Overview the sea of clouds on the Sunlight Rock

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Xiamen people said, "One do not up the Sunlight Rock is not to Xiamen." There is a temple named “Sun Temple” along the hill in the park, behind which there is a stone steps up the mountain. And there is a stone tablet engraved with some Chinese words on it. Sunlight Rock is the best beauty spot of Gulangyu Islet, including the Sunlight Rock and the Piano Park two parts. A diameter of more than forty meters of rock on the summit of Sunlight Rock is the symbol of Xiamen.

Stacked strange rocks, natural caves, lapping waves, and verdant trees and flowers, all of these were presenting a tropical romance atmosphere. There are many wonderful types of scenery, as well as lots of stone inscriptions from ancient scholars.

On the top of Sunlight Rock there was a round desk, standing on the peak, we could overlook the beautiful scenery of Xiamen and Gulangyu Islet. Among the vast sea of clouds, there is a large bear, small bear islands. A cable car under the Sunlight Rock connected the Sunlight Rock and the Piano Park.

Sunlight Rock is the leading attractions of Gulangyu Islet.

There is a temple, known as “Sunlight Temple”.

Sunlight Rock Temple, commonly known as “a tile”, is a natural cave, with a stone as its roof.

Sunlight Rock Temple was repeatedly destroyed but repeated construction. In the wen years, people built Yuan Ming Temple to worship Maitreya, and built an octagonal pavilion in front of the temple, hanging “Sunlight Temple” plaque.

It is said that whenever the sun rises, the rays shone through the Temple and the whole Temple will bright up immediately. 

Longtou (Dragon Head) Village (Cottage)

Climb the mountain alone these stone steps.

Ancient Summer Cave is a very unique cave, cliffs at both sides prop the granite boulder that seems fall from the sky, giving a sense of relentless, very dangerous. The cave is bright and dry, and the air in the hole is also very cool and fresh.

Sunlight Rock is also known as Longtou (Dragon Head) Hill, and face to the Hutou Mountain in Xiamen.

Climbed up the Sunlight Rock, you can pick the cloud and hold it in the arms.

So everyone climb up the hill. 

Overlooking on the top of Sunlight Rock, you can see the cloud going away, but there is still a vast sea under the eyes.

Today, there are trails up to the summit of Sunlight Rock.

The wave of Gulangyu Islet rolls day after day.

Overlook on the summit on the Sunlight Rock.

Gulangyu Islet appear indistinctly in the green trees.

You can see almost the whole Xiamen on the peak.

The girl was selling the cold drink.

the ancient fort

View the Sunlight Rock from the Piano Park.

The cable car connects the Sunlight Rock and the Piano Park.

March 30, 2011, the State Council of China passed a resolution, that is, since 2011, May 19 is the day as “China Tourism Day”.

Fujian Map: http://www.tourdechina.cn/ChinaGuide/xiamen/map/Xiamens_Location_in_Fujian_Province.html

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Strolling in Shilin Night Market

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Shilin Night Market is one of the famous night markets in Taiwan, where there are a variety of snacks attracting many people everyday. 

Most of the snacks in this market are seafood, but not lack of local Taiwan special snacks. Snacks are sweet-based, less spicy food.

Seeing is believing, as shown in the following pictures, this night market can divided into several aisles, and a number of small units, each units is a stall. Different stall has different flavor. What makes me happy most is that all the shopkeepers are happy to greet you, no matter whether you buy any snack or not.

If you eat something from the first stall, then you will satiate in the halfway. As for the price, I think it is not too expensive, but the food is good. What impressed me most is the “large intestine warp small intestine”. I remembered the stall was in the entrance of the Shihlin Night Market, most of us had bought, and each one cost ten dollars or so. Walking around down, I spent less than one thousand NTD, but had eaten a lot of snacks.

This woman told us that they rarely relaxed year around, especially in the holidays, there are more people, so they would more busy at that time. I asked whether it was too tired, but she said that it was Ok as long as they could earn more money, well, she was working for her boss.

We can see there were not many people in the aisles that day, so businesses was not very well.

This barefoot old man was sitting beside the shopkeeper.

tired but still happy

What impressed me most is this snack, which called “large intestine warp small intestine”, the stall was in the entrance of the Shihlin Night Market, most of us had bought, and each one cost ten dollars or so.

They put the grilled sausages into paper bag, most of us also bought the snacks, very delicious.

Macau Travel Guide: http://www.tourdechina.cn/ChinaGuide/macau/

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