Guilin Yangshuo Tours (Recommendation of Eating, living and traveling)

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Guilin: Due to not arranging to travel in Guilin, I live only one night as a transit point. So I'm not familiar with the scenery spots. No recommendation for you.

Longji: If you want to visit Terraced Field, you'd better find a local guide. The road up to the mountain is complicated. It's easy to waste times without a guide. It's will be easy for you if you choose a sunny day to visit Dazhai especially for the visitors who doesn't have regular excise, seldom climbing and have an old age. You need to arrange your itinerary according to your own body situation. If you want to pay a visit to both Dazhai and Pingan, you'd better live one night in Dazhai and one night in Pingan. It will be not too tight for you.

Yangshuo: It's about 65 km away from Guilin city. The bus often goes to Yangshuo from Guilin South Railway Station or Bus Terminal. The time cost about one and half hour. It Bus will go every 10 minutes. Yangshuo is a city fits for free and easy travel. The reason is: the people are simple and sincere here. It has a convenient transportation and much selective accommodation. The stores seldom cheat and generally honest.

Living: There are many places for you to live. Hotels or inns, whatever you like you can enter to have a look. Whatever choice you take will bring you comfort and joy. If you like to play outside until midnight, you can live in West Street (the noise won't stop until one or two o'clock). If you want to live quietly, you can live in Yulong River. You can stay several days to enjoy rural beauty. The delicious country cuisine will make you have an idea of settlement here. It's recommended to choose Sheraton Guilin Hotel. It's a great hotel in Guilin.

Tickets: The scenery spots tickets can have discount. Here I find out some of the price after discount. Generally you can buy the tickets by the following price or even lower.

Dream Garden: 65 Yuan (mainly artificial work, lack of nature)

Liusanjie Impression Show: C Zone (normal):140 Yuan, B Zone (VIP): 210, A Zone (Superior): 490 Yuan

Silver Cave: 65 Yuan (including the transfer, guide fee, which costs you half a day)

Banyan: 20 Yuan

The Moon Hill: 10 Yuan

Butterfly Spring: 45 Yuan

Yulong River Drifting: Yulong Bridge-Gongnong Bridge, 190 yuan/raft (for two people). The fist half has a beautiful scenery, water and mountain and less visitors. The second half has more people and crowded.

Li River Cruise: go to Xingping by raft (for four people) 90 Yuan/raft by 4 hours. First from Yangshuo to Yangti by bus, then from Yangti to Xingping by raft, then Xingping to yangshuo by bus.

Long Neck River Drifting: 130 Yuan (including the transfer, ticket and guide fee) (More than a half day)

Cycling route: Generally 5-10 Yuan/day, route: Yangshuo-Moon Hill, this is a must-see route, one word: perfect! Yangshuo-Yulong River Scenery Area (turn right when you near the Gongnong bridge), Yangshuo-county, buy a map, you can go by the sign. If you want to have a comfort ride, you can put a cushion to make your legs can stretch straightly. If so you won't be easy to get tired.

West Street: when it comes to West Street, the bars should be the most unforgettable thing. Actually, West Street still has another one attraction to the people don't like the bars. That's the coffee here. Different from playing in the bar at night, the coffee shop open both day and night. And the most important thing is that it tastes really good! And it is a big cup of coffee. That's the biggest coffee I've ever seen. A cup of coffee is enough for you to get through a morning, or an afternoon or an evening. Strongly recommend: Mingyuan Coffee.

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