Guides to Travel Beijing in Spring Festival

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I should have visited Sanya in Spring Festival. However, the high fee made me go to Beijing
I booked the flight ticket and hotel from TourdeChina . Of course I bought a cheap one. The hotel was Days Inn Forbidden City Beijing. It has a good position. It nears Tiananmen Square and Wangfujing Street.
The first day, it's nearly evening when we arrived. We dropped down our luggage and went to Wangfujing Street to eat Quan ju de Roast Duck. Here, please pay attention not to take the waiter's recommendation. It's enough as you order a duck and a vegetable. It's hard to get costumed of the other meals to our foreigners. We took the advice of waiter and ordered a meal package for 6 people as we have 4 adults and 3 children. As a consequence of this, the waiter's promotion even related to duck's internal organs, which tasted bad. The duck is OK. However, we spent 1400 RMB and not finish even half of the meal, so unworthy! Once we finished, we just walked around in Wangfujing Street. Actually it's almost the same as other pedestrian streets.
The second day, we have early morning tea in hotel, and then transfer to Yonghe Palace Temple by Metro. But not recommend visiting here, coz too many people were burning joss sticks, too small and bad air quality. I came out in 10 minutes. And then we transferred to Temple of Heaven by Metro. I walked around here until afternoon. It's tired to visit sceneries in Beijing. You just can visit them on foot. Once you start, you need to find the way out, coz the way back is also far. We went to Summer Palace then by taxi then. In winter, there is not too much to see, but it's a pity of not visiting here. Not catching a taxi when we were out, just got on the bus to Wangfujing Street. It's a pity that we did not go to Yuanmingyuan Park because my son was sleeping. We had dinner at Qianmen Avenue. It's not delicious but cheap. We took the Dangdang Car after walking around in Qianmen Avenue.
The third day, too tired yesterday, and we would go to Great Wall tomorrow. So we had fewer itineraries today. Morning we had Gou bu li Bun, almost the same as Small Steam Bun we eat, cheap and not delicious. And then we went to Tiananmen Square. The Forbidden City was behind it. It's not finish until 1 o'clock. We didn't get on the City Wall Coz it brought me too much trouble and had a long line. Then we visited Hutong coz it wouldn't walk. We just sat on a tricycle gain more knowledge. We go to have dinner in Wangfujing Street by tram. The tappasaki in Wangfujing Street is the best meal in my memory. What a great meal!
The fourth day, we decided to go to the Great Wall, Ming Tomb, Bird's Nest and Water Cubic. Coz we had a long way to go, we chose TourdeChina one day tour. Pick us up at 7 o'clock, and then transfer to the Great Wall. It's a "Must go" scenery spot in China. But I found nothing but people there. Then we had group meal. It's fine. We transferred to Ming Tomb, which also made me disappointed. In the evening we went to visit the Bird's Nest and the Water Cubic. The guide recommended us just taking photos from outside. It's boring of watching chairs inside. Due to having group tour, it's not too tired this day. We walked around Wangfujing Street again at night.
The last day, we were going to airport at 3 o'clock. I slept to nature to wake this morning coz it was exhausted yesterday. Some friends of mine went to visit Chairman Mao's Statue. It's a pity that we did not coz we didn't wanna get up. In the afternoon we went to have hot pot. It is said that it would be a great regret without eating hot pot. But I always hold an opinion that it is not good when having hot pot without seafood. I still think the Doulao in Macau is better food. And then we were shopping in Qianmen Street.
In general, Beijing's taxi drivers had a bad attitude. They had serious problem of refusing customers. If you want to go a long way such as going to airport, they would not refuse. Taking by underground is cheap. No matter how long is it, two yuan is enough. If you got a bus card, 0.4 Yuan is enough, so cheap.
Inclusion, all the cost is almost the same as having group tour. But we have better food. Actually we still can save the fee of transferring and meals.
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