Leisure weekend in Guilin

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The ticket for the newest bullet train from Guangzhou to Guilin is difficult to book.  We plan to reserve train tickets to Guilin two month ago.  At 1pm everyday, all tickets to Guilin will be released 60 days prior.  For instance, today is June 24, you can buy tickets for August 22.   We set up our alarm clock to book train tickets right in time, eventually we have our tickets leaving from Guangzhou at 18:00, arrives at Guilin at 20:31.  Perfect timing to escape the concret jungle of Guangzhou on Friday!

We are quite surprised to find out all train tickets to Guilin have been sold out 60 days prior, in 20 minutes!

Cormorant Fishing

We were picked up by a 7-seat coach from Guilin North Railway Station, and our deriver Mr. Ke Song was a nice person.  Then we went to stay overnight in a small village at the bank of Li River. At night, we went to see cormorant fishing. Those well-trained cormorants dive into the water to hunt for fish after receiving orders from fisherman.

li river at night

Sunrise on Li River

The sunrise photo on Li River was the main reason we came for this holiday.
At 5am, we followed our driver Mr. Ke Song to climb up a hill, the raod is wet after rain, and I wanted to go back to my warm bed.  But Ke kept on telling me the view of the summit will be awesome after rain.   Yes, I knew all was worth after I saw this brilliant sunrise.

li river

Longsheng rice terraces

Our last day was spent on the rice terraces in Longsheng, an area 100km north of Guilin.  3 hours on the road.   We stayed overnight in a village named as Tiantou, the rooms were OK.  June was the right time of watering the rice paddies, and people can be seen working with their buffloes in the rice terraces.

 longsheng rice terraces

Our driver

Our tours in Guilin are not designed to the clock.  In fact we do not know what is next day's program until checking with local weather forecast by our driver Mr. Ke!  Yes we all knew that we were so lucky enough to have good weather in these 3 days.  And I highly recommend Mr. Ke to you.  He is an experienced driver who takes people to Yangshuo, Longsheng, Guilin, and remote villages in Guizhou.  He knows every path, photo point, where to rest.  He told us that he was used to be a chef in a local restaurant, and he sometimes prepare foods for his guests when they travel on road.  Yes, I find coffee maker on his coach.

He showed us some beautiful photos he took by his cell phone.

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