The Oldest Daxuexi Lane Mosque of Xian

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The mosque is not only a place of Muslim religious activities, but also the political, economic and cultural center of Muslim. China's earliest mosque was built in the early Tang Dynasty. There are two types of Chinese mosque according to the architectural style: one is the Arab-style cylindrical vault architecture, and the other is the palace-style building with Chinese characteristics.

Xi'an Daxuexi Lane Mosque is located in the west of Daxuexi Lane, made by the founding fathers of theTang Dynasty. It is also called as the West Temple due to locate in the west of Xian Huajue Lane Mosque. This mosque is rather large scale, and only second to the Huajue Lane Mosque. It is recorded that it is the oldest mosque in Xian. 

The construction of the mosque was at about 150 years after the introduction of Islam, but for various reasons, they were repeatedly when destroyed corps. There was no mosque of Tang Dynasty in Xi'an city now, and the most well- preserved mosques are the East and West Mosque within Xian City. 

The mosque covers an area of 9.1 acres, with a total construction area of 270O square meters, consisted by screen wall, door, courts, shower room, the main hall and other buildings. 

Six beliefs of Islam is the foundation of Islam and if accept the six creed, that is, he is the believers of Islam. In all the six faith, belief in Allah is the most basic, command of other five.

There are five lessons for Islam, which are known as the “five destiny”, referred to as the “Five Pillars”. Each lesson has stringent regulations. Only recognition of the six beliefs and actions fully implemented Muhammad provisions of the “Five Pillars”, to become a complete Muslim.

The Temple architecture is rather similar with that of Huajue Lane Mosque, but a little bit smaller. The pavilions, tables, temples, court layout properly in the mosque, and the temple gates opposite to a big screen wall with brick ornamentation. 

Shengxin Pavilion is one of the main buildings of the monastery. According to legend, it was built in the Song Dynasty.

Shengxin Pavilion Peace is solemn and quaint, now been painted, and is one of the main buildings of the temple.

Followed by north-south tablets pavilion, and there is a well known “Zheng He Monument” in the south tablets pavilion, surrounded by stone fence.

There is a plaque in the main hall. 

The whole layout of the mosque is reflects the architectural style of early Islam Islamic mosques in China.

There are two tablet pavilions on each side of the compound channel. 

 Something written in Arabic, I can not understand. 

This is hung next to the shower room about the order in which Muslims take a bath.

If you want to walk around the mosque, there's something to attention:
1 Do not wear clothes such as short skirts shorts, or you may not allow entering.
2 Do not smoke, and do not enter the Chapel (main hall). 


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