Travel Guide to Huangshan

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1. Best time to go 
You can go anytime to Huangshan especially Spring, Summer and Autumn.
If you want to enjoy the stunning scenery on Huangshan, and go on Huangshan trips, you must consider the weather first. The weather of Huangshanis kind of marine-like. You can feel the temperature getting lower at higher altitudes.

Spring is the best time to visit. From April to June, Huangshan will have a rainy, misty and cloudy weather.

Summer is hot,but some places in Huangshan like Bright Summit Peak and Jade Screen Tower do not get a summer season. And the rainstorm in summer will make Huangshan a fantasy world of water and rainbows above a sea of clouds.

Fall is cool with the average temperature is 12.9C (55.22F) in September and 11.7C (53.06F) in October.

Winter is cold but very beautiful.After snow,the landscapes of Huangshan is spectacular.

2. The Consumption Standard
The level of consumption on Huangshan is very high because everything on the mountain was carried up by porters.It makes things cost almost 5 times than they cost down the mountain.You’d better to bring some portable food for yourself like biscuits, bread, ham and egg etc. before climbing.It will help you save a lot of money.

3. Best place to View
The Huangshan has some wonderful sceneries like sunrise, sunset, Cloud Sea, and snowscape. Here are the suggestions about the best places to enjoy the beautiful sceneries:
Sunrise : Refreshing Terrace, Shuguang Pavilion, Lion Peak, Jade Screen Pavilion, Bright Peak

Sunset: Paiyun (Cloud Dispersing) Pavilion, Red Cloud Peak

Cloud Sea: Jade Screen Pavilion, Refreshing Terrace, White Goose Ridge, Paiyun Pavilion, Bright Peak

Snowscape: Jade Screen Pavilion, North Sea, Pine Valley, Cloud Valley, Hot Spring

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