Look for the Hongze Lake Crabs

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The joy of harvest 

Hongze Lake is the fourth largest freshwater lake in China, located in the downstream of Huaihe River, western Jiangsu Province. Now Hongze Lake has normal water level of 12.5 meters, with an area of 2,069 square kilometers, the deepest 5.5 m.
Chairman Mao's inscription

Sanhe Sluice is located in the southeast of Hongze Lake, an important control port gate of the downstream of Huaihe River, and also is the backbone project of the Huaihe River Basin. 

The restaurant on the Hongze Lake 

Lotus in the lake


That goose followed us for several hundred meters. 

In recent years, Hongze County implements scientific farming relying on the ecological advantages and carries out marketing plan with high-end media.

Busy with crab harvest 

Hongze Lake is the only Living Water Lake among the national Great Lakes. The water quality is good, and extremely conducive to the growth of high-quality crabs.

Evening barbecue, tasted the best grilled wings I had eaten 

This fish is terror!

At night, we watched concert which is famous in China: the voice of China. 

Hongze Lake hairy crabs features: 
1 White belly 
2 Green back
3 yellow hair
4 Golden claws 

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