Yellow River Hukou Waterfall

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Just after the Guizhou Huangguoshu Waterfall, Yellow River Hukou Waterfall is the second most famous water fall in China. It's also the biggest yellow waterfall in the world. The great momentum of the waterfall is a symbol of Chinese national spirit.

Hukou Waterfall is in the west of Hukou town, Linfen city in Shanxi province, in the east of Hukou village, Yanan city in Shaanxi province. There are full of cliff on both sides of Yellow River. The outfall is just like the mouth of Teapot, so it means Hukou (mouth of teapot) Waterfall. It has an area of 60 kms square. The water crash sounds like thunder, which has a great style. It also has a rich water recourse.

The Asia fly man Orr, Sau Leung and Yellow River Kid Zhaohui Zhu successfully flied through Yellow River Hukou Waterfall Scenery Area by car and motorcycle.

The travel bus started from Xian. After passing through the Tomb of Yellow Emperor and Xuanyuan Temple, we went straight to Yellow River Hukou Water Fall.

It's Yellow River in the picture. We stood in Shaanxi province. The opposite place is Linfen in Shanxi. A bridge links to these two province.

This statue is the famous water control expert, Da Yu
This is the legend place of Da Yu. In order to memorize him, a Da Yu Temple is built on a small island
There is a turtle below his feet. I wondered is it his mount.

After a while, I could see the full view of Da Yu Temple. Of course I took picture of it.
The Yellow River Hukou Waterfall is fierce. But when it comes to here it seems exhausted, flowing quietly.

There were some working boats on the Yellow River.
They were cleaning the mug or looking for gold?

The opposite hill writes 4 big Character: "山西临汾"(Shanxi Linfen in English).
A big bridge crosses Yellow River. Some people are on duty to check. It's a little bit strict because the bridge is the junction of two provinces.

Having passed the Shaanxi Yellow River Hukou Waterfall, We arrived to the ticket office, which is a simple pavilion.
The moving truck reminded us that they were on construction. Once the tourist attractions finished, the scenery will be greatly reduced.

We came to Yellow Hukou Waterfall Big Stone. Many people were taking photo here.
From a distance was Hukou. The River also ends here. What a nice view!

I went on. I saw Hukou from a far sight. There are more people here.
At the end of November, the amount of water turned less, so the Hukou water seemed not as splendid as before.

In order to welcome Hong Kong's return to China on 1st, June in 1997, The Asia fly man Orr Sau Leung "flied" through Hukou by car.

In 1999, 20th of June, a young farmer Zhaohui Zhu from Shanxi province "flied" through Hukou by Motorcycle, which made a new miracle again.

A distant view for you
Still I could see the water mist.

One more

Go close.

Look down from the edge.

Another one photo  Nearly no water on the opposite side

As if there's more water form Shaanxi than from Shanxi.

Close to Hukou, more water, splash on my body

The end of Hukou What a great splendid view!

Spray and mist

Another one

The biggest yellow waterfall in the world!

A lot of mist rolling

I could not stand if the water went bigger.

The last one

That's the documentary Hukou waterfall in the last third of November.

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