Stunning Menyuan Rape Flower

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There are several places famous for golden rape flowers in Southern China. There is one place must mention, that is the Menyuan County, where golden rape flowers are flourishing in July.

Located in the Haibei Tibetan Aut. Prefecture, Qinghai Province, Menyuan County has an altitude of 3,200 meters which delays the cycle of its flowers. About 400 million square meters of rape flowers blossom around Qinghai Lake.

In early July, golden rape flowers are in full bloom from the Qingshizui to the Xianmi gorges. The rape in Qingshizui is flat and open, running southward directly to the foot of Qilian Mountain. Except for a few houses and the snow-capped Qilian Mountain, thousands of hectares of rape land reveal the same color, like a great piece of nugget. The golden world of Menyuan County is famous for its vast green fields and yellow rapeseed flowers. It looks like the heaven in the Qinghai-Tibet plateau.

Travel tips:
Fee: RMB 20
Transportation: Takes 40 Yuan from Xining at the bus station to Menyuan.

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