Pig's Inn in Xiding Village

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We went to Xidi village in a raining night, and our destiantion is Pig's Inn, it was well known on many blog articles of Huangshan and Xidi.  Though our GPS showed we were 2 blocks away only, our big coach could not enter into the narraw street.  A local people pointed out another direction in his Huizhou dialet, and we passed one and one crossroad, eventually we were here.

Pig's Inn in Xiding Village

The house is located in a hidden street of Xidi village, away from those must-go attractions.  In fact it was a traditional civilian house with a large enclosed yard with a garden, pigsty, chicken coop, kitchen, and outhouse.  After renovation by two poets from Shanghai, it was coverted into a hostel.  The 1st-floor lobby bar was located in the original pigsty area, that was why this place was known as Pig's Inn.

Xidi village was built between the 18th and 19th centuries, about 600 traditional Huizhou style houses, a main street which runs in an east-west direction, two parallel streets, and many narrow alleyways form the layout of this village.

Some of the houses were used as oil crushing workshop, which was popular in a traditional village of Huangshan.

A straw hat capped table lamp and other farm-style decoration

A guitar was played with melodic flair in Pig's bar

Our first night in Huangshan was in a sweet queen sized bed room.

Photo source: Pig's Inn Photo and  Raining night in Huizhou

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