Shenyang Botanical Garden

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Located in the eastern suburbs of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, Shenyang Botanical Garden was built in 1959. Covering an area of 189 hectares the garden has various kinds of plants from different regions of China. The Botanical Garden has become a tourist attraction with over 1,700 kinds of plants that include rare plants and the Korean pine. The beautiful scenery of the lake, evergreen pine trees and colorful flowers can be found in this Botanical Garden. Besides to all of this, you can also enjoy flowing waterfalls and elegant pavilions.

The garden is divided into southern part and the northern part. The southern area contains 20 small gardens, the Xing-Xing Paradise, and the Cuihu Lake. The northern area includes the Steam Locomotive Museum, hotels and the area for growing plants. The gardens have their own themes such as: Peony Garden, Lilac Garden, Azalea Garden and Rose Garden. The scenery is absolutely remarkable!
The Xing-Xing Paradise is designed for the children there are cartoon models to attract the young visitors. Another attraction is the chain bridges over the lake also attract thousands of visitors. 50 chain bridges have their own style and are designed to create a challenge. Moreover, you can see many rare wild animals in the zoo area and it sure puts a smile on every visitors face.

The most important is the Botanical Garden demonstrates to the tourist, the environmental protection which is being constantly maintained in the area. Thus, you can learn a great amount of scientific knowledge concerning ecological protection. It is very convenient to cross the garden and there are three main entrances of the Botanical Garden. The West Gate (the front entrance of the garden) is called the First Gate of Shenyang.

The Botanical Garden seems very glamorous all the year around. No matter which season you choose to visit, the weather is always pleasant. On the other hand, many people will choose summer to go there, because more flowers are in blossom and the Cuihu Lake also provides visitors with much entertainment.

Admission Fee:
Botanical Garden Entrance Fee - 20RMB
Steam Locomotives Museum Entrance Fee – 20RMB
Golf Course Entrance Fee – 20RMB
Opening Hours: 08:00 - 17:00

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