Zhangye City along Silk Road

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For most people, the Silk Road is a dream to them as the Silk Road has the best tourism resources to discover the best of China. Along the Silk Road, you will enjoy gorgeous natural scenery, inspiring historical and cultural relics, unique culture and exotic customs of ethnics along the route. Those cities the Silk Road passes by try their best to present their best scenery and sites for the specific description of the uniqueness and mystery of the Silk Road. Zhangye City is one of those excellent cities along Silk Road. 

Zhangye City belongs to Gansu Province. It is located in the northwest of Gansu and the middle of Hexi Corridor. As a historical and culture city as well as an excellent tourism city, Zhangye stands out by its long history, glorious culture, alluring natural scenery, and unique places of historical interest.

Though Zhangye has a continental arid climate because of the location in inner northwest China, it has advantageous geographical of Qilian Mountains and Hehe River. Zhangye actually has flat and fertile fields, making it great to plant crops and fruits. Thus, Zhangye has typical oasis scenery among desert and has been reputed as “frontier Jiangnan”.

As one of the most important cities along Silk Road, Zhangye has its own featured natural scenery and historical sites. It has the most gorgeous Danxia landscape, the alluring ecological urban wetland, the most beautiful rape flowers in northwest China, the largest military horse farm, the unique Yugu ethnic culture and custom, the magnificent and imposing scenery of Qilian Mountains, also landscapes of Gobi and iceberg.

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