Beautiful Danba

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Danba means “a town of the cliff” in Tibetan. It is a county of the eastern Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in western Sichuan Province, China, stretches along a valley of Dadu River. Danba is famous as the most beautiful countries of China, attracting many visitors not only for her incomparable pure landscape but also for the special folk customs and her full of mysterious history. When you decided to visit Danba, a beautiful country is strongly recommended, that is Jiaju Tibetan village. Jiaju Tibetan village is a wonderful place with lots of snowy mountains, green grasslands, colorful flowers, and clear rivers surrounded.

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Tips for Travelling to Nyingchi in Tibet

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Nyingchi is 406 kilometers from Lhasa it takes approximately 7 hours to reach by road. Nyingchi is one of the most beautiful natural sightseeing hot spots in Tibet with the Menba and Luoba ethnic minority as the main residents the area is full of Tibetan ethnic culture. Nyingchi has the lowest average elevation in comparison to other areas of Tibet, with an average elevation between 800 meters - 3 ,000 meters it is always recommended for tourists who are concerned about suffering from altitude sickness it is recommended to start in the Nyingchi so you can slowly adapt to the change in elevation.   

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Zhangye City along Silk Road

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For most people, the Silk Road is a dream to them as the Silk Road has the best tourism resources to discover the best of China. Along the Silk Road, you will enjoy gorgeous natural scenery, inspiring historical and cultural relics, unique culture and exotic customs of ethnics along the route. Those cities the Silk Road passes by try their best to present their best scenery and sites for the specific description of the uniqueness and mystery of the Silk Road. Zhangye City is one of those excellent cities along Silk Road. 

Zhangye City belongs to Gansu Province. It is located in the northwest of Gansu and the middle of Hexi Corridor. As a historical and culture city as well as an excellent tourism city, Zhangye stands out by its long history, glorious culture, alluring natural scenery, and unique places of historical interest.

Though Zhangye has a continental arid climate because of the location in inner northwest China, it has advantageous geographical of Qilian Mountains and Hehe River. Zhangye actually has flat and fertile fields, making it great to plant crops and fruits. Thus, Zhangye has typical oasis scenery among desert and has been reputed as “frontier Jiangnan”.

As one of the most important cities along Silk Road, Zhangye has its own featured natural scenery and historical sites. It has the most gorgeous Danxia landscape, the alluring ecological urban wetland, the most beautiful rape flowers in northwest China, the largest military horse farm, the unique Yugu ethnic culture and custom, the magnificent and imposing scenery of Qilian Mountains, also landscapes of Gobi and iceberg.

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A Magical Trip to Hong Kong Disneyland

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Hong Kong Disneyland is situated in Penny’s Bay, Lantau Island, which occupies an area of 1260000 square meters. Opened in 2005, it has soon become the newest theme park and the most attractive scenic spot of Hong Kong, welcoming over millions of visitors every year. Owned and managed by the Hong Kong International Theme Parks, Hong Kong Disneyland is a combination of both western and eastern culture, for instance, the design and construction have included western concept, traditional US Disneyland design, Chinese traditions and customs as well as the rules of Feng Shui. 

To avoid culture shock and language barriers, the cast members of Hong Kong Disneyland can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English and the guide maps are translated into several common-used languages, such as English, traditional & simplified Chinese, Japanese, French and so on. 

Main Street USA
For most visitors, Main Street USA are first stop, which features market house bakery, main street corner café, plaza inn, curiosity shop, silhouette shop and some other delicate buildings. You know plaza inn, right? The first Chinese restaurant opened in Main Street in about 19 century. Wandering in the Main Street, the dim gas lamp, special taxicabs, typical Disneyland railroads and paddy wagon may bring you back to the 20th century’s USA. 

Adventure Land
Retreated from the Main Street USA, we will now have a brave try in the Adventure Land. A bold and powerful captain will guide us through the Jungle River Cruise and reach the heart of center regions. Then take a deep breath and say hello to the horrible wild animals like cobras, elephants and hippos. If you are courageous enough, startling jungle events are waiting ahead of you. 

Fantasy Land
Do you still remember the poor but pretty Cinderella? Have you ever been attracted by the little flying elephants and Alice? Are you fond of Sleeping Beauty and Mickey Mouse? Then come to Fantasy Land and relive your storybook dreams! You can embrace with your favorite cartoon character like Donald Duck and take a photo with him? You can wear 3-D magic glasses and date with Aladdin on the mysterious carpet. You can also appreciate the classic musical drama filled with mixing acrobatics and special effects. Actually, you can do a lot of interesting things beyond imagination. 

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Terracotta Warriors of Xi'an

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The Terracotta Warriors of Xi'an is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions to visit in China. Be amazed by the grand Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang and his Terracotta Army which still guards the tomb of China’s first Emperor. As of 2007 over 8,000 Terracotta soldiers, 130 chariots and 150 cavalry horses have been uncovered in the three pits where the Terracotta Warriors were found. Apart from the army there are also many other after life essentials that have been excavated. 

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Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong

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Cantonese Opera is one of the famous opera performances in Hong Kong. Cantonese Opera is a kind of traditional Chinese art involving with singing, dancing, martial arts, acrobatics, and acting. The history of Cantonese Opera originated in Foshan in Ming Dynasty. After many years development and innovation, Cantonese use a lot of folk melodies, popular songs, modern instruments or even Western tunes to establish the type of the opera. Today, Cantonese Opera is a hobby and pastime for the older generation of Hong Kong and has become an important part of Hong Kong culture. 

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