Guangzhou Specialty Shopping

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In Guangzhou, Fresh tropical fruits, herbal tea, soup bases, Guangzhou embroidery, Guangzhou porcelain, Guangzhou wood carvings and Lingnan bonsai are famous local specialty. When shopping in Guangzhou, you must be sure to shop around and bargain to buy cheap things, so that you can appreciate the fun of shopping. It is more fun to wander in various shopping street, experiencing the cultural customs in Guangzhou while shopping.

Herbal Tea
Drinking the herbal tea is a lifestyle in Guangzhou. Herbal tea is a kind of oral Chinese patent medicine, and tastes a little bitter and sweet, with the function of clearing away the summer heat, such as the Wong Lo Kat, Guilinggao, Shiqi herbal tea etc. It is an essential summer drink for many Cantonese families. There are also many herbal tea shops in Guangzhou streets.
herbal tea

Cantonese Mooncakes
There are two kinds of Cantonese moon cakes: salty and sweet mooncakes, and the most representative moon cakes are the ones produced in Lin Heung Tea House, Guangzhou Restaurant, Pan River Restaurant, Tao Tao Ju, Fun Cake house, etc.
Cantonese moon cakes

Guangzhou Embroidery
Guangzhou embroidery, Suzhou embroidery, Hunan embroidery, and Sichuan embroidery are regarded as the “four famous embroideries in China”. Guangzhou embroidery is not only has the characteristics of skillful knitting and elegant designs, rich colors and decorative.
Guangzhou embroidery

 Guangzhou Porcelain
Guangzhou porcelain is dated back to Ming Dynasty, and is also known as Canton woven gold polychrome. Guangzhou porcelains are the arts and crafts painted and fired in a variety of white porcelain ware, with a strong oriental feature, mostly using our tapestry patterns, and known as its bright brilliant color, so it is a unique breed of glaze polychrome in China.

Guangzhou porcelain

Guangzhou Woodcarving 
Guangzhou woodcarving is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and delicate carvings, and can be divided into two types: architectural decoration and furniture carving. Most architectural sculptures are made of camphor wood, such as the halls flower couch, doors, windows, screens, case of God, and so on. The screen, beams, doors and windows in Chen Family Temple Guangdong Folk Art Museum reflect the characteristics of Guangzhou woodcarving. As for the furniture carving, the mahogany furniture and camphor chest is the most famous and typical ones.
Guangzhou woodcarving

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