Terracotta Warrior: Visiting the Eighth Miracle in the World

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Terracotta Warriors and Horses Qin Shi Huang Tomb Pei Zangkeng pit is located 1,500 meters east of Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum. Warriors take a west to east pit, Sankeng in a triangle shape. One figurines first discovered the hole, rectangular, 230 meters from east to west, north and south, 62 meters wide, about 5 meters deep, with a total area of 14,260 square meters, surrounded by slopes in doorways left and right and have a terracotta pit for two Three pits and pit.

The big ticket: 110RMB (check two times); you can go from ticket office to ticket checking gate by cable car; price is 10 RMB (It unnecessary to take the cable car coz its 10 miniutes on foot). It takes you 5 RMB from Terracotta Warriors to Hua qing Hot Spring, Qing Tomb, so convenient to you. 

Overview of pit No. 1 in Terracotta Warriors

Pit No. 2 site

The following is the full itinerary 

Take the bus to Terracotta Warriors from Xian Train Station. The fee is 8 RMB.

When you get off the bus, please remember to go to ticket office first. If you go straightly to the gate of ticket examiner, you have to back, which waste you 20 minutes.

It’s the road to the ticket examiner in the picture. Ticket office is on the right hand side.

There are new buildings. I guess they are used as the visitor reception.

Great Shaanxi Great China.

These warrior figures are used to take pictures by visitors. Of course it costs money

What an over whelming wall. Four Character in the middle: 天下兼并(English means a merge world)

This is the first ticket checking gate.
As I said before, if you come here without ticket, you have to back to ticket office again.
Of course someone would sell ticket to you with a high price. And he will cheat you that it cost 30 minutes to back to ticket office.

You can see the second ticket checking gate after passing the first one for a short time.
There is not security checking in the first gate. Here is, but fast and not too serious. 

Having pass the second gate, you can see the Pit No. 1 hall from a distance.
There is lawn in front of the hall. A monument writes Terracotta Warriors Museum  

A photo for close-range.

I enter the Pit No. 1 hall with an exciting feeling.
The left side is the entrance. The right side is the exit. Entering needs the checking. In principle it permits you entering only one time.
Actually, if you want to visit again you can enter form the exit. No one watching there.

What a shocking Terracotta Warriors Pit No. 1 in front of me!
So great to be an emperor!

The following are the photos of Pit No. 1 hall. 

The following is the pit No. 2 (The site has been showed in the beginning of the text)

The following is the Pit No. 3:

A relics exhibition hall dedicated:

The hall shows a model of a warriors hand in hand with a little girl. 

This is the national treasure showed in China hall of Expo!

All the above is the Terracotta Warriors Museum. The feeling is great!
Unfortunately, the technical protection of cultural relics in China is not very developed. It is said that the color of terracotta warriors and horses have faded a lot, a great pity!

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