Beijing's Most Beautiful Avenue of Landscape: Bali Landscape Gallery

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Beijing Yanqing Bali Landscape Gallery is located in Yanqing County, northeast of Qianjiadian Town, a total area of 371 square kilometers, 40 kilometers away from Yanqing County, and 110 kilometers away from Beijing. The east of scenic spot is adjacent to Huairou District, while the north border Chicheng County, Hebei Province.

Bali Landscape Gallery is regarded as the best route for Beijing traveling by car in 2007.

The scenic area has excellent ecological environment and rich in tourism resources.

It is the continental monsoon climate, semi-humid areas, air rich in negative oxygen ions, the average annual temperature of 8 ° C and an average annual rainfall of 477.2 mm, the four seasons changes in scenery picturesque, is a the veritable summer resort and green oxygen bar.

Acres of sunflower landscape

Shooting Time: late in August, 2012 
Location: Beijing Yanqing County, Qianjiadian
Route Features: humanities and history, natural scenery, photography, self-drive leisure 

There are 6 scenic spots, including petrified wood group, Oolong Canyon Dishuihu, Chaoyang Temple, Dragon King Temple, and Guandi Temple.

The scenery along the way

The first landscape of the Bali Landscape Gallery: Xiushui Bay Village grows an area of 200 acres of sunflower, to create the best viewing, allow people to see the sunflower landscape as soon as entering the gallery.

Acres of sunflower panoramic view from far and near. Beautiful natural scenery and a chic street cultural landscape, the car on the road, people in the middle picture, enjoy the picturesque scenery.

2000 acres of sunflower in Qianjiadian Town with location distribution: Liudaohe, Hekou, Henan, Shaliangzi, and Pingtaizi 5 villages.

Bali Landscape Gallery has many tourist attractions, and every village is full of charm: mountains, water, villages, forests, fields, roads these natural elements have become tourist resources.

Qianjiadian Bali Landscape Gallery is the best tourist routes for Beijing traveling by car, the entire driving directions in the mountains, and the beautiful scenery: blue sky and white clouds, the mountains shade trees and downs. 

 Yanqing County creates a landscape view, to develop tourism economy. 

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