An Awesome Mountain Qomolangma

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Standing in front of Mount Qomolangma, you may feel extremely sacred.

Everest Base Camp (EBC) is set up for protecting the core area of Mount Everest, Whose height is 5200 meters and 19 kilometers away from the peak of Qomolangma. In the past, car must stop in Rongbuk Monastery, and tourists must ride horses or walk to the EBC. But now, you can enter by car. There are many hotels which set up by Tibetan tent in EBC, even the highest height of post office can serve for the tourists.

To go further from the EBC, you need to take by coaster. Ordinary tourists can only reach at “EBC Altitude Monument”. Only the person who has professional training and climbing permit can go further.

Mount Qomolangma, the meaning in Tibetan is “Goddess”, The height is 8844.43 meters, which is the tallest mountain in the world and a arc mountain chain. Qomolangma is located in the middle part of Himalaya which is in the border of China and Nepal.

The following is the details from Shigatse to EBC via Tingri Country.

There are uplifting views in any place of Tibet.

The sheet of rape among the mountains pleased us. Not only make people feel happy, but also a symbol of energy and vitality.

We saw many streamers. It means that we had arrived at a bealock. Jing fan represents best wishes of people, let’s pray for it.

We saw a sheet of golden rape, and people were pitching tents and cooking. Later, I knew that they were foreign tourists having a vocation here. I really envied their lifestyle.

This is a new road. We listened to music and songs, enjoying this trip.

What’s that? That’s Qomolangma. No word could express my feeling.

When the car arrived close, we saw the word—we had already entered the Mount Qomolangma International natural reverse. I could not believe that I could be so close to Qomolangma.

It’s so pride that I could stand on the Mount Jiacuola. The height is 5248 meters.

There was still a long way, so we needed to speed up. We planed to watch the sunset, but we missed that.

We arrived at Tingri. It’s the must-pass place to EBC. Zhangmu is a good place to visit Qomolangma.

There were many restaurants and hotels here. Many hosts were come from Sichuan, and they worked hard. We had a meal here, the food was delicious and price was reasonable.

I forgot when the asphalt road was missing. In order to protect environment, there is no asphalt road after that, and the scenery is more beautiful.

Do you see the building just likes an arch? Here is the ticket office of Mount Qomolangma nature reserve.

Passing the ticket office, we were really on the way to Qomolangma.

On the sign: “Watch Mount Qomolangma, to make your dream come true”

Seeing the remote snow mountains, we felt comfortable. I didn’t really know which one was Mount Qomolangma.

How wonderful the winding road was! But we felt uncomfortable on the bus.

I felt so close to the sky, even could touch it. And I felt so happy to be surrounded by mountains.

Take a picture of this corner

I saw an interesting road again, it just like the track that firework swept.

Close shot. It’s really like the track that firework swept.

It’s an unforgettable road in my life. It seemed not special, but our car broke down here a whole night. And we also missed the sunrise and sunset of Qomolangma.

It’s a so long time, rare cars passed here.

It was really kind to see this tent and man, they were checking tickets here. It was grateful that when he knew I would like to take photos, he helped us to take the flag.

There was a national flag on the guiderail which was on the opposite side of tent.

Hope the red can bring them lucky.

We may soon arrive at the destination—EBC. We saw the hotel which was built by tent, and some cars. And we all were shocked by the Qomolangma far away.

Plateau has a changeable weather. It needs fortune to have a full view of Qomolangma. It is said that it will be easier to see Qomolangma in the morning because of the thinner fog.

This picture was taken at 11 o’clock. Half an hour later, the top of the Qomolangma disappeared.

This picture was taken at 12 o’clock. 30 minutes passed again. It’s fully covered by fog.

The national flag and the flag of protected area flag were erected on the middle place, waving. The red flag is gorgeous in such a place without colour.

We could not see the remote Qomolangma because it was fully covered by fog.

The hotel we lived was called Himalaya Hotel. You could find everything in it. Instant noodles, mineral water, Cola, or even a drink called Red Bull.

The decoration was Tibetan style. I liked it. When seeing the pile of quilts, I knew the temperature was not high here. Fortunately, it’s warm in the tent. And it offers the hot water.

But the recourses were limited here, please save water.
Pizza, gruel and mustard were our breakfast.

Pizza and gruel were prepared by the host, fresh and delicious. They were the ordinary food. But they were luxury on such an altitude of 5200 meters high.

This is the precious postmark writes “Mount Everest” taken by the highest altitude in the world.
Blue character on the upper left: EBC Special postmark postal service
Red character on the upper right: Memorial Everest postmark by 2008 Olympic torch
Red character on bottom left: the 50th anniversary of conquering Everest postmark
Red character on bottom right: EBC postmark

Have a rest in the tent. In the after noon we went to EBC Altitude Monument by coaster. Looked from the window, the mountains were desolate, lack of vitality.

Even the flowing water made us feel silence. Here was not a mortal world, but belonged to another world.

This area where the environmental car parked was the nearest place that the ordinary visitors could reach to Qomolangma Mountain.

Green tent was the verification and registration of identification
The fog was heavy here. It’s hard for me to have a view of Qomolangma again. What a pity!

Qomolangma Mountain: an altitude of 8844.43 meters.

Although I was not standing on the top of Roof of the World, I was really proud of myself.

It’s a really different feeling of standing on here. This is a Holy Mountain. Every visitor has a dream of coming to Tibet.
After the streamers decoration, the vitality glowed again.

It’s the river when we climbed up the mountain.

Pray for the people far away.

A house built with stone. Many words were carved on the stone.

Step further, the word was in Tibetan. It must be the sentence for praying

See Mani Dui again.

Nearby this desolate river, let wishes flow away.
China Mobile set up a sign here, and available to call here. Below hints: Protect nature!

Just a few yak walks far away.

To my surprise, I saw the sheep here, so exciting.

The photo taken along the river

Say goodbye to EBC, I wish I can come back!

Look back to the winding road. Hope everyone who comes here can cherish the natural treasures.

Reach the cross road again, left or right? I really wish to Zhangmu, but actually we could only be permitted to return back to Tingri.

Do you see the slogan of prompt sign? Let us remind it and take action. The holy Qomolangma needs your protection.

I didn’t expect to see the rainbow on the way.
Two rainbows, due to the weather and light, the outside one is lighter.

The trip of Qomolangma was over, but I would never forget it. More and more tourists go to EBC, we need to notice the problem of environment. There is only one Qomolangma, we need to treasure it.

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