Miao silversmith

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Silver forging is Miao folk unique skills, all ornaments are made by hand. In the villages such as Kongbai village, Maliao village, Wugao village etc, Xijiang Town, Leishan County, the processing of Miao silverware is based on manual family operation. Miao silversmiths are generally inherited his father's business, from generation to generation, and the craft rarely rumor. 

lighting of fires, bellows support combustion

Select silver

Melting silver

After the silver is melted, blow off the charcoal and powder with a blowpipe

Pour the silver water into the silver trough to form of silver bullion

Then beat the silver bullion into sheet

The most traditional and original fiber drawing technology: the drawing well filaments are knead into thread-like with wooden gyroscope

Thread-like filaments used to compile the flowers

Some filaments used to knead pedicel,?Weld the woven flowers on a silver piece, the welded flower shear lace

Glue the well-cut flower to the welding material and prepare to be welded with pedicel

A beautiful Silver Flower come into being

Sheet of silver pieces are carved with patterns as flowers, insects, fish and so on, but some should be placed on the mold to beat the contours

A clear outline pattern come out

Heating rosin board till rosin melted, sticky on the recess of the silver pieces to prevent deformation when engraving

Silver pieces cemented in the rosin board can be used to carve patterns

Put the well-made silverware on copper pots, add some cleaning silverware dissolvent, water, and boil the mixture gently for about 5 minutes, remove

Polish the well cooked silverware with metal brush, and then pierce the polishing Silver Flower to connect with the silver cap

Beautiful silver cap is done.

National intangible cultural heritage inheritor Guangbin Yang is testing the silver jewelry he makes himself.

Exquisite bracelet, silver necklace, and silver cap

Some tools to be used to make the silverware

The dressed up Miao women toast guests with horns wine?

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