Top 5 Beautiful Grasslands of China

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China has some of the most stunning grassland scenery in the world and with the climate variation across different regions of China you can expect something completely different at the selected locations. China has an estimated 400 million hectares of land and is ranked second globally in terms of area.

Visiting the grasslands is an absolutely exhilarating experience and a great chance to spend time in the great outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Spending time in the nature great outdoors is a fantastic way to escape from the busy cities of China and see a completely different side of China.

The best locations to see the natural beauty of China grasslands are: Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Tibet. So check out top 5 most beautiful grasslands recommended below so you can begin planning your colorful adventure!

No. 1 Chengde Fengning

Chengde Fengning Grassland is perfect as a summer vacation to escape the busy city life and summer heat. The best way to enjoy the scenery of the grasslands is to go horse riding and with the gentle breeze, pleasant sunshine and mild temperatures. Chengde is in a very convenient location situated just 280 kilometers from Beijing making it one of the most popular summer getaways. Whilst enjoying the limitless view of the green green grass you can spot some free grazing herds. 

No.2 Chifeng Wulan Butong

Chi Feng is situated in the Southeast of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and is known as the “microcosm of Inner Mongolia” due to the Grasslands, forests, mountains, deserts, lakes, hot springs, snow, rare animal and plant species. Chifeng, the original ecological treasure-house includes 6 national nature reserves, 6 national forest parks, 6 state-leveled scenic spot of water. One of the high lights of Wulan Butong has to be the Hongshan Army Horse farm which is a military horse ranch located 500km from Beijing.

No.3 Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve

Yading Nature Reserve is located in Daocheng county which can be found at the southeastern corner of Sichuan province. The villages in Daocheng are of Tibetan-Chinese orgins and proves to be a very enchanting place to visit with the interesting Tibetan culture. The Three Sacred Peaks are part of the nature reserve and can be accessed by hiking and horse riding routes.

No.4 Tibet Changtang Grasslands

The Changtang grasslands of Tibet is one of the largest pastures of land in China which is surrounded by several mountains. The beautiful stretch of land is an ideal habitat for wildlife and plant species. Changtang Grassland is a paradise for the wild animals and plants. On the vast grassland, yaks and sheep can be seen everywhere. The grass “Naza” growing on the grassland is a type of short grass that has the highest content of protein among all grasses. Hence, why the flocks and herds grazing on the grassland are better in comparison to flock in other locations.

No.5 Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake is the largest salt water lake in China and the natural beauty of the lake which is reflected by its luminous blue green reflection. What makes Qinghai Lake all the more attractive is the grassland that encircles the lake and the view of the mountains complement the serene surroundings. The lake is an ideal location all year round to visit and the change in season always provides visitors with a different experience. 

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