, taffeta, chiffon and silk is the perfect gown waiting for the right bride. Dress prices can start as low as 200RMB or a VIP price of over 2,000RMB! For many folks who have visited China, bargaining before purchasing is essential. Never settle for the first price given is the key tip here! 

Travelling to Suzhou 

If you have plans for travelling to Suzhou by plane you will have to take a flight to Shanghai either to Hongqiao Airport or Pudong Airport. Suzhou does not have an airport therefore upon arrival in Shanghai you will have to take a train to Suzhou.

You can catch a train to Suzhou at Shanghai Station where train tickets to Suzhou can be purchased. You can purchase at the ticket booths or the automated kiosks, especially for the high-speed trains. There is no need to worry about tickets being sold out, there are several  trains to Suzhou daily. The train trip from Shanghai to Suzhou takes approximately under an hour.

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Shanghai City Tour – Chinese Hand Printed Blue Nankeen Gallery

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If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your day during a Shanghai City Tour, you should take a trip to Shanghai’s Changle Road. Tucked away at the end of the street is an exhibition hall of Chinese Hand Printed Blue Nankeen. At the exhibition hall you can learn of the traditional craftsmanship behind the hand printed cloth making trade and the history behind the production of the cloth. Follow the blue signs until you reach the entrance of the gallery.

Blue nankeen is also known as calico cotton which is a heavy cotton material that uses paper stencil patterns, wax or rice starch to stencil out the patterns. After the patterns have been completed they are put into a natural indigo dye, the stencils are then removed leaving the cloth with its intricate white patterns against the indigo background. Should you visit on a sunny day you can see the cloth lined out on the washing lines which creates a pleasant sea of blue 

There is a range of souvenirs available for purchase that are made of different patterned blue nankeen cloths. Material can also be bought and are sold by the meter, there are also garments on sale which are all handmade. The items are great for those wanting to purchase something unique to take home as a momentum or as gifts for family and friends.

Opening Hours: 9:00AM-5:00PM

Address: No. 24, Lane 637, Changle Rd, Xuhui District, Shanghai 

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Ferry tour to Tung Ping Chau, Hong Kong

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In our 3 days tour in Hong Kong, we visited an island of Tung Ping Chau last Sunday. This island has No. 1 rock formation in Hong Kong, and it is listed in National Global Geopark of China.

Tung Ping Chau

Tung Ping Chau is the easternmost outlying island of Hong Kong. The island is isolated from central Hong Kong, it can be only reached by ferry boat, and ferry is only available on Saturday and Sunday.

Overlapping shales and the finer-grained mudstone layers have clear lamination and sophisticated structure.  Vivid color of shale looks like a huge book.

The cliff on the right was once a part of the Tung Ping Chau island.

Tung Ping Chau has the best snorkeling area in Hong Kong. 13-years old Bruno had a good time here.

How to go to Tung Ping Chau

We took MTR to University station, walk 15 minute from exit B, follow the biking trail to seashore, arrived at Ma Liu Shui Ferry Pier. The ferry leaves at 09:00 am, tickets are sold from 08:30 am. You'd better be there before 08:30 am. We saw people keeping on coming until 9 am! And there was only one ferry on that Sunday.  Many people had to giveup this trip to Tung Ping Chau eventually.

Two ways tickets are required to be bought, HKD90 for round trips. The ferry leaves Tung Ping Chau at 17:00 pm.  If you miss this it, you have to wait 6 more days!

Definetely we will come back to Tung Ping Chau for a deep sea diving next time.

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Journey to the West: Silk Road Tour

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“Journey to the West” is one of the most famous classic pieces of literature in China. Written by Wu Cheng’en in the Ming Dynasty, the storyline is about a holy Buddhist monk who travels to India to collect the Mahayana Buddhist scriptures along with his three disciples the Monkey King, pig and a friar. During their adventurous journey they encounter many demons and fears which they conquer to continue their journey. The story is set in the Tang Dynasty and the route which the monk and his disciples took to India included travelling along the Silk Road.

The Silk Road stretches from Xian, Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Xining and Urumqi. Though the monk and his disciples planned to travel to India during their journey they passed many of the tourist attractions that are still part of today’s Silk Road tours. These places include Xian, Dunhuang, Hami, Kashgar and many other locations. You can now trace the footsteps of the monk and his trusty disciples with a modern tour of the Silk Road.

The Silk Road has been in existence since the Han Dynasty but it was in the Tang Dynasty that the Silk Road flourished. Today, the Silk Road is one of the best tour routes to explore taking you to the historical wonders, golden deserts, ancient ruins and intricate architectures of temples. You can also see the beauty of nature and enjoy the change in culture throughout the journey.

Although “Journey to the West” emphasizes the morals of Buddhism, during most Silk Road Tours you will find that Islam is prevalent in many of the locations in particularly in Xinjiang and Xian. Other regions such as Dunhuang are known for its presence of Buddhist culture especially the Mogao Grottoes otherwise known as “Caves of a Thousand Buddha”.  

As for natural scenery deserts and singing sand dunes are part of the tour with Taklimakan Desert and Mingsha Desert being on the top of the list. Other sites which are also worth noting are Flaming Mountain in Turpan which is well-known for its fire like glow and there is even a monument that commemorates the Buddhist Monk and his disciples.  

You too can take a journey to the west with the Silk Road being the main route. With a range of train tours and discovery tours which can trace the steps of the legendary Buddhist monk and his mischievous disciples! 

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Pig's Inn in Xiding Village

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We went to Xidi village in a raining night, and our destiantion is Pig's Inn, it was well known on many blog articles of Huangshan and Xidi.  Though our GPS showed we were 2 blocks away only, our big coach could not enter into the narraw street.  A local people pointed out another direction in his Huizhou dialet, and we passed one and one crossroad, eventually we were here.

Pig's Inn in Xiding Village

The house is located in a hidden street of Xidi village, away from those must-go attractions.  In fact it was a traditional civilian house with a large enclosed yard with a garden, pigsty, chicken coop, kitchen, and outhouse.  After renovation by two poets from Shanghai, it was coverted into a hostel.  The 1st-floor lobby bar was located in the original pigsty area, that was why this place was known as Pig's Inn.

Xidi village was built between the 18th and 19th centuries, about 600 traditional Huizhou style houses, a main street which runs in an east-west direction, two parallel streets, and many narrow alleyways form the layout of this village.

Some of the houses were used as oil crushing workshop, which was popular in a traditional village of Huangshan.

A straw hat capped table lamp and other farm-style decoration

A guitar was played with melodic flair in Pig's bar

Our first night in Huangshan was in a sweet queen sized bed room.

Photo source: Pig's Inn Photo and  Raining night in Huizhou

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Hakka Tulou Extension tour in Xiamen

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We embarked Libra cruise from Xiamen and spent a magical weekend departing last Friday for a 3-day/2-night cruise to Penghu, known for her famous blue skies and pristine white beaches.


Shili Beach is the best beach on the main island of Penghu. It is more than a kilometer long. The beach here is made up of fine grains of coral and seashell.

beach of Penghu


ZengCuoAn Beach in Xiamen

This water front plank is 6km long, goes from Hulishan Fort, Pearl Bay Garden, Calligraphy Square, ZengCuoAn Beach, Musician Square, Baishi Fort relics, Sun Bay Beach, Huangcuo Rock Beach.

This waterfront plank is divided into two parts.  The waterfront bridge is built on shoreline cliffs, and the trail is built on beach.

beach in Xiamen


Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster

We take a Xiamen and Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster 3 days tour, picked up by a local tour guide from Xiamen Internation Passenger's Cruise Terminal.

Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster

Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster consists of a square earth building at the center of a quincunx, surrounded by four round earth buildings

The five earth buildings are:

1.  The square earth building named Buyun building(Reaching the Cloud building) at the center of the quincunx. It was the first earth building at this site, built in 1796. It is three storeys high, each storey has 26 rooms, four sets of stairs, and a circular corridor in front of the rooms. The Buyun building was burnt down by bandits in 1936, and rebuilt in 1953 according to the original shape.

2. The Hechang building, a three-storey-high round earth building,
3.  Zhenchang building, three storeys, round shape, 26 rooms per storey, built in 1930
4.  Ruiyun building, built in 1936, three storeys, 26 rooms per floor.
5.  The oval shape Wenchang building of 1966, three storeys, 32 rooms per floor.

This is the first time I visit this area of China.  In fact we enjoy a leisure holiday on the beach island of Penghu which is a part of Taiwan, and coast city of Xiamen, which is a symbol of fast processing modern communist China, and a traditional village of Tianluokeng, only 3 hours away from Xiamen.  You will like more of our Xiamen tour programs and Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster is must go trip.

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Pink Dolphin Tour in Hong Kong

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In our 3 days stay in Hong Kong, we go to a Pink Dolphin Tour.

pink dolphin near Lantan Island

Pink Dolphin in Hong Kong

These unique pink dolphins live in a small area near the north and southeast of Lantau Island and around the smaller Peng Chau Island.

They are called Chinese white dolphin, a variety of Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin.  The pink colour originates not from a pigment, but from blood vessels which are overdeveloped for thermoregulation.  At birth, the dolphins are black. They change to grey, then pinkish with spots when young.  Adults are white.

How to go there

Take MTR from Central Station to Tung Chung staion. 
From MTR Tung Chung Station Exit B, you will find the Tung Chung Bus Station.
Take New Lantao Bus Route 11 to Tai O.

In Tai O, local people offer a boat ride of Pink Dolphin Tours. The boat tour takes you through the fishing village and out to the China Sea. No tour can guarantee that you will see the dolphins, the best time is June, July and August. You might see dolphins, jimping out of the water.

Tai O Boat Excursion Operating Hours: 10am – 5:30pm, each boat journey is approx 20 minutes.

Tai O village

Tai O village

Tai O village is a unique memory of life in an old fishing village. Stilt houses along the waterways are home to fisherfolk families and boats are the main form of transport. Salted fish and shrimp paste are some of the renowned local specialties.

Tai O Heritage Hotel

Tai O Heritage Hotel

After the Pink Dolphin Cruise, walk around the Tai O Village, and you will find choices of different foodstands along the narrow street. Follow the road sign and go as ocean-front as you can get, you will see a beautiful pier and a colonial style buiding hidden on hill. Dating from 1902, this building was formerly the Tai O police station and one of the earliest police stations built in the New Territories.

This is the first time I have a tour like this. It is not really an ordinary Hong Kong tour, We are very happy for having a chance to explore a traditional village life in Hong Kong.  Well, children are so excited when they see dolphins!

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Lhasa to Nyingchi

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Today we are on the way to Nyingchi, at an average altitude of 3000 meters above sea level, with stunning view of Yarlung Tsangpo River Valley.

Yarlung Tsangpo River originates at Angsi Glacier in western Tibet.  It later forms the South Tibet Valley and Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon before passing through the state of Arunachal Pradesh, India.   It is known as Brahmaputra River in India.

Read more articles of this tibet tour experience here.

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Hong Kong Disneyland's Frozen Package for summer holiday

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Hong Kong Disneyland's Frozen Package comes out in summer time. It is inclusive of 2-Day Park Tickets (two adults plus one child), a “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique” Castle Package to transform your child into a Disney Princess, and 1 night at a Frozen themed room at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel!

Hong Kong Disneyland is always a fabulous destination for many Asian families. Andy, Kitty (our little princess) and I had a great time there. For Kitty, Disneyland is her most favorite. She prepared a list for Disney Magic Day.

- Cinderella Carousel
- Dumbo the Flying Elephant
- Sleeping Beauty Castle
- Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars
- Jungle River Cruise
- Raft to Tazan's Tree House
- More...

Our typical 3 days Hong Kong Tour was like this:

Day 1 Arrival in Hong Kong, free time at Tsim Sha Tsui to spend the night.
Day 2 Hong Kong Disneyland Magice Day
Day 3 City tour and shopping experience in these places:
In CENTRAL : IFC One and Two Mall
In CAUSEWAY BAY : Time Square, Paterson Street
In TSIM SHA TSUI : Harbour City

One day ticket to Disneyland costs HK$499 for an adult and HK$355 for each child aged from three to 11. We bought a two-day-pass @ HKD680 for adult, and HKD480 for child.

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Leisure weekend in Guilin

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The ticket for the newest bullet train from Guangzhou to Guilin is difficult to book.  We plan to reserve train tickets to Guilin two month ago.  At 1pm everyday, all tickets to Guilin will be released 60 days prior.  For instance, today is June 24, you can buy tickets for August 22.   We set up our alarm clock to book train tickets right in time, eventually we have our tickets leaving from Guangzhou at 18:00, arrives at Guilin at 20:31.  Perfect timing to escape the concret jungle of Guangzhou on Friday!

We are quite surprised to find out all train tickets to Guilin have been sold out 60 days prior, in 20 minutes!

Cormorant Fishing

We were picked up by a 7-seat coach from Guilin North Railway Station, and our deriver Mr. Ke Song was a nice person.  Then we went to stay overnight in a small village at the bank of Li River. At night, we went to see cormorant fishing. Those well-trained cormorants dive into the water to hunt for fish after receiving orders from fisherman.

li river at night

Sunrise on Li River

The sunrise photo on Li River was the main reason we came for this holiday.
At 5am, we followed our driver Mr. Ke Song to climb up a hill, the raod is wet after rain, and I wanted to go back to my warm bed.  But Ke kept on telling me the view of the summit will be awesome after rain.   Yes, I knew all was worth after I saw this brilliant sunrise.

li river

Longsheng rice terraces

Our last day was spent on the rice terraces in Longsheng, an area 100km north of Guilin.  3 hours on the road.   We stayed overnight in a village named as Tiantou, the rooms were OK.  June was the right time of watering the rice paddies, and people can be seen working with their buffloes in the rice terraces.

 longsheng rice terraces

Our driver

Our tours in Guilin are not designed to the clock.  In fact we do not know what is next day's program until checking with local weather forecast by our driver Mr. Ke!  Yes we all knew that we were so lucky enough to have good weather in these 3 days.  And I highly recommend Mr. Ke to you.  He is an experienced driver who takes people to Yangshuo, Longsheng, Guilin, and remote villages in Guizhou.  He knows every path, photo point, where to rest.  He told us that he was used to be a chef in a local restaurant, and he sometimes prepare foods for his guests when they travel on road.  Yes, I find coffee maker on his coach.

He showed us some beautiful photos he took by his cell phone.

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