The Amazing Colors of Daocheng

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In the western of China, a legend has been told that deeply in Qinghai-Tibet plateau has a secret kingdom with many snowy mountains around. There have snowy mountains, glaciers, valleys, forests, meadows, lakes, gold, and the pure air. The name of the kingdom is called Shambhala. In the eyes of the Tibetans, Shambhala kingdom is very beautiful, clear, quiet, harmonious pure land. It is also known as the "Shangri-La". According many scholars research, this legendary place is Daocheng

Daocheng is a pure small country which located on the southeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau of the border of Sichuan Province, China. It is famous for its pure landscape. This country with altitude of 3750 meters .It has several minorities groups such as Qiang, Naxi, and Zang. 

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Blue Moon Valley in Yunnan Province

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The preexistence of Blue Moon Valley is also known as White Water River is located in Yunnan Province. The water appears blue to us on a bright and clear day, and the valley is framed like a crescent shape. The valley is very beautiful and looks like one blue moon at a distance in its setting of being at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain hence the name as Blue Moon Valley. 

The water pool with the mountains around from three sides and water on the rest looks emerald green, contrasting sharply and to each other's advantage with the silk-colored water in the Blue Moon Valley. Blue Moon Valley derives its name from the fact that the mud at the bottom of the lake is white, and the water would change to white color when the rain started. The water of Blue Moon Valley is blocked by the mountains in the process of flowing. Thus it has formed four larger water surface areas, which are dubbed as Yuye Lake, Jingtan Lake, Blue Moon Valley and Tingtao Lake. 

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Kunming Black Dragon Pool

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Located at the foot of Five Old Men Peak of Longquan Mountain in the northern suburbs of Kunming. Today's Black Dragon Pool has been made part of a beautiful park bearing the same name. According to historical records of "The geographical Records" in 《Han Shu》 that was its first academic book, there's used to be Black Water Temple what is now known as Black Dragon Pool Taoist Temple in the northwest of Dian Lake County, Yizhou County. 

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