Drift on the Jiuqu Xi

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Jiuqu Xi (Nine-bend River) is the main peak of Wuyi Mountains, a stream at the southwest foot of Mount Huanggang, and located among the valleys of Wuyi Mountains. There are totally 36 peaks and 99 rocks in Wuyi Mountains, and peaks and rocks interleaved with each other, with Jiuqu Xi running through. The Nine-bend River has total length of 9.5 km, with green mountains and clean water, each bend has a different view of the landscape.

Jiuqu Xi is also known as the soul of Wuyi Mountains. We took the thousand years of traffic tools - bamboo raft from the Xing Village (the end of the Jiuqu), and down the river all the way, everywhere is beautiful scenery.

The Jiuqu Xi raft workers are basically local villagers. In fact, they have formed a unified management. As soon as boarding the bamboo raft, also indicates that you are on his boat, and you should listen to the boatman all the way, of course, the tip is needed. 

Board on the bamboo raft, then punting up...

Qiyun Peak, one of the famous peaks among the 99 rocks of Wuyi Mountains

A closer look at the Qiyun Peak, I could see the Qiyun Temple on the hillside. 

This stone is large enough.

Bijia Hill 

Here is the eighth bend of Nine-bend River. Look afar, don’t you think the rock is like a lion sprang from the bottom?

strange stones 

Take a closer look at the lion stone. pass through here, as if into the lions mouth

Here is the seventh bend 

The highest peak of Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area Sanyang Peak is located the north shore of the seventh bend, which is 754 meters above sea level. 

There are still people living in the mountain. 

Here is the famous the sixth bend, while the barrier in front is the well-known Tianyou Peak. 

Tea Mountain, bamboo forests, streams, clouds, constitute a paradise on earth.

The sixth bend is the shortest one of Jiuqu Xi, but the scenery is the most beautiful.

calligraphy carved on a rock

We were punting in the mist-shrouded stream all the way.

Here is the fifth bend, the most open place of Jiuqu Xi. 

The fifth bend is the widest and longest stream of Jiuqu Xi.

Poem rock

Turn around, we came to the mysterious fourth bend. 

Why the fourth bend is mysterious? Look at this dense cloud…

The most beautiful attractions in the fourth bend are the Zang Peak and the West Fishing Platform.

Here is the third bend 

It is much quiet here

Here is a quiet and steep valley of the second bend. The most charming Yunu Peak, the "symbol" of Wuyi Mountains is just located the west side of the second bends. 

Yunu Peak just like a slim and graceful girl viewed from a distance.

a lifelike monkey face, and also a snub-nosed monkey

Look back Yunu Peak

The first bend is located the most downstream of Jiuqu Xi, near the Dawang Feak, Manting Peak, and Lion Peak.

In all, Jiuqu Xi is as beautiful as fairyland. 

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