Ruili – Truly ‘fortunate’ and ‘beautiful’

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Ruili is a famous city located in western Yunnan province of China. It links China to Myanmar. Formerly, this city was known by the name Měngmǎo. The name Ruili is formed from two words, ruì and lì which means fortunate and beautiful respectively. Ruili features plentiful mineral resources, distinct natural landscape, and also vibrant folklore. Even though this place is developing rapidly, it has not affected the mysterious aura in any manner. Ruili River appears as white jade belt that does wind around beautiful fields and green mountains. Old tall trees, banana forest nearby, cattle herds, and more are very attractive.

The majority of the people residing in Ruili belong to various lowland as well as highland ethnic minorities such as Lisu, Dai, Achang, Deang and Jingpo. Dai people and Han Chinese are mostly living in valleys in Ruili. Deang and Jingpo reside mainly in outskirts in neighboring hills. Ruili has now become a significant spot for trading with other nations, particularly Myanmar in lawful and unlawful goods and services. Drug trade, prostitution, and more are seen very common here.

Industrial Parks in Ruili

There are two major economic cooperation zones in Ruili City. They are Wanding Border economic cooperation zone which is abbreviated as WTBECZ and Ruili Border economic cooperation zone abbreviated as RLBECZ. Both are industrial parks that are approved by the state council of China. WTBECZ is based in the Wanding Town. It was established in the year 1992 in order to promote the Sino Burmese trade. It covers an area of six square kilometers and concentrates on development of trading, tourism, and agricultural resources.

RLBECZ was established with the intention of promoting the trade between Myanmar and China. The trading sectors of RLBECZ include regional agriculture, processing industry, biological resources, and more. The fast growth in business has made Ruili city very popular. It is well known for the huge exports of tobacco, cotton yarn, mechanical tools, rice seeds, fiber cloth, ceresin wax, fruits, and fiber yarn. This cooperation zone has become a great factor in increase of trade between these two nations.

The climatic elements include that of dry, humid subtropical and tropical wet climate. But, generally the climate is humid. The long summer can make a state of no winter mostly. Thus, the dry season is from December to April and that of wet season from month of May to October. It is best to choose the days for trip to Ruili after analyzing the seasonal climate there.

Travel tips:

The nearest airport to Ruili City is Dehong Mangshi. It links to Kunming. One can get taxis anytime from airport at a rate ranging from fifty to seventy Yuan per individual. Once car is filled, taxi will leave. The entire trip will take nearly two hours and it is possible to get down at any spot in Ruili. Towards north of major provincial roads in Ruili, taxis are available at rate of ten Yuan. If outside this specific area, rate will increase to fifteen or twenty Yuan. Meters are never followed here. Bus services are also available regularly. There is will requirement of negotiation in order to get fair rate while booking cabs to move out of the Ruili city.

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Nujiang Grand Canyon For People Who Love Adventure Tour!

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Nujiang Grand Canyon is a world heritage location recognized by UNESCO, in Nujiang, located in the southwest of Yunnan province, People's Republic of China. The mountain range of Nujiang starts from the northwest of Yunnan to Tibet with a small portion pass through the border of Myanmar. Here the gorge is shouldered between Gaoligong Mountain and Biluo Mountain range and pass further through the unexplored terrain of China with huge canyons. The terrain is tough and rough with hostile conditions. The Nujiang River is part of the Three Rivers Natural Reserve of China which originates from the foot of Nujiang Mountain.

Tough terrain:
The location though beautiful has for not been a popular tourist destination due to the inaccessible difficulties. But nevertheless, you can find people living here and engaged in farming. Generally found communities are Nu and Lisu people who live in wooden huts and shelters on the eaves of the mountain or on the top of the ranges. Narrow sling bridges are the only means of crossing over the river to the other side of the village. The hanging bridges are made of ropes linked with wooden planks connected and tied with tree trunks and or by the suspended overhead cables connected with both end of the river. The cables are tied with huge tree on either side and crossing the river required good balance and acrobatic skill.

This is a good location for people who are interested in to adventure tourism. Trekking all the way, crossing through the suspended rope bridge, like a circus expert would be an everlasting travel experience in your life. The impossible lands and exploring through unimaginable locations are like untold stories. What not to say, the sceneries are beyond comparison. Just cross over the terrain of Fugong and Gongshan, you can see the magnificent steep cliffs, crystal clear green water river, the waterfalls and wild flowers are mesmerizing experiences.

One family and many religions:

You can find strange religious experiences and practices prevailing in the village community. Buddhism, local religions and Christianity are being practiced by the villagers and you can find different faith people living in the same family. Lisu community is one of the famous minority communities in China whom are living in the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture. Apart from Lisu, there are more than 10 other religious minorities are living in the prefecture. The notable minorities are Nu, Dulong, Han, Pumi and various Tibetan Groups. All these minorities altogether is about 92% of Nujiang's total population.

Nujiang Grand Canyon is about 14,000 square meters area known for its mysterious unexplored terrain. Scope of adventure tourism has recently brought this prefecture to an attractive tourist spot. There are so many thrilling locations you can find here. The famous location "Stone Moon" by all means a wonderful extraordinarily land mark.

Nujiang River originates from the mountain of Tangula, flows 3,200 meters down through Qinghai Province, crossing Myanmar and ends in to Indian Ocean. In winter the river and streams flow slowly due to ice formation. However, from the Tiger Leaping Gorge, the torrents plunder down with all its might even during the winter season is a good experience to watch. Both ends of the river are connected with suspended ropeways.

An impossible experience one would always like to keep in memories especially if you are adventurous in nature, you will definitely love this place!

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Mengla Tropical Rain Forest – Rich and Lavish Natural Beauty!

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Mengla Tropical Rain Forest is situated in Xishuangbanna, Mengla County which is lay close to the south point of Southwest part of China. It has borders surrounded by Laos at south, southwest and east and Myanmar at western side. The climate is rainy, hot and humid. The climate is modulated with the great influence of Indian Ocean monsoon in the south and protected from the cold waves by mountain in the east and west side. Comparatively heavy rain fall of 1,200mm to 2,000mm is recorded here. Because of the good climate, it is a favorable location for rain forest. You can see lot of plants and tree growing here.

The forest is also known as "Kingdom of Plants". You can see various species of plants, huge Banyan trees, extremely tall trees and plants with large size of trees in Xishuangbanna. The rain forest is full of beautiful sceneries. Abundant presence of water and land is helpful in developing tourism and commercial activities in this area. Since the area is laying close to Myanmar and Laos borders, the area is important location for cross border trading.

Use the skyway:
The ethnic villages of Local Dai are very close to the city and are an unexplored location for commercial tourism. It will be a rich experience if you can visit the New Bupan Aerial Skyway Park. Using the skyway, tourist can walk through the roof of the key rain forest. With the support of cable rope, you can climb on the higher branches of Paraforestea which is a tall straight trunked tree. Lots of efforts are applied to maintain the park clean and neat. It would be a fantastic experience visiting the virgin rain forest.

The "First Village of China", Guanlei Pier is developed near the banks of Lancing River is just 21 kilometer from the border of Myanmar and Laos. Another important land access is Mohan National Port which is also known as "Mao Zedong Road" from south East Asian countries to China. The natural sceneries at Sanchahe Forest part of Mengla Tropical Rain Forest will be an unforgettable experience. While taking the sky way you can see lots of monkeys, peacocks and elephants. A nest type of villa is constructed in the forest to help tourist take rest and relax.

Watch with dismay:
The rain forest is having more than 500 different species of birds and animals. This is a natural zoo and natural habitat for lot of animals one can see in one single spot. Tourist can see golden hair monkey, slow lories, tigers, leopards, born bills, peacocks, wild elephants, wild oxen, big potted civet cats etc., etc.


Bus and plane services are available for reaching to Mengla from Kunming. It is about 832 kilometer from Kunming. From Jinghong tourists can have regular buses to Mengla which will take 2.5 to 3 hours journey. Tourist from Laos, this is the best route. For visa facilitation services, it will take about one hour to complete the formalities.

The most unforgettable experience is walking through the sky way in Sancha He Forest Park in the Mengla Rain Forest area. One kilometer of the area is connected to give you the magnificent view of the forest and connect you with the "skygazing trees".

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Ancient Tea Horse Road

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The term cha ma dao or Tea Horse Road originated during the period of Tang dynasty. It connected the southwest part of China to Northern India as well as China. At present, it is normally known by the name chama gudao or Ancient Tea Horse Road. Another name is Southern Silk Road. It was a significant network or web of paths which wind around the hills and mountains in Yunnan province. These paths were especially for the mule caravans. Nearly one thousand years back, this route was a very important link for trade from major tea producing spots of Yunnan to Bengal via Burma. It also linked to central China and Tibet too.

No Silk but only Salt and Sugar:

Apart from the trading of tea, salt was also carried by mule caravans. Horses as well as people had carried loads that were very heavy. Most tea porters were found to carry tea of sixty to ninety kilograms. It was via this network of trade that tea bricks were initially spread across Asia and China from its native place known as Pu’er County in Yunnan. The term Tea Horse Road was introduced because there was trade of the Tibetan ponies for tea produced in China. This ancient route actually stretched south to north as well as east to west across the southwest portion of China, which included the Tibet to today, into India and Nepal. Being renowned for major commodities – horse and tea, it gained this special name. This name has made it very popular across the globe. No silk was traded along Ancient Tea Horse Road, but salt and sugar!
This route spans nearly five thousand kilometers in length. Lot of travelers from different parts of the world visits this place as a curious explorer. It helps in broadening the knowledge on Himalayas as well as tea incredibly. Ancient Tea Horse Road is also known as Gyalam to Tibetans which meant Wide Road. Some people call it ‘The Eternal Road’. For old uninterrupted days, migrants, warriors, laden caravans, and villains considered this huge path in mountains as that one that has capacity to give and take their lives. Now, this road is rated as a very incredible and daunting path across the globe.

Invention of Shoucha:

An attractive side note linked to Ancient tea Horse Road is discovery of Pu’er Tea that is post fermented. It is also called Shoucha. It is said that post fermented Pu’er tea which is appreciated within India and across the globe was in a way, byproduct of Ancient Tea Horse Road itself.

Tourism elements:

At present, the Ancient Tea Horse road calls up romantic pictures of tea traders, amazing scenery and mule caravans. The tourism along this route is having a great revival and is being supported by several authorities of Chinese tourism. Therefore, one can visit the very old trade towns located in this mule caravan routes. The two major towns, namely Dali and Xizhou situated in Yunnan were one important halts along this old route.

Travel Tips:

It is easy to reach Yunnan. Kunming Chanshui International Airport, railways and bus services are available. Regular bus services are there which can take you to the Ancient Tea Horse road. 

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The Charming Virgin Isolated Village from the Modern World -Yubeng Village

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Yubeng Village is an isolated Tibetan village situated in the Valley of Meili Snow Mountain, near the famous city of Shangri-la, in the northwestern corner of Yunnan Province, People's Republic of China. The entire village is surrounded by mountains from all side. The road net work system is not engineered properly and good for motor ways. People generally trek to the village by foot or horse ride or using a mule. The charming village is having the richest scenery and is one of the virgin lands in China. There are only 20 houses you can see in the village. This is a good place for trekking. The village is divided in to Upper Yubeng and Lower Yubeng. From Upper Yubeng it is easy to trek to the Base Camp and Ice Lake. From the Lower Yubeng, it is easy to trek to the Sacred Waterfall and beyond to the point you can see the Holy Lake.

Base camp and tragic memories:

From the Upper Yubeng sector of the village, tourist can trek to the former base camp of Sino-Japanese mountain climbing expedition venture. The base camp is notorious for the tragic fate of the Sino-Japanese expedition team. As per the Tibetan and local villagers belief, if anybody try to scale Meili Snow Mountain, that expedition team will face the wrath of God. So far no expedition could successfully explore the Meili Snow Mountain.

Yubeng waterfall:

The Lower sector or Yubeng is bit more accessible and less macabre in nature. Tourist can have the picturesque view of Yubeng Waterfall and magnificent location of the lower village. Ancient stamp and cultural relics of the past also can be seen in the Lower village as mark to show that Yubeng has a long history dating back to thousands of years. It is also interesting to know that there are interesting mythical stories about the formation of Yubeng Village.


You will have the rare chance to move through the "snow mountain" areas while you trek to the village. Base Camp and Ice Lake, Ninong, Shenpu and Holy Lake should not be missed out when you are planning to visit Yubeng Village.

Base Camp and Ice Lake: It is a beautiful lake formed of glacier as if placed over a meadow. You need to spend 6-8 hours for the hike.

Ninong: Ninong is hilarious thrilling location. Walk along the Yubeng River to Lacang River and from here you can hike to Ninong Village.

Shenpu: One of the best locations to watch the morning rainbows. It needs 4 to 5 hours to reach the location by trekking.

Holy Lake: This neither is a lake over a high mountain nor frequently visited by the tourists. A good meadow of about 4,100 square meters with a semi shelter is the attraction.

Trekking to the village would be one of the toughest experiences one can have. It will be 6-7 days program of trekking all the way getting back to the base station. Daily bus services are available from Shangri-La to Deqin. Tourists can also hope in the mini vans to reach Deqin. From Deqin to Fei Lai Si, which is 2 minutes journey and from there you can make your further journey arrangements. From here your next journey to Xidang Village can be organized. There are public transport systems available from Deqin to Xidang Village. You can have your own choice of transport till Xidang Village. From here you can rent a mule or horse to Yubeng Village which will be 5-6 hour ride. Tourists from their experience say that renting a horse or mule will be worth to the cost when comparing to tough condition of trekking.

Tourists who are arduous in trekking never miss Yubeng Village. All kinds of thrilling experiences are waiting for you. 

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Wangcheng Park – Beauty Lay Hand In Hand With Peony Flowers!

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Wangcheng Park is located in the city center of Luoyang. Situated on the northern side of Zhongzhou Road in Henance Province, Wangcheng was famous as the capital city of Zhou Dynasty. The park was built in 1955 sprawled over 99 acres of land is a well known haven for sports and cultural activities. The park is considered as the biggest park of its kind in Hennan Province. Annual Peony festival is being organized here and is the best place to enjoy the vigor and glamour of peony flowers. 

More than 800 varieties of Peony Flowers:
The floral emblem of Luoyang and China is Peony Flowers. Today you can find about 800 different verities of Peony flowers in the garden. The Peony festival is conducted during April of every year during the blooming season of Peony flowers. The peak time to enjoy the natures treat is during the first week of April to 20th of April. With great nursing Peony plants are cultivated for the special floral function of having different variety of flowers. In addition to the Peony Garden there are other two important areas should not be missed out. They are the Historic Area and Peony Cultural Area. Further to this there is an amusement park and Wangcheng zoo is all poised to entertain the visitors.

The cultural area is on the west side of the park will take you back to the Zhou Dynasty and the ancient Chinese civilization. Here you can see so many ancient historical materials such as stone tablets, architectural materials etc,. Moving down to the Peony Admiring area, the garden is divided in to three areas. They are the Luoyang Peony Garden, the Herbaceous Peony Garden and Rockii Peony Garden. The zoo is a habitant for rare breeds such as pandas, south China tigers, leopards, red-crowned cranes and black bears. After visiting all these areas you can slowly move the amusement park by having your favorite beverages or tea.

The ancient architectural beauty is recreated:
The park wall depicts the ancient architectural beauty, painted in red color and glazed tiles simply add the glamour of the premise. Immediately entering the gate, a big Ding pulls your attention. It is a show piece to impress you with the power of Zhou Dynasty. This is actually a replica of the Dig unearthed from Jin Village and re-produced here.

Commutation to the park:
Tourist can easily reach to Wangcheng Park from Luoyang city bus terminal. Frequent bus services and tourist bus services are available from the bus terminal. The park is opened from morning 5:00 am to 20:30 pm. Admission to the park is free of charges, however during Luoyang Peony Festival and Lantern Fair, the entry is regulated against fee. The fee for Peony festival during early season to middle season will be CNY 50 per head and towards the end of the season the fee will CNY 40 per head. For the Lantern Fair the ticket rate will be CNY 15 per head.

The Peony festival and Lantern fair are the core attraction of the park and one should never miss this beautiful presentations as it filled with the rich vibrant Chinese culture, thrown out for the public. 

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Songhua River and Winter Entertainment

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Songhua River is one of the largest tributary of Keilong River flowing 1,434 kilometer through Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces of China. The river originates from the Crater Lake known as Heavenly Lake in Changhai Mountains. The Crater Lake is situated 2,189 meters above the sea level. The water spill out from the lake like a waterfall, as if it is gushing out from the heaven. In Manchurian dialect it is known as 'Songga liwula' gives the meaning "Heavenly Lake". The Songhua could be a modulated version of Manchurian dialect Songga liwula. Songhua River freezes during the end of November to March.

Known for its ice sport activities:
Since the river is passing through the Manchurian plain, the river is extremely wider in most part. The width of the river is an average 1 kilometer and having a depth of 4 meter mostly. There are 900 tributaries contribute to add up its water flow. During winter season, there will be lot of ice sport over the frozen surface of the river. The ice flooring will have more than one meter thickness in almost all areas and as a result all kind of ice sporting activities shall thrive during the season. Ice skating, swimming, ride in ice junks or pleasure drive on horse/dog-drawn sleighs are some of the entertainment activities normally seen here.

Take a cruise:
The north side of the river is extremely beautifully for its natural layouts, especially during winter season. There are three parks located in the southern side of the river. They are Stalin Park, Dawai Park and Nine Station Park. All these parks are interconnected. The parks are built along the banks of the river and are the longest park in China built in the banks of a river. In the north side of the river situated the Sun Island Tourist Zone. A river cruise will be an enthralling experience. You can see beautiful gardens bloomed with various types of flowers, Swaying lush green trees and various colorful pavilions on both side of the river.

The natural islands in the middle of the river and banks of the river are ideal location of sun bath. The colorful views of the surrounding are much appealing and supple. You can never forget the views of the flying Songhua River and Road Bridge, the wonderful River Club, the majestic Labor's Stadium and the skillfully designed Stalin Park.

The river brought development:
The river has played a major role in bringing development in to the city. Historians has recorded that in 17th century during the reign of Emperor Kagxi, navy vessels had positioned here to protect the country from enemy invaders. Many times they fought with Russian invaders successfully. As per the records it could be seen that during 1689, a border agreement with the Russians was signed by Qing Dynasty. This is the first agreement that could be established officially, between the Imperial Russian Government and the Qing Dynasty.

Relaxing experience:

Russian engineers conducted a Topographic mapping of the region in 1898 and the river was used to transport lot of material to build the China-East Railway. As a result a modern city was formed on the south side of the river. Today you can see the Flood Control Monument, where all the busy development activities were happened at that time. The banks of the river shall be busy during winter season. There will be lot of activities such as people practicing ball room dancing and taichi. Tourist can have relaxing experience while strolling through the river.

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Mohe County – Experience the pole light!

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Mohe County is the north east territory of China situated in Heilongjiang province. Bordering with Russia, this is the coldest place in China. The lowest recorded weather was minus 52.3 degree Celsius. The entire area will be covered by snow for six months in a year. People of this snow freezing place consider minus 35 degrees Celsius is a warm day. In some of the village Sleighs are the most common means of transport. Here, nature has lot of wonders kept for you, like in winter you can experience the sunset at 3 pm. It would be wonderful to experience ice crystals around your nostrils when you do your breathing.

Aurora borealis:
Basically this is an Arctic Village. Lot of foreign tourist visits this village to watch the 'aurora borealis', an astronomical phenomenon. Aurora is a beautiful display of light happens naturally in the sky of Arctic regions. This phenomenon happens in Aurora zone. When solar wind collides with magnetospheric rich particle in the high altitude atmosphere this phenomenon develops.

Virgin, primitive forest is one of the main attractions here. The land is fertile and rich in minerals. It is has a total area of 18, 233 square kilometers. Exploring the forest and enjoying the beauty is a recommended activity while you are at Mohe County. Forests are clean and unpolluted. People can drink spring water directly. During winter it is time for skiing activities.

Visit during June and August:
The perfect time to visit the region is during June to August. During this time the day time will be more so that tourist can spend more time in visiting and engaging in to leisure activities. The Summer Solstice fall in June 21st or June 22nd and during this day tourists can see the rare polar day. Sometimes, you can watch the wonderful pole light. During June to August you can experience the day time extending to 17 hours. The average temperature is calculated as 2.8 degree Celsius. Summer is the shortest season and winter is the longest season. Winter climate can be experienced for seven months, with extreme cold conditions. The temperature may dip to minus 40 degree Celsius.

Huzhong National Nature Reserve, Mohe County, Shibazhan Oroqen Town and Gaxian Cave are the important location to be visited while you are at Mohe. At Huzhong National Nature Reserve you can see so many rare animals and plant species. This is located between Yilehuli Mountain and Daxinganling range.

Mohe County situated bordering Russia at the northern end of China is the place where tourist can experience the polar and pole light phenomenon. This area is rich of minerals and famous for gold production.

At Shibazhan Oroquen Town, you can see the Oroqen primitive tribe. It is quite interesting to watch their life.

Gaxian cave is located northwest of Mohe and is a state protected location. Ancient human communities were used this caves as sheltering.

Mohe County is connected with rail net works. Tourist can have express train service every alternative day. Tourist can easily reach to Mohe via Jiagedaqi. The train journey will take 10 hours to complete the trip to Mohe. Jiagedaqi is well connected from Harbin, Beijing, Manzhouli, Hailar and Shenyang. From Mohe county Xi Ji Zhen, there is a bus service to the Desert River Village every day. It will be a one and half hour journey. Chartered tourist bus services are also available from here. Mohe is also connected with air service. Air way services are available ever day to different part of the country.

Experience the vigor of winter and witness the rare pole light, visit Mohe! 

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Heixiazi Island – the disputed land converted in to a pleasure land!

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Heixiazi Island is formed out of the deposits of sediments dumped on the converging point of River Ussuri and Amur River. This sediment island is under the control of Russia and People's Republic of China. The total area of the island is approximately 327 to 350 square kilometer. Under a joint agreement between China and Russia in 2010, both are decided to develop the island as eco-tourism zone. Prior to this in 2008 both countries started their boundary marking works. It was a disputed territory between China and Russia until 2004. The Russian's called it as Bolshoy Ussuriyaskiy Island and Chinese called it as Heixiazi Island. After the historic agreement, half of the Island belongs to China and other half belongs to Russia.

If there is a will there is a way!
After the border marking was completed in October 14, 2008 about 171 square kilometer of land and surrounding water area was assigned as the official territory of China. The agreement further ratified the common shared border of 4,300 kilometer between China and Russia. With lot of continued negotiation for 40 years and with lots of compromises by both parties a peaceful resolution was reached. This is a glittering example, how a peaceful resolution of disputes between countries can be made possible.

Joint projects:
Emphasis on eco tourism is given top priority when both countries started their tourism projects as laid down in the joint agreement. As per the agreement seventy five percentage of island is earmarked as wetland development and the remaining area will be developed as commercial tourist activities. To accelerate the development plans new railway lines connecting with mainland China and bridges are all under construction. These entire projects are under the joint supervision of China and Russia and opened for the public.

Cross border tourism:
The project development works started in 2010 and still under progress. On the Chinese part they have already started creating travel routes. Partial accommodation arrangements are already been finished. Some of the beautiful, scenery locations are opened for the public. The vision is to bring the island in to one of the best tourist destination in the world within the next ten years. The potential to develop cross border tourism between China and Russia is beyond comprehension.

Old Russian Military Camp:
The first official tour was opened in July 20, 2011. There were a group of 150 tourist from China and Russia took part in the first official tour to mark the opening of the friendship agreement for peace and tranquility between China and Russia. The lush green meadows and virgin vegetation is a natural treat one should not miss in their life. The trial tour program was a six hour ship tour consisting of Chinese and Russian tourists. The primary attraction in this area is the Old Russian military camp which is not in use and also the treaty venue of Sino-Russian agreement.

Impossible is made possible:

Promotion and development of the area in to a joint tourist spot is very much active. China has already started its pilot projects. The Russians are yet to start their operation. However the Russian side has already announced its plan to pump 687 million US Dollar to develop the area in to an international recreation center. The plan is inclusive of construction of star hotel facilities, water theme park and residences for the tourists. The ongoing projects are clear indication of human will power, co-operation and the finest example how countries can make things possible from where it was considered as impossible!

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