Those Nomadic People

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Nomadism is one of grassland animal husbandry operation mode, and the nomad move from one place to another with the plants. Herders have no fixed residence, living nomadic lives, and the production equipments are also very simple, basically in the backward lives.

In order to capture the most realistic scene of nomadic people, I stayed at a Tibetan family to experience the nomadic life.

Nagqu is the main pastoral areas in Tibet, where herders have no fixed abode due to the traditional nomadic production mode. 

In pastoral areas, the honest herders have never stop scrambling for grassland, sometimes even with force. It is impossible for the local government to deal with it, and even the widely respected Living Buddha has no good solution.

That simple and honest nomadic people

Drive the sheep under the blue sky, singing the pastoral song…

That loyal Nomadic children… 

The sheep at the bank of Yamdrok Lake…

Intended to close shoot the sheep, who knows all of them were scared away …

In this plateau, you feel the shock of being so close to the sky, the earth, and the soul.

Golden sun meadow, reflected on the beautiful rural scenery. 

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Liping Dong village

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Located in Liping County, Guizhou Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Zhaoxing Dong Village is one of the largest Dong villages in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, covering 180,000 square meters, with eight hundred households and four thousand people, known as “the first Liping Dong village”.

Zhaoxing Dong village is surrounded by mountains, with a river running through the whole village, and the Dong people's Diaojiao buildings distribute along the river.

Diaojiao building is usually built with Fir, two to three layers, mostly built on the rivers or slopes. 

The dyeing cloth hanging in front of the building

Drum Tower is a symbol of Dongzhai, generally, there are three or four drum towers in a large stockade, villagers entertain here, warming themselves in winter, and enjoy the cool air in summer. 

This architecture not only draws on the essence of ancient Han Chinese architecture, but also broke the convention of tower. The lower part of the building is a square, eaves shows polygonal. 

Beside the pool is a “beauty hand” for the villagers to have a rest.

In Dong Village, there is river, there is bridge. On the bridge there is promenade to shelter, known as “Wind and Rain Bridge”.

Besides the river, there is clean and beautiful cobblestone path in front of each family.

Simple Dong village

The only street in the village

The operator of “National handicrafts shop” is using a wooden hammer beat the cloth, after that, dyed cloth can be shiny.

The day before we passed by Fulu Miao Village, there happened to be the Double Ninth Festival, and the villagers were celebrating the holiday for the elderly.

The Miao female singers…

We took a photo with the singers…

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The Famous Steep Mountainous Huoshan

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Huoshan is a granite rock hill, formed by the condensation of crustal magma activity, with strange holes and rocks after thousands of years of wind and rain erosion.

The gate of Huoshan scenic area is known as “First South Gate”, founded in August 1998, and completed in 1999.

It is said that one of great Song poets Su Dongpo had toured here and composed a poem as on the tablet.

The ticket is RMB 30, and we climb the mountain along this road, when all of us were out of breath, we came to the attraction.

Jiuweng Stone

close shot the Jiuweng Stone

According to legend, in ancient times, there was no mountain, but when the Sky Goddess mend the sky, there was some mortar left, so she scattered into the mortal world, then became Huoshan.

If want to shot the wonders of the mountain, you have to climb to the so called Denggaogang, also known as Suanni Peak. If there happen to be cloud, you will feel as if in the fairyland.

On the half way up to the Suanni Peak, we saw the tourists were as small as ants. 

There is a hexagonal pavilion on Suanni Peak, where you can overlook the boundary of many counties such as Longchuan, Ning, Wuhua, Heping. 

On the left of Suanni Peak

There are many attractions in Huoshan, with 372 steep peaks and ridges, including 48 famous peaks, 2 rocks, 8 caves, and 11 spring pools. Really Chibaya King show, myriad fight flow, peak are different shapes, everywhere is spectacle.

The mountains here are not too high, but it still take you nearly a whole day to climb from one mountain to other mountain.

This is Sisters Peak.

Sisters Peak is known as Two-pillar Peak. Bimodal Kaleidoscopic Peak, if there is whittled. There are growing many precious medicinal herbs such as Cactus, Atractylodes, sealwort, and ginseng etc. Under the peak, there is a cool cave.

Standing on the hilltop…

Thousands of years, many poets and Taoist monks came here to have fun or make pills of immortality.

On the half way down the Suanni Peak, one of local suddenly said, that is the 180 Degree Thin Strip of Sky.

At the bottom of mountain stream, look up the sky, you only can a line of the sky, which makes people strange.

This Thin Strip of Sky is the longest one I had ever seen.

The mountain stream is warm in winter and cool in summer.

The trail on the mountain…

How happy they were, yeah!

The V shape trail…

Into the mountain, the clean spring and flourishing trees…

Huoshan Scenic Area is located in central Longchuan County, Heyuan City, Guangdong province, 550 meters above sea level, one of the seven famous mountains in Guangdong.

This is called Heng Rock…

Look back Heng Rock…

The specialties of the mountain between the mountain streams

Here is the revolutionary tourist attraction, a good place for revolutionary education.

The tourists from cities like climbing mountain to enjoy the fresh air.

Here, you can enjoy the risk of Mount Hua, as well as the beauty of Huangshan.

We went back to downtown of Guangzhou at sun sets.

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