Chongqing Features Cuisine Tips

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Chongqing Cuisine is also known as Yu Cuisine (渝菜) in China. It belonged to Sichuan cuisine before the third time for Chongqing recovery as a municipality and has spicy and sour aroma characteristics, especially numb spicy. According to historical records, Sichuan cuisine originated in the ancient Ba and Shu Kingdom. Chili, pepper, and bean paste are the main condiments to make different flavor of type.
Chongqing covers a large area and has a variety of snacks, including the Chongqing hot and sour noodles, dan dan noodles, clod glutinous rice cakes, and so on. You can’t miss these common and delicious snacks during the Chongqing tour.

Chongqing Hot Pot
The most famous Chongqing food is undoubtedly the Chongqing Hot Pot, which was initially created by boatmen and trackers to keep warm. Chongqing is the birthplace of Hot Pot and Chongqing Hot Pot is well known for its numb, spicy, fresh, fragrant, and changeable flavor.
As the representative of Chongqing food culture, Chongqing Hot Pot has become the typical cuisine of Chongqing and is also available in the large and small streets in other parts of China.

chongqing hot pot

Authentic Way to Eat Chongqing Hot Pot
1 Authentic Chongqing Hot Pot should be eaten in the pot with 9 grids, each grid for each kind of food;
2 the hotter of the weather, the more people to eat Hot Pot (if you see some people eating Hot Pot with their bare arms in the hot summer, you will know they are the local Chongqing people);
3 it is recommend to add a spoonful of vinegar in the Hot Pot

Where to Eat the Hot Pot in Chongqing
1 High-grade: “Hong Ding • Beauty Beauty Hot Pot”, where the environment is very good and different from the traditionalHot Pot restaurants, one person one pot, 88-168 yuan / person
2 Middle-grade: Little Swan Hot Pot and Qiqi Hot Pot in Jiefangbei Road, Dezhuang Hot Pot opposite the Nan’an District Government, etc are more famous mid-grade Hot Pot in Chongqing, usually 20-50 yuan / person
3 Cheap places: mainly concentrated in night market of Minsheng Road, Yuzhong District, Shangqingsi night market, 10-15 yuan / person and is popular with students.

Chongqing Hot and Sour Noodles
With the flavor of sour and spicy as its highlight, Chongqing Hot and Sour Noodle taste good and long been loved by the people. The noodle is mainly sweet potato flour.

chongqing hot and sour noodles

Dan dan Noodles
It is a kind of hot-spiced noodles in soup favored with a sauce containing dried shrimp, shredded preserved vegetables, peanuts, sesame seeds, chili oil, vinegar and garlic. Dan dan refers to shoulder poles. In the earliest time a noodle peddler shouldered his pole with two baskets at the either side while walking along streets. The baskets contained his noodles and sauce. He sold his noodles for the convenience of passers-by. His noodles cost almost nothing and gradually local people called it Dan dan Noodle.

dan dan noodles

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