Temptation of Taiwan's Night Market Food in Xiamen

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After visiting Gulangyu, I came to Xiamen Renhe Road, where gathering all kinds of Taiwan night market gourmet, such as spicy flavored crabs, Oyster omelet, etc. 

You don’t have to go to Tanwan and eat the Taiwanese snacks. The cooks are from Taiwan, so the food is very authentic, and the price is very reasonable. Ok, now, let’s follow my camera to have a look at the unique Taiwanese night market culture. 

Oh, remind you that the Renhe Road “Snack Street” is daily open from 11:00 to 23:00 

All kinds of signs in front of the booth, spicy flavored crabs, salt and pepper Pipi shrimp ... are you start to drool?

Look, this man also can not withstand the temptation. 

There are many people in the snack street, and business is booming. 

Open shops, you can close contact with the food, to sit down and taste it. 

Diners eat with relish, and the hawker was smoking, very cool.

This beautiful chef Hawker was attracting customers.

The frozen boneless chicken feet from the Kaohsiung Liu Ho Night Market, RMB 20 per box, very affordable

Do you know how to make the frozen boneless chicken feet? First simple boil the fresh chicken feet, then remove the bones with a knife, smoked the frozen chicken feet, and then marinated all day. Before eating, quick-frozen, and then slowly thawed.

This handsome guy was preparing the large intestine, while the beautiful girl was roasting small intestine, and the delicious small sausage in large sausage was immediately upcoming.

Small sausage in large sausage is a special snack emerged in the 1990s. In fact, it is very easy to make, cut the large glutinous rice sausage, and then put a smaller Taiwanese-style sausage in the large sausage, so easy!

all kinds of Taiwanese-style beautiful steamed dim sum

Taiwan Shaomai, fresh and tempting

Taiwan Alishan Stone Sausage

bear paw fort

Pepper cake can be regarded as a delicious snack in the hot summer.

Fried Squid

delicious spicy flavored crabs

all kinds of barbecue strings 

Taiwanese snacks Bamboo Rice are specialties in Taiwan Alishan area, where there are bamboos everywhere. This specialty is especially widely loved by the local Bunun and Tsou tribe in Taiwan, and is really one of national specialties you cannot miss.

Oden is one of cuisine come from Kanto region in Japan. It is especially popular in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and other Southeast Asia area.

The girl was crying while making oysters pack. 

the oysters package stuffing 

oysters packages

Taiwanese flavor mini seafood

Taiwanese flavor mini hotpot

red beans peanut soup

The red bean cake is a traditional food in Taiwan, and also known as the wheels cake.

peanut volume of ice cream 

Latin Fruit

Finally let’s take a look at the dessert

fried ice cream

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Act Wildly in the Snow Town

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It takes 5 or 6 hours to walk from Dongsheng Forest Farm to Snow Town, during which passes through a mountain, called Yangcao Mountain. Although the name of the mountain is not so good, there is the most beautiful scenery of Snow Town, retaining the most natural and simple of the Snow Town. 

Walking in the long snow trail end in sight, I saw lots of branches covered with snow and all kinds of snow mushrooms glowing luster, and a row of footprints from time to time, walking and playing, about two hours to come to the top of the hill.

Standing on the top of the Yangcao Mountain, I felt as if into a huge painting the world. Little bit of snow dotted yellow-green trees

15:00, the sky is nearly dusk, the temperature is getting cold   Presumably more beautiful in the evening 

The peak is rather strange, flat, planted with fine and straight trees. I could saw the Bayi Ski Resort in the distant, down from the top. 

small white snowflakes open on the branches 

The winter sun shines through the branches 

 the tender shoots

cedar on the peak

I like the moment that the sun shines through the branches

The snow in the mountain is very deep, some places even submerged off the legs, find a blank snow, closed eyes lying on the snow, open your eyes to have a look at the blue sky, feeling the warm sunshine on the face, surrounded by snow and wind. The whole world instantly stalled

walking in the snow, through the forest 

all the roads are such snow roads, long but no end in sight

I would like to be a small tree in the mountain one day. 

the real snow mushrooms

Look, are they like two people creeping forward?

I do not know what animal, so nimbly through the snow.

Someone leaved the writing in the snow…

I finally reluctant to left Yangmao Mountain. On my way to Yabuli, I found world of ice, I was really freaked out, no words to describe, just like a dream world, and everywhere is white. Quickly jumped from the car and rushed into the white world, remaining the most beautiful scenery in the heart. 

It is often said, the most beautiful scenery is on the way, and now I believe.

Heilongjiang Travel Guide:http://www.tourdechina.cn/ChinaGuide/heilongjiang/

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