The Theatrical Troupe in Wuye Temple

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Last month, I took a trip to Wutai Mountain, and found that there were lots of travelers gathering at the train station when I arrived. It turned out July and August is the best time to travel Wutai Mountain, where the air is exceptionally cool, moody mountains make the dojo of the No.1 of the four famous Buddhist mountains into a fresh destination for “heat shelters + meditation + wishing + mountaineering + trekking”.

My wishing place is precisely the well-known Wuye Temple on Mount Wutai. Wuye Temple is rather small, but there are indeed many pilgrims in Wuye Temple, which really made me shock.

It is said that there are some ways to do wishing: burning incense early in the morning in the temple, hanging plaque, sent robes, while the most solemn manner is Wuye seeing theater.

The place with smoke is the door of Wuye Temple, and the White Pagoda Temple is just next to the Wuye Temple.

 Wuye Temple is located inside the Wanfo Pavilion. There is a Dragon King wearing a golden robe and sitting in the hall of Wuye Temple is the famous Wuye.

It is grateful to him for the benefit of the Wutai Mountain area, so the Dragon King temple statues to be worshiped.

The hall is covered with a plaque.

The eaves of Wuye Temple are also exceptionally domineering.


I saw two pilgrims singing for Wuye for two days.

It is said that, it cost about 5,000 Yuan for 15 minutes of professional troupe singing.

These actors are professional actors of Peking Opera Troupe in Shanxi Province.

There is a specialized dressing room aside the temple, and the opera actors were make-up for the performances.

Lots of opera star come here for the show.

It seems there is only one Makeup artist, so most of the time, they should make up of their own.

exquisite headdress

Wearing hat

finishing clothes before on the stage


Heavy makeup

The actors walked through pilgrims, and it is really the most beautiful scenery in the temple.

the accompaniment team

This uncle was smoking while accompaniment the play.

After the performance, return lounge, but also through the huge crowds of pilgrims.

Listen carefully, you will find it is really nice.

Waiting for the play

Which famous play?

Each lamp is a wonderful wish.

Overlooking the Wutai Mountain, it is surrounded by mountains, lush. 

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