Ergun River, Sino-Russian Border River

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The next morning arrived Shiwei, I came to the border river Ergun River, and viewed the opposite Russian village across the river, which looks worn, original, and mysterious.

Shiwei is going on construction projects, like the town of Russian. It is the domes of the Russian Orthodox Church on the top of the luxury Mongonia buildings.

Riding to the river, close looked at the opposite Russian village, and saw nobody!

Shiwei is originally the Mongolian ancestors - the birthplace of Mogul Shiwei tribal, now save more than 10 blocks city ruins, containing deep Mongolian roots historical and cultural connotation and background in worship, sightseeing, field trips. 

Shiwei is now the only Russian nationality townships in China, most villagers are ethnic Russian and descendant of China and Russia.

Shiwei is developing rapidly, and Russian people also “Gold Rush” here, with the Russians performances, some selling bread.

In the 60-80 years of last century, when tensions between the Chinese and Soviet, there are millions of Soviet troops at the border on the opposite hilltop.

Modernization of Chinese border guards outpost

Taking a speedboat on Ergun River, accidentally crossed the borders, close look at Russia abandoned houses and warships.

Chinese border guards patrol boat

The Shiwei water tower is also exotic.

There are not only dozens of kinds of animals, birds, rabbits, roe deer, deer, deer, wolves, foxes, dragon, pheasant, sand half chicken, but also mountain products, herbs and wild mushrooms in the dense forests of Shiwei.

A beautiful Guangdong girl was taking pictures in the border river edge.

Rented a horse, photographed on horseback

Lined at the Ergunar River, seemed ready to set off.

The prince charming by the White Goose Lake

See the scenery on horseback

I was willing to gallop on the grasslands.

I elongated the lens, and captured this picture.

Retracts the lens and photographed the entire lake.

Go back to shooting a swamp. 

Dismount and photographed my horse. Two ponies had been following me around.

The background of the horse is the Russian village in the mist morning.

There are several original national homes for the reception the of the tourists in Shiwei village, each has a brand approved by the tourist bureau on the door, and every family has a living room and several bedrooms. Visitors should pay additional fee for dinner.

With the development of tourists, many have been changed into a manor-class reception.

The originally houses are all made of Mongonia docking logs, which are said to be built by hand, with stone foundations.

It was the low season at that time, but we also saw many tourist bus vehicles. It is said that when the peak season, there is no room, a lot of people sleep in the car.

Walked through the border Shiwei Port Bridge, and viewed the Russian ports on the opposite. 

The Sino-Russian border bridge on the Ergunar River

Ergunar River waves thrown up… looked! Rainbow

Hotels and cruise ships on the river. 

View the Sino-Russian style Shiwei on the Ergunar River.

There is a national class port and the first permanent bridge between China and Russia (Friendship Bridge) in the Russian style Shiwei.

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