China's Miniture Europe - Badaguan

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The Badaguan scenic area is located between Tai Ping and Hui Quan Cape. Walking through Badaguan you can enjoy the floral surroundings with coastal flora and fauna, along with many varieties of trees such as peaches, crab-apples, pine trees and ginkgoes. This scenic area was once a place where people from more than twenty countries, such as Germany, the United States of America, Russia, Britain, France, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Switzerland and many more. All buildings were constructed in each of their unique national styles. 

Badaguan was built in 1931 and covers an area of 67 acres. The name “Badaguan” refers to eight roads named after eight famous passes in China. Those roads, Shaoguan Road, Jiayuguan Road, Hanguguan Road, Zhengyangguan Road, Linhuaiguan Road, Niwuguan Road, Zijinguan Road and Juyongguan Road, crisscross to form a large scenic part of the city. 

Its crisscrossing roads are perfect for an afternoon stroll, and while you are there be sure to explore the many different-looking villas that are located throughout Badaguan. The villas, the quiet streets filled with greenery, not to mention the fact that its right next to the No.1, 2, 3 beaches all make Badaguan a place well worth visiting when in Qingdao 

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Second in The World: 45 UNESCO World Heritage Sights of China

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The internationally recognized UNESCO Heritage sights are a prestigious status offered by the UNESCO committee. China has a history spanning over 2,000 years and is home to some of the most unbelievable landmarks in the world. China is currently in second place with 45 UNESCO Heritage Sights just four behind Italy who have 49. With so many wonderful sites enlisted and approved by UNESCO, China is truly a destination that will not have you disappointed. 

UNESCO’s heritage sights are divided into four categories: Cultural Heritage, Natural Heritage, Culture & Natural Heritage and Heritage Landscapes. Of all four categories China has certified sights for all categories which emphasize the rich history and heritage of the country. has an extensive product portfolio that covers numerous UNESCO heritage sights. 

As the cultural and political center for Chinese culture, Beijing is one of the most fascinating places to tour and is home to several heritage sights such as Forbidden City, Great Wall, Zhoukoudian, Temple of Heaven and many more. Beijing is definitely the place to visit for an historical adventure with its national treasures and its ancient artifacts. Choosing whether to tour Beijing via private tours, group tours or city tours, have a variety of packages for you to choose from. 

China is also home to some of the most breathtaking natural sights that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. For wonderful scenic tours Jiuzhaigou Valley and Huanglong Scenic Area are the best places to visit for amazing travertine formations, crystal clear water and the magical five colored pools. For adventure seekers and those who love hiking visiting Sanqing National Park and Tianshan are ideal, with its beautiful scenic treks and challenging hikes. 

Experience the Heritage Landscapes that exhibit some of ancient China architectural styles and artistry. The Suzhou Classical Gardens truly show the essence of traditional Chinese gardens through the different dynasties. The complexity of the garden design and layout will have you captivated. Apart from the Classical Gardens other Heritage landscapes include the Lushan National Park and Mount Wutai both of which are famous for their Taoist and Buddhist temples and history. 

With so many interesting sights and destinations to choose from for an absolute heritage tour have some of the best packages and tours on offer that will whisk you away to these enchanting sights and provide an unforgettable experience that you will not find anywhere else!

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Guiyang’s Red Maple Lake

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Guiyang’s Red Maple Lake

Guiyang’s famous Red Maple Lake is located in Qingzhen City situated west of Guiyang and is a national 4 A’s scenic area and a national historic zone. The lake covers an area of 57.2 square kilometers and is the largest man-made lake in Guizhou. The most eye catching scenery of the Red Maple Lake is the magnificent views of the karst forms and the mountainous scenery. The national scenic area is divided into four different sections: North Lake, Rear Lake, South Lake and Mid Lake.

The four different sections of the Red Maple Lake are known as the “Four Wonders”. The North Lake section consists of islands with different themes such as Bird Island, Snake Island and Tortoise Island. Rear Lake has its picturesque bay and wonderful countryside views. The famous caves in the South Lake are General’s Cave and Fishing Cave. The amazing hill sceneries are situated in Mid Lake. With the change in seasons the lake’s scenery and sights all display its change in charm throughout the year.

The surrounding areas of the lake are inhabited by the Miao, Buyei, Yi and other ethnic minorities. Therefore when visiting the lake you can also immerse yourself in the different ethnic minority culture such as lifestyle and customs can all be experienced in the different minority areas. The area contains interesting examples of village architecture, including a Miao traditional house, a Bouyei flagstone house and a Dong drum tower which has a roofed bridge.

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Kashgar Ancient City

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Near the famous Id Kah Mosque, there is the Kashgar old city, which has as long as 2000 years's history. It is the ancient Shule described by Zhang Qian (an imperial envoy to the world outside of China in the 2nd century BCE, during the time of the Han Dynasty), and represents the ancient Kashgar. Kashgar old city had been the location for ancient Shule’s palace. In tenth century AD, Karahan Kingdom built palace here.

Kashgar Old City covers an area of about two square kilometers, more than 20 streets, over two thousand households, and ten thousand population. All are Uighur residents. It is currently the only labyrinth city block well preserved in Islamic culture features.

The houses in the old city are almost rammed with yellow mud, which are cool in summer and warm in winter. These buildings have a typical Islamic style, especially the ones such as some buildings distinctive with ethnic handicrafts, ancient houses and mosque building, as well as the unique buildings which cannot be seen in other places.

In order to develop tourism, the local government has developed a number of tourist visiting households, where visitors can witness the traditional and authentic Uighur resident family life, as well as enjoy the hand embroidery, cross stitch, flower hat making, handmade musical instruments and other ethnic handicrafts, also enjoy the national diet and snacks such as the pilaf, mutton, Roast Lamb, thin-skinned dumplings, noodles, etc.

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Peony, The Flower of Happiness and Wealth in China

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Peony, also known as Paeonia or paeony, is a genus of flowering plants, the only genus in the family Paeoniaceae. They are native to Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America. Peony mainly come in 9 colors: red, pink, purple, blue, yellow, white, and green, etc. In China, Peony is a famous traditional flower, and is considered to be the national flower. There are a number of Chinese poems, prose and stories about the peony. The famous Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi wrote "the whole city is crazy during the twenty days when the peony bloom and fade.” There are more than 500 kinds of peonies. They all have a beautiful name, such as "Yao Huang", "Purple of the Wei Dynasty" etc. The stories behind these names are also very interesting.

With as long as 1,500 years of history, Luoyang peony is the most famous and has been planted from the Sui Dynasty and became popular from Tang Dynasty. The Luoyang Peony even enjoys the honor of "King of the Flower Kingdom" and "Luoyang Peony Ranking the First under Heaven".

In Luoyang, peony is the city flower and a symbol of Luoyang. Every year, there is an annual peony fair festival from April 15th to 25th. During the festival, people from all over the world meet in Luoyang to see the Peonies, whenever the city livens up with a spectacle of seas of flowers and tides of people.

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Qingming River Park in Henan Kaifeng

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Located in Kaifeng of Henan Province, QingmingRiver Park is one of the most successful theme parks in China that makes history come to life, as well as one of the Chinese National Treasures. The famous painting Picture of Qingming River Park is the masterpiece of Zhang Zeduan, who was a very famous artist from the North Song Dynasty. Along the River during the Qingming Festival is a panoramic painting. It captures the daily life of people and the landscape of the capital, Bianjing (today's Kaifeng), from the Song period.

Qingming River Park

The staffs in the park are all dressed in traditional Han clothing and there are many kinds of houses and pavilions featured Song Dynasty architectures. There is the actual performance of Song Dynasty-Dongjing Menghua every night, amazing.

The main buildings of Qingming River Park include Rainbow Bridge, stores of Song Dynasty, river way, docks and pawnshops.There are lots of interesting things to do in Qingming River Park.

a polo match which is considered as ancient Chinese football

the man act as ancient official who can tell you good or bad from your weight

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Jimei, the Pear of Xiamen

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Xiamen is a beautiful place, and Gulangyu and Jimei are two pearls of this beautiful seaside city.

Gulangyu Island, however, become more and more crowed with visitors from everywhere, because it is a hot tourist destination in China, especial for the people who seeks for a romantic and bourgeoisie feeling.

Jimei is a good place to visit in Xiamen, where fulfill with beautiful scenery and historic atmosphere. Speaking of Jimei, we must mention Chen Jiageng (Tan Kah Kee), whose life was closely linked with Xiamen and Jimei. Chen Jiageng was a leader of overseas Chinese, actively supporting Sun Yat-sen’s revolution, supporting the Chinese Communist Party and the new Chinese revolution and construction. And the Tan Kah Kee Memorial Museum in Jimei was built to commemorate him.

There is also beautiful seaside scenery, Kah Kee Memorial Museum Park, as well as the Jimei University in Jimei. Enjoy some beautiful pictures. 

Jimei seaside scenery

Jimei Middle School

Jimei University

Jimei University

Kah Kee Park

Kah Kee Park

Tan Kah Kee

Tan Kah Kee Memorial Museum

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Xinjiang Lavender Essence

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The Princess Lavender Museum located in Xinjiang is a national AAA sight and is the only Lavender themed park in Xinjiang.The park covers a total area of 220 acres of land, the park consists of Lavender production, Lavender museum and Lavender park. Yili is one of the main three Lavender producers in the world following Provence in France and Furano in Japan. Yili remains the only place in China that has Lavender. Many visitors to The Princess Lavender Park describe it as an absolute natural experience. The park is made of different sights an areas such as: Lavender Distillation, Lavender Cultural Square, Longgang lying,colorful flower, Herb Lovers, Lavender Cultivation , herb species garden, Windmill, Flying Butterflies, Purple Sky View, Plum Princess to visit Lavender production processing workshop and you can choose the aromatic products of Sweet Lavender Street.

Purple lavender heaven 

Beautiful scenic spot for photography 

Numerous flower species 

Be amazed by the captivating purple fields and the colorful garden filled with different varieties and species of flowers. Tour the entire park for some of the most spectacular views and see the park at its best when in full bloom where you can experience the ultimate Lavender season. Capture the aroma of the scented fields that will have you whisked away to a dreamy scented wonderland. Make the most of your visit to the Lavender garden where you can watch the Lavender being harvest and visit the distilleries to see how to the lavender is processed into its many forms of souvenir such as oils, perfumes and scents. There is even sweet treats like Lavender honey!

Variety of essence oils 

 Lavender moisturizing face masks

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