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October is also called “Golden October” in China due to it being one of the most pleasant months to visit. October is packed full of adventure and surprises and with the great weather there is time for plenty of fun!

Where to Go
China is jam packed full of activities and destinations to visit during the month of October! For October Chinatouradvisors.com is proud to present our ski tours for Changbaishan! Admire the beauty of Changbaishan and enjoy the great outdoors with mesmerizing scenery. For all the adventure lovers skiing at Changbaishan is an absolutely unique experience that will be truly unforgettable!

Changbaishan National Nature Reserve
It’s the time of year again for the biannual Canton FairGuangzhou is better known as the “Gourmet of Guangdong” and the shopaholics “Shopping Paradise”. Chinatouradvisors.com has a range of Canton Fair packages that will cater to for your business trip and time for leisure.

Generalissimo Mansion

Hot Deals of the Month
1 Beijing Xian Highlight with Huashan Mountain 8 Days Tour   Save up to $ 25 p/p
2 Canton Fair 4 Days Tour  Save up to 10 p/p

Chinese Culture -  Festival in October
1st October marks the National Day of the People’s Republic of China and is a week long national holiday throughout China. This day commemorates the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. During the holidays there are numerous government organized events and fireworks take place across different cities throughout China including Macau and Hong Kong.

National Day of the People’s Republic of China

Chinese Food: Cold Noodles
Whilst visiting Changbaishan in Jilin province you do not want to miss the opportunity to try out the Cold noodles in Yanji of Jilin province. Due to the close location of Jilin to North Korea border the noodles are of Korean origins. The dish consists of buckwheat noodles that are topped off with eggs and meat and served in a cold vinegar flavored soup. The noodles prove to be refreshing in the long hot summer but can still be an enjoyable dish in winter.

Jilin Cold Noodles

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