The World's Largest Indoor Ice Lantern Snow Sculpture Art Exhibition

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Harbin Ice and Snow Art Gallery, a total construction area of 5,000 square meters, the museum has the height of seven meters, with hundreds of snow landscape. Indoor’s temperature perennial kept at minus 5 ° C - minus 10 ° C, and is the world's largest indoor ice light snow sculpture art galleries. 

Although the Snow Museum of Art is cold, but with taste and funny, more hauntingly, attracting many visitors from far and all people, whether domestic or foreign, whether it is the central and local leaders and entertainment stars at home and abroad, or ambassadors are all unanimous praise the beauty here. Harbin ice and snow Museum of Art is also a milestone in the development of the world of ice and snow art History, which make up the blank of the ice city of three seasons snow landscape, letting Harbin have snow tourism products all year round to attract visitors.

Outdoor scene of Sun Island snow Museum of Art

A group of features works with a strong traditional culture 

"Children's World": there is a sense of vitality, as if he went back to childhood. All the small animals the kids like are vivid and lifelike.

Pavilions, crystal clear

Flowers, birds and fish: the idea is novel, with exquisite workmanship, give you a vitality, happy feeling.

Large slides: 6 meters, 20 meters long, and 12 meters wide, to test the courage in the flickering lights on both sides. Standing on the top of the slide, you are being in the highest point of the whole museum, where you can enjoy a view of the museum, eyeful of crystal clear ice lamp.

Temple pagoda, exist side by side

“Buddha” occupies a certain position of in the minds of many Chinese people. Since Buddhism was introduced from India into China in the Tang Dynasty, the Buddhist culture has been deeply rooted in the minds of many Chinese people. The “one hundred Buddha Mountain” gathered you a taste of the kind of sacred feeling again.


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