Yunnan Zhoucheng Bai People Village

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Zhoucheng is located in the north side of Dali Ancient city,covering an area of 4.7 square kilometers, is the largest Bai people village in Dali. Known as the Homeland of Tie-dye, Zhoucheng has become a very popular tourists spot not only for its beautiful natural view, also the rich and unique culture of Bai people. 

Bai people is the 15th largest ethinic minority group in China and their history can be traced back to 4000 years ago. Zongcheng still keeps good reserved of traditional custom and habit of Bai People, tourist can visit Bai People’s house, shopping around in local fair market, experiencing how the tie-die get done and tasting their delicious food. Want some souvenirs and bring them home? No problem. Take a tour in local crafts store and find something special for your family and friends.

The word Bai means “White” in English, just like their names, Bai people shows great interest and respect for the color white. For clothes, white is their top choice and white clothes mean elegance for both men and women. Even their house are painted as white. They are all faithful believers. Like other Bai people villages, there are two temples inside the Zhoucheng. Inside they worship some of the local god that keep them safe and sound.

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