Jimei, the Pear of Xiamen

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Xiamen is a beautiful place, and Gulangyu and Jimei are two pearls of this beautiful seaside city.

Gulangyu Island, however, become more and more crowed with visitors from everywhere, because it is a hot tourist destination in China, especial for the people who seeks for a romantic and bourgeoisie feeling.

Jimei is a good place to visit in Xiamen, where fulfill with beautiful scenery and historic atmosphere. Speaking of Jimei, we must mention Chen Jiageng (Tan Kah Kee), whose life was closely linked with Xiamen and Jimei. Chen Jiageng was a leader of overseas Chinese, actively supporting Sun Yat-sen’s revolution, supporting the Chinese Communist Party and the new Chinese revolution and construction. And the Tan Kah Kee Memorial Museum in Jimei was built to commemorate him.

There is also beautiful seaside scenery, Kah Kee Memorial Museum Park, as well as the Jimei University in Jimei. Enjoy some beautiful pictures. 

Jimei seaside scenery

Jimei Middle School

Jimei University

Jimei University

Kah Kee Park

Kah Kee Park

Tan Kah Kee

Tan Kah Kee Memorial Museum

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