Walk through Ancient Luoyan

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Luoyang is an ancient city with too much glory, as well as its monuments, art and cuisine. 

In a hot day, I came to this city and quietly feel its breath, trying to constantly walk through that Millennium's time to feel the best Luoyang. 

The Luoyang's Water Banquet 

What is the must to taste in Luoyang? Of course, the Water Banquet, which sure make your the greatest satisfaction, so that the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and all-round enjoyment.

Eating “Peony” in the Peony city: The food of the Water Banquet is so exquisite.

Luoyang Water Banquet was begun in the Tang Dynasty. Because the weather of Luoyang is dry, so the folk have the custom to eat soup every meal. It is said that Water Banquet was originally the food used to please the Empress Wu Zetian, but soon, it was spread to folk and then became the most classic masterpiece of the Luoyang food culture. There are two meaning of the words “Water Banquet”: one is that the soup is too much; the other is that the cuisine is just like water, one after another. 

Currently, as a national intangible cultural heritage, Luoyang Water Banquet is famous at home and abroad. If want to taste the most authentic Water Banquet, I suggest going to the Zhenbutong. Our private room is rather antique, with many ancient potteries. 

These are just appetizing dish.

The shape of the dishes is so exquisite and delicious too. Each food represents a different meaning

Each food is so just right to meet our needs, for example, in the hot summer months to eat appetizing Sydney Hawthorn is so good.

The Peony Swallow Dish makes us mouth watering

Peony Swallow Dish is also called Luoyang Swallow Dish. It is said that when Wu Zetian was in Luoyang, a giant turnip weighing tens of kilograms grew in the field in Dongguan. Farmers thought it was a miracle, and dedicated it to the Empress. Wu, tired of sumptuous feast, was curious about what dishes could be made of turnip. The imperial cooks study it and decided to steam the shredded turnip mixed with starch, then blend it with delicious soup. The Empress was very impressed by the swallow nest-like flavor, and complimented it a lot, and named it "Swallow Dish".

The dish I love most. The soup is very delicious.

flowing dishes of the feast

After the cold dish, there were soups and all kinds of main dishes. But no matter how delicious the soup, I can only eat a little, what a pity!

Take a look at the outside of the restaurant

The attendants in the hall

Inside of the restaurant

The night of the restaurant, whose business is very well. 

Longmen Grottoes

As a world cultural heritage, the Longmen Grottoes become the main sources of tourism revenue in Luoyang. It is located in the southern suburbs of Luoyang, the Longmenshan.

Fengxian Temple is the largest and most exquisite group sculptures of the Longmen Grottoes, also retains the most complete, the most beautiful. The middle of the main Buddha - Lushena Buddha has become the image spokesperson of the Longmen Grottoes even Luoyang

The night of Longmen Grottoes, brilliant, like a Buddha Party?This was just a picture of the scenic night view posters.

tri-coloured glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty  


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