Yue Fei Mausoleum Hangzhou – A Memorial for the Great Warrior

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The mausoleum of Yue Fei was built in 1221 during Song Dynasty to honor the great warrior. The mausoleum is situated within the complex of Yue Fei Temple located near the West Lake in the central city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province in the People’s Republic of China. The temple is also called as or Yuewang Temple. On various occasions the temple had undergone reconstructions and renovations.Historians are unanimous in claiming that the Tomb of General Yue Fei has been demolished and the present one was rebuilt in 1715 during Qing Dynasty, who reigned during 1644-1911. It had undergone a major revamping in 1979. 

Biopic of Yue Fei:
Yue Fei was believed to be lived during 1103-1141, who was descended from Tangyain in Xiangzhou.Henan Province was previously known as Xiangzhou. He was a military general and led war successfully against Jin Dynasty during 1115 to 1234 under Song Dynasty. Nevertheless his glittering war success against Jin Dynasty, he was wrongly implicated as a traitor in connivance of Qin Kuai, who was the Prime Minister of Song Dynasty and eventually executed. The truth prevailed and Yue Fei's innocence was proved and as a result Emperor Xiao Zong who reined Song Dynasty during 1163 to 1189, built the tomb in memory of this great war hero.Today Yue Fei is considered as a national hero with all respect and glory.

The temple complex:
Located at the south foot hill of Qixia Hill, very close to West Lake the complex is spread of over in an area of four acres. Immediately entering the complex, you will be greeted with double eaves and a patio with drooping trees on both side of promenade. At the center of complex is located the main hall and remembrance hall.The center of the main hall is adorned with life size statue of General Yue Fei, dressed in colorful attire. The statue is constructed in sitting posture with the chair is made of colorfully embroidered cushion.The mighty looking, gracefully featured Yue Fei is seen holding a sword in his hand and posed like a ready for war mood. His life stories are kept on the rear side of the hall which will give a glimpse for tourist to learn him from a close angle. The floor of the hall is further embellished with 373 cranes and each crane is designed as a symbol of sincerity, loyalty and patriotism.

Poetic descriptions:
You can see a large hall in the west side of the complex. In this hall, there are two corridors with poetic inscriptions praising general Yue Fei. Passing over a small bridge at the center of the yard, you can see the tomb of this great warrior and also the tombs of his sons. The main tomb is that of Yue Fei is located at the center of the yard and on the side is the tomb of his son who was a stern supporter of Yue Fei in the battlefield.The tombs where defaced several times and reconstructed various times. The architectural and constriction style reflects the style that was prevalent in Song Dynasty. It is interesting to note that his perpetrators who was instrumental in executing, including that of Qin Kuai who was the Prime Minister and main perpetrators, is kept opposite to the tomb in a kneeling position within an iron fence. A symbolic gesture of punishment being endorsed to the perpetrators!

Travel tips:
Entry fee to the temple complex is CNY 25 per head.From the city tourist can easily reach to the temple complex by hoping in to regular transport bus service or can engage taxi.

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